Saturday, September 30, 2023

Stories in Frames- Sruthi & Friends

December 9 2015. I travelled to BITS Hyderabad, to catch up with Sruthi. Along with Sruthi, I caught up with her friends Arza Rithika, Pranathi & Sharanya. The last time I met two of them was at Sruthi's wedding. I know Sruthi for more than 14 years now. I'm so proud of our friendship. 

Memories- 2016 and Onwards

I graduated in mid 2016. The year in which a lot of life events happened in my life. I hardly remember celebrating the so called 'milestone' moments.

I was not ready to accept that things are ending even though they were ending on a very high note. 

My first half of 2016 went in my getting 2nd book published, setting up TEDx community and being clueless about the future. 

Grateful to have Meghana, Samhita, Amulya, Ravi Teja & Vineeth by my side.

L to R- Meghana, Samhita, Amulya, Ravi Teja. 

The time when I discovered that 4 years of my education doesn't need to define my life. 

The view from my room. I never appreciated this enough for 4 years. 

My favourite game. I always insited the gang to play this after my return from Mysore. 

After graduation, I spent a month, reading books, just books in hostel, trying to escape from the reality. Either fortunately or unfortunately, I had to face the reality and took up the option of taking a break and moved to Bangalore for a while. Spent couple of months in Bangalore surrounding myself with books, stories, reading and some traveling. 
Samhita, Myself, Ravi Teja & Vineeth

At Banglore, on the day, I wanted to meet Susmitha, I got down with chicken pox and couldn't meet her. The last time I met her was in 2010 and wanted to meet her again in 2016 but, couldn't catch up with her. Back then, my parents were in Raichur, Karnataka. I returned to them and spent most of my time in bed, resting recovering from chicken pox. 

Year started on a high note but ended in a very normal, unexpected way.

Circa 2016

Memories- The Memory Lane

I woke up with Azhar's message mentioning the blog link and said,  "Thanks for your writing. Helping me in many ways."

I wrote about our Mandvi trip, 3 years ago and was touched by the way it's helping my friend to walk back to the memory lane. After rereading my blog, I couldn't stop myself from revisiting the memories. 

We have a lot of pictures, videos and also this blog from that trip. I do not plan to ponder on what medium is more etching and impactful. I wish to express in the mediums, i'm most comfortable with. I'm so grateful to continue the writing journey. 

I had my doubts wondering if the blog writing is really worthy as it takes a lot of time. Recently, I stopped myself from writing blog, in fear of various irrational reasons but, with a dear friend's heartful message, I'm enthusiastic to show up at the desk and continue writing. 

I take this time, to reflect on my blogging journey and share my gratitude. 

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Music- Equinoxe d'automne

Attended a sound gallery to listen to equinox music. They curated a playlist that welcomes autumn. 

Listening to the music as a gathering as well as an individual experience without any distractions was calming and soothing. 

A accompanied me, assuming it's a live event but, at the end of the show, she walked in and said, "Happy Equinox Renny," in a happy tone. I'm assuming, she's not disappointed with the music event. Later we walked out, shared a walk, music and some stories. Good day. 

Birthday- The joyful Epsa is 21 now.

Epsa is one of the first few people I met on my first day at Geneva. I remember Epsa offering words of assurance to someone on the first day without an air of condescendence as well as sharing her concerns.  A young graduate, out of her home to take a new journey, all together. Impressive. 

A few days here and there, I run into her often and get to know the struggles of Economics graduate. Slowly, eventually, I began to hang out with the group of joyful, chirpy girls Gayatri, Adhira, Anjali and Epsa, I hear more of them and their journeys. 'Pata hai?' Epsa starts and share some stories. As quick as she share her part of story, she also withdraws from conversation, to play monopoly online, to check all the notifications, to browse 4+ apps, with a lot of diligence. Econometrics, matrices, math boot camps, flash runs on the opposite sides are some constants we have to deal with, when we have to deal with Epsa. Sweet, positive 21 year old girl is all set to celebrate her birth week, mentioning the time zones and how one can celebrate depending on the times of India, Geneve and what not. Good for her. 

Adhira, Anjali & Gayatri managed to cook Kheer for her. Epsa's birthday special dish. Also they got a cake and surprised her. Sanket and Prathit joined the party and lit up the mood and momentum with nice groovy music. Happy birthday Epsa! 

Monday, September 25, 2023

Geneve Journals- Meet the Chance by Chance

8 degrees Celsius, I was wondering how I should prep up for this run in cold weather. I put on a jacket and began to run. I could see my breath in cold. My hands needed much warmth. Without rushing, I took my own time to warm up and continued my run. Crossed the chapel, sunflower fields, stopped for a while to have the sight of spacious fields and went down across the fields. Following the narrow path, I reached fortaille, the stop where bus no. 20 and 59 stops. I crossed the road and began to run to the place where there are trees in dense. An old lady was waiting for her dog to walk but, the dog is busy sniffing around. I was checking for a path to move ahead but, couldn't find. The old lady raised her hand and pointed out to a direction, signalling that's the way. Merci I replied to the wordless help and found this path. This path took me to the trail where I could see little creeks and wooden stumps across. The temperature is down by 1 degree and as I moved more to the left, I could see huge machine working at the construction field and right across the forest is the railway track where trains are whizzing at crazy speeds. 

I chose the middle path and began to run. From behind came a golden retriever running happily. For a moment I thought, it's chasing me but, I ran past me and looked behind for his Miss. The Miss is holding flowers in her hand and kept running. Again the dog runs forward and then backward towards miss. With these errands, I slowed down a bit to give the dog it's space. 

What's his name? I asked. Chance. He's very excited, the lady with flowers replied. Good day for Chance. I continued my run and spotted two walkers in forest with three dogs sharing a conversation. Soon after I ran out of it, I could spot 3 old ladies with 4 dogs. Trying to focus on the breathe, I trudged uphill and reached home after a not so long run. Good day. 

Geneva Journals- The Path

I dread to do any outdoor activity individually but, I'm trying to become regular at running here. The only motivation to run here is the nature. I get a chance to explore different places in Geneva. Through runs, I spotted a corn field, sunflower field, cemetry, forest trail, deserted roads, hill tops. Uphill runs are challenging yet fun. Everytime I run uphill, I push myself hard to move forward. 

I did the contrary today. I decided to walk at my leisure rather than run or hustle. On an evening, while the sun is behind the mountains and tinged the cotton candy hues to the clouds, I walked out and enjoyed the calm roads. Hardly there are vehicles and the little traffic I notice, is on the footpath where two youngsters are running together, an old couple is walking together sharing a conversation. 

Birds chirps became louder and consistent. I walked ahead and reached the sunflower field. On the east, there's Moon rise and at west, the orange hues. I continued my walk in chilly cold evening. I went to my place and took my time to enjoy the sights. What a blessing to stay close to nature. Further, I went along and returned humming my favourites. Got reminded of Uttarkashi clouds and I got scared for a moment that, my normal evening walk could be a treasure I should hold onto as, there's world with noise and chaos. 

I need to learn to appreciate both the worlds I guess. 

On my return walk, I spent some time at the chapel and returned home with a lot of enthusiasm. Being outdoors definitely gave some boost to navigate through the day. 

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Education- The worst way to learn language

The worst way to learn a language is to be around bunch of people who correct every word you speak.
It's very easier to learn a new language if you're around kids as they are easy on mistakes. In any language learning, fluency needs to be achieved first and then, perfection.  All we need is immersion rather than correction!

Friday, September 22, 2023

Event- Heart Coherence

Attended a session at Graduate institute where the speaker discussed about heart coherence, the need for the meditation and some breathing techniques. Engaging one. Got one book suggestion in this event, Theory U by Otto Scharmer. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Geneva Journals- Morning Run

It's sunny day yet the cold wind gave a way for a rough start. Every day it's a task to decide on which path to take. This time, I took a road that leads to airport and took an immediate right after running for a while and ended up at a school ground. I could spot a lot of elderly people on their stroll, carrying their walker support. I spotted little flowers under a huge tree. It's nice to see these bright violet flowers under the shade of green tree. My heart exhilirated watching these violets amidst black soil. Colour seems to be a code, sign and a language in itself where we don't use words to articulate it but use colours again to express. 

Later,  walked into a cemetery where I could spot a lot of trees and also bees. After check out some graves, I got back to my run and returned home. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Geneva Journals- The Running Clouds

 It's gonna be cold. That's what I told myself and began my run. Exploring the city through different lanes, I took a left turn from the church and began to run on the pave way. Many a times, I have the whole pavement for myself but, at times, there are people to whom I'd be giving the way. Running down hill was no fun, as the idea of running uphill at the end was always in the back of mind. As long as I was running downhill, I kept wondering how low can I go. At one point, I noticed the flat land and continued to run and there I could see the running clouds. The clouds mobbed the mountains and for the first time, I could see huge construction site at Geneve. Looks like some International Organisation's construction. As I continued to run along the running clouds, a little uphill piqued my interest.  As I went ahead, I realised that I walked into cemetry. 

Through out the run, different trees in different shapes are very aesthetic. Enjoyed the sights and scenes of poetree.  

I'm amused by the way they have the grave designed. There's space for growing plants. A hope for life at the place of death. A few had huge sculptures placed near the graves. Guardian angels I guess. A few got birds on their grave, a few more plants and I haven't noticed any interesting epithet. Will check it out again. As I finished my detour, I got ready for my uphill run and took my own sweet time, panting, stopping, running uphill home. Good day. 

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Geneve Journals- Evening Run

 These days, I'm just waiting for a sunny day to go outdoors whenever possible. Enjoy the bright sun as long as it stays. I went out and began to run down hill and realised that my neck is wobbling on it's own as I run downhill.

 I need to figure out how people run downhill. As I reach the flat ground, there's great enthusiasm in me to run fast. Looking at the water flowing and running along it so calming. It's interesting how living so close to water is healing and helping me in many ways. 

After reaching Band De Paqui, I wished to get into the water. Water is irresistable. However, I managed to take a round about and run uphill. As I began to run uphill, I could see two friends who sat at the bench were so involved in the conversations. There was one elderly person who was sitting alone on the tree stump. Head bent low, his face was covered by the cap. He didn't seem happy. I wonder how this country fights loneliness. 

I was observing all these people while doing my own job-running. Rather than strength, I needed more motivation to run uphill. Listening to percussion music and 8 beat rhythm, I was on my toes trying to enjoy my run. 

Didn't bother about time or distance, I returned to my home and had a hot shower. Great day. 

Monday, September 11, 2023

Annecy Day- Before Sunset

After sleeping late, I woke up with call of Advaitha and headed to Cornavin. On a sunny day, we walked down breaking the ice and got to know a bit about each other. We headed to the bus where a gentleman was ready to speak English when he realised that we're struggling to communicate. We confirmed and got into the bus. Both of us found window seats for each other and managed to rest a bit. Just before the bus was about to start, came Ray, who introduced himself as irish citizen but from Calcutta. Sat right infront of me and pitched well about why people chose ireland. At Geneva, the only free thing, one would get is drinkable water. In contrast to that, Ray bought a bottle of water for 2.5 Francs. I wonder how he didn't realise that the water is drinkable at most of the places. 

In span of 40 minutes, we arrived at Annecy, a small town in France. I wondered what it has for me to explore. As I joined the crowd, I walked the lanes and kept rounding here and other. 

Sunday, September 10, 2023

In dialogue with Sai

After a lot of message exchanges, we finally met at Geneve. Sai graduated from the IHIED in 2021. He's cousin of Ram who is my Junior in college, spent good time through TEDx community. We had good mututal connections to start with. Sai shared his story of how he navigated through his life journey and finding his place abroad after a lot of hardships and sacrifices. Sai, with ease shared how he survived through COVID time. He's full of grit and optimism. Good to listen to his objective observations of the place and people here. We had a good chat over Almond Croissants. A must try if you have a sweet tooth. Thanks Sai for the words and time. Hoping to catch up soon again. 

Geneve Journals- Finding Love at the La Jonction

 Strolling around Geneve, I pinged A, if I could join them, if they're up for any huddle. Luckily, they were huddling at Jonction. A place where rivers Rhone and Arve join. A beautiful and natural phenomenon. I decided to run towards Junction and wait for the group. 

At my own pace, I ran towards junction and was exhilirated to see the flowing water. How does a flow evoke? I have a love hate relationship with flowing water. I love to always be there but get triggered by many dark memories. Yet, there I was, thrilled to jump into the water and get lost. 

I explored the place a bit and waited for friends. As they were on their way, I sketched a bit and wrote few words. Everyone there were enjoying the flowing water, thumping rhythm and bright sun. I spotted a man who was comfortable playing chess on his phone, swinging his legs in the air. There were couple of people, who were sketching for a while and dancing whenever their favorite song is played. 

As I went on with my sketching spree, I waited for my folks and atlast got a message from A. Was happy to find the folks. A was already in the water. E, A, L, M had their dip in water and were chilling out with the food. I put everything down with them and jumped into water. 

Flowing along the current, I swam a bit and tried to find my place in water. Got out, got in. Water is elusive. It takes effort to stay afloat. It takes effort to stay away from it. 

Thanks to A, spotted the differences between Swans and ducks. Next, I better be more observant and taxonmize it correctly. 

E, the fortune teller has opened her magic cards which kinda reveals one's love life by the choices we make. It was fun to see how everyone made their choices. It's nice that we were playing our chances to find love at La Jonction, the place where two rivers unite, a natural and beautfiul phenomenon. I wish love happens to all of us in such natural yet magical ways. Thanks E, You're doing great job. Helping people to find their love. 

Racing for sights, scenes, we strolled, captured scenes, putting us in the frame and shared our stories a bit. I'm glad I could make it to this. At the end of the day, we took our own paths, with a hope to make so many such memories, along our way. 

Thanks A for hosting it. Had a lovely time. 

Geneva Journals- The Elmizan Concert

What a day to end with! Elmizan blew my mind with their song list. It was pure fun. Percussion, guitar, bass,saxophone and soulful musicians. Enjoyed the night. 

While I was waiting for the concert, I met a person from Middle east who pursued his bachleors in 1986, even before I was born. He's working with IPALM on one health, the concept which is about health of animals, humans and environment and how disease interacts with three of this things. 

He's into viriologoy. The moment, I told I'm from India. He said "Namaste. Are you from Tamil Nadu?" 

I said Yes. The little amount of time I stayed in Velllore and the fact I know Tamil, I identified myself from Tamil Nadu and went ahead chatting with him. He said, "most of the time, it's computer job as the people in the lab does the work and gives us the data. We need to work with it. You never know where you are gonna end up in your professional world as it's very diverse. It's a big world."

Maybe I needed to hear those words. 

He was into Medical science. Began with PhD, worked as techinical assistant, Director and now he's working with UN. While I was continuing to catch up with him, I could spot the senior whom I just met and turned to her to speak. So rude of me, I could've politely mentioned it to him and talke to her. I began to talk to her in excitement and turned to him. I apologised to him. He said, "....and you didn't even introduce me."

Both of us sat right at the front and enjoyed the concert completely. Great time. 

A met her favourite artists. We walked home discussing stories. Good day. On the way, we met one person from Kabul and he showed me the Rashid Khan picture as we were talking of Hyderabad. he also mentioned how he know Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta. 

Talking of all this, he missed the stop. Cool dude. S and I walked uphill to the residence. Good company makes walk more merriful. Good day. 


Geneve Writers Meet- Scribbles Workshop

I was looking for some writing huddles and I stumbled upon this lovely workshop by Sarah Tinsley. Hosted at Pages & Sips, a lovely cafe in the old town of Geneva. I walked into the cafe, searching for the group. In a group of 4, sat Sarah and other participants. Without sharing our names, we shared our stories and jumped into the writing scenes. Sarah gave a prompt to categorise the words by Above soil, Air & Under ground. The task was to write the words that flashes in mind without overthinking. 

I got some 15 odd words. After that, she shared some of her writing experiences, along with travel stories. With 15 minutes in hand, she asked to write freely without overthinking and use the words that we've categorised. I just went ahead and wrote a piece. In between, I wrote some poetry and it just flowed. 

All of us discussed our projects, storylines. Sarah gave us some tips on how to organise our writings. Indexing, following Julia Cameron's exercises, and some other tips. 

One of them from the group shared her dream of writing biography of her grandmother. Her grandmother and mother lived in India. Her mother lived and studied in India for 19 years. Her mother lost her father when she was 4. A few characteristics of the story, I was already interested in the story. 

She also has the first line of her, "Common girls, it's late, the train is not going to wait for us." The scene when her grandmother is taking her mother to Shimla, the boarding school. 

Others shared how they wrote their works and finished in non-linear way. Interesting ways to write. I feel there's no one way to write. The way you write is the way you do it. Thanks Sarah for the huddle. Looking forward to catch up more on this. 

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Geneve Journals- Poetry

A poem that I have been searching for, just like the home I was searching for, at a new home.
Glad to check Sanjana's poetry. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Thought for the day- Leisure

 There's a thin line between not doing anything on purpose and out of cluelessness. Looking at everyone here, I assume that there are alot of people being at leisure in their own ways. A few do nothing, a few do everything but, everyone are at leisure. 

To be at leisure is to absolutely love and live the moment we're at. May be.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Geneva Journals- The Give away

I was curious about asking what I want. Out of need and out of way. I need free food because, it's expensive here and I can't afford to spend 24 francs for one meal. Can I ask someone to give it away in free?

Am I begging? Am I asking? Am I being greedy? Am I asking too much?

I don't know. I stayed with the question without expectations. And there was a situation where I asked for a book and I mentioned I can't give money as I can't afford to buy a book spending 15 francs. The person gave it away. I don't know how hard it was for him. But, I thought multiple times to ask but, there's no shame in asking. That's the situation I'm in. Given the situation, I can't afford to spend more from my pocket and I get what I wish for, just by asking. Interesting space to be in. 

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Poetry- The Neural Network of Tress

A peak into the neural nest of trees. 

I sense green grief, blue love, yellow hope, purple bliss, dark serentiy and
all the emotions that painted the tree, inside out. 

Through out the ages. 

Geneva Journals- The Evening run

As the day turned brighter, I got read for a run. Got my shoes on and ran downhill, listening to some music. Running across the nations, I run into S and A, who were catching up for their mentee-mentorship bonding. S being S, invited for a walk across the lake. Though I seemed the third wheel to them, I stayed, listening to them as, who doesn't like good company. I was ready to postpone my run for a bit. 

S showed the path and we walked sharing our stories. The places we lived, the names we are called and the stories that came along the way. None of us had one place to identify ourselves with. All of us had multiple places to identify with. That's one thing worth pondering on. 

Parce De La. As we walked, S & A wished to have their own time and showed me the path to the lake. I was back on my own game. I went ahead for a swim. 

Swimming in a lake is becoming an adventure as the memories flash and I struggle to stay calm in waters. After few minutes of swim, I got back to the shore, put on my shoes and went for a run. I realised that Geneva seems to be the best place to practice for triathlon. 

In few minutes, the clothes got dried and I was panting running on the slopes and parks amidst the tall trees. I love Geneve for being the best place for everything. You name it, Geneve has it. Plenty of green spaces, international crowd, lake, happening city with art and much more. I'm so happy to live here and check out this place. 

I ran in the botanical garden and returned home, trudging on uphill. Good day. Hope S & A had the most happening friday without me. 

Thoughts- Trust

Delving in the question of what it takes to trust others, I discovered that through trust, we evolve in our lives. Sometimes it's easy t...