Sunday, May 29, 2022

A visit to Champaca Book Store

Bangalore is the best place to hang around and hop on to places meeting strangers at strange places and to move on. As I got a chance to spend a day in leisure, I had a lot of options to choose. A even in Bangalore International Centre, a play and couple of events at Ranga Shankara and book stores to visit. Without thinking too much, I hitched a ride and got into the city. I walked through cubbon park to walk on Bengaluru broad pavements. Following through GPS, I decided to spend my afternoon at this cozy Champaca Bookstore. 

It's situated in a corner amidst a lot of huge buildings. I loved the way it's entreched with a lot of greenery. 
I walked through the book store. Picked a couple of books and began to read. Rather than going through Amazon suggestions, I like to go through the suggestions by the fellow readers. A fellow reader next to me was reading this interesting book. 

Lokesh suggested to pick the book, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Only one copy was there in the book store and it was picked by a foreign lady and yet to be billed. I thought for couple of minutes and walked to her  to request. I requested her, "I've been searching for this book from long time. I'd like to buy this, if you wish to give away."

She agreed and handed me the book. I was happy to have this copy. Further, I got couple of book marks and other books for gifts. There was a fellow reader with whom I shared Lang Leav's books. I picked a whole lot of Lang leave to glance through. She's been following her on Tumblr and never discovered Lang's books. Both of us enjoyed reading Lang Leav's poetry and went on to jot our thoughts in our journals. 

After spending 3-4 hours, I decided to return to leave the store, to carry on with my walks on Bengaluru streets. 
I wish to run one of these kinda book shops in future. Thanks Champaca bookstore for the good collection and opening up a place for a lot of readers and book lovers

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