Monday, May 16, 2022

Thoughts- Cognition and Emotions over 5KM Walk

One song. One hour of walk from work place to home. I enjoyed listening to Ali Sethi's song, observing thoughts as they flash. Sometimes with the music, sometimes with the thoughts, sometimes watching people who take a stop to drink the sugar cane juice, the people who are making sugar cane juice at the corner of the roads as well as  people who are rushing across the city, hurrying to reach their destination in cars, bikes, e-rickshaws, cycles.

Watching moon at times who seemed sober and peaceful at it's place, I continued walking. Back to the song, I didn't want to understand what Ali Sethi was saying. Neither was it simple to understand. Lemme try to feel the emotions that are being carried by Ali Sethi's voice, I thought. 

I wonder what it is to experience. Why do we want to map our experience to meaningful connections? We listen to music and we want to understand it. We want to watch art and want to understand it. The whole pursuit is behind understanding. There's always a battle between cognition and emotion. Why do we want to understand and what state do we live in when we don't understand what we're in. Can't we just take things as they're without understanding?

Thinking about all these, I ended up walking more than 5 KM from workplace to home at my own pace listening to one song. Thanks Aishwarya for the song suggestion. Good Day

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