Thursday, June 29, 2023

Jaipur Journals- The Shift

 Memories. What if we never forget memories. Every place we lived, every parking we parked our car, every shop we walked into, every password we created. What if everything is present in our mind, alive and fresh?

Cluttered. Clogged. Calustrophobic.

As I began to pack my stuff, leaving Jaipur home, I looked into several artefacts and dropped them, leaving it wherever they're. I've begun choosing to not take everything with me. I've begun choosing to leave. In the past, I was always excited to hoard things and relive and recall the memories. Though sweet, I chose to leave them as I felt to leave them. Sometimes, leaving the best and sweet memories, seems to be the way of life. 

Colourless Art Exhibition

The Posters are out. This time, the exhibition, poetry performance and book launch, all on one day. I'm excited for sunday. 

Friday, June 23, 2023

In dialogue with Shreya

Conversartions with Shreya is alway filled up with a lot of interesting things. As I began to share my switzerland journey with her. She was excited and wished me luck. Along with it, she mentioned a lot that I could explore- Feldenkrais practice and the artists who are in switzerland and practice abstract art. We discussed how Art and Science are good combination to perceive the beauty in everything. Both of us being engineers and taking immense interest in art, we found ourselves appreciating both the disciplines of studies. 

I suggested her Leonardo Davinci by Walter Issacson. In return, she suggested me other work of his- The Code Breaker. The story behind the COVID Vaccines invention. 

Along with them, we discussed couple of books. All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum. Another book on Senses-A Natural History of The Senses" by Diane Ackerman", the way Shreya described a book on senses and the content in it, I couldn't stop myself from picking it up.
At the last minute, when we realised we met to discuss for the exhbition, we closed it off in just 2minutes by glancing at our calendars. Glad to connect with her and catch up. 

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Books- Japanese Death Poems

It's a routine to check out the books every time I walk into the air port. 

This time at Hyderabad airport checked up a few books. A few books grabbed my attention. Golden Years by Ruskin Bond, Japanese Death Poems & Rajasthan photograph book. 

Ruskin Bond's book is about the good aspects of living a long life and Japanese death poems is the poetry written by the Japanese monks at the verge of death.  Profound titles. I bought the Japanese death Poems and saved the Ruskin Bond book for later. 

Sunday, June 18, 2023

57 EMPTY SPACES- Human and Space


Though the space next to the human seems filled, it needs to be emptied out at times.

Though the space next to the couch is empty, it had to be filled in through the call, conversation, message, missed call, letters, unsent letters, unwritten letters, words, wishes and all that fills the void but not really!

#Emptyspaces #Colourless #abhinayrenny #abhinayrennystories

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Jaipur Journals- New Lifestyle

It's been 8 days since I am out of the office and each day is a new day to realign to the new lifestyle as there's no Outlook to check, no Team calls to attend and no Excel sheets to work on. All of sudden, life without these seemed to be full of void. In one way, happy to get away from all this yet, wishing to be occupied in one or the other way.  Technically, I have all the time in life to do what I wish to do. It's time to list things and start acting on it. Before all of these, I should learn to rest and take things as they go 

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

A long walk Indeed

I went out on a walk around Jawahar Kala Kendr and damn it, it was quite scenic. Thanks S for taking me out on a walk in this path. We could spot a lot of peacocks bougainvillea. Strolling around the sunset was a walk to cherish. Good day. 

Colourless Journey- The Author Photographs

Why do I run away from single photographs? It's a struggle to search for decent photographs to submit for the book. Sharing the struggles to finalise the book, I mentioned Sonia over a morning walk about the much needed author photograph. She agreed to help me out. On a cloudy afternoon, So quickly, we walked down to the river, and got few photographs clicked. I'm happy that all the important milestones of Colourless got completed in Uttarkashi. Thanks Sonia for the support and photographs

Colourless Journey- The first Poetry Performance

I shared the Colourless book to Amrita and asked her to read and share what she'd like to recite. As a poet, I find it difficult to chose a few poems out of all the poems I wrote. I wanted to know how different readers would react to my poems. She listed out the poems she liked and wanted to recite. I trusted her choice, as I believed in her taste. Both of us worked on the sequence and went ahead with performance. 

  1. Colourless Journey 2002
  2. Paths
  3. Theatre Play
  4. Colourless
  5. A Long Walk Indeed
  6. LIFE
  7. Feelings
Making things more beautiful, Sonia, Ekta agreed to my request and became part of my poetry performance. Ekta, to extreme left and Sonia, to the right recited the poem Colourless Journey 2002 in parts. Cueing to Ludovico's music and the images of my paintings, Amrita and I got onto the stage. 

Listening to Ekta & Sonia's voice, we got onto the stage and began our performance. Amrita and I were in sync, reciting the poems in sequences.

Amrita recited the poem A long walk indeed and as I began to read LIFE, words quivered, tears dwelled up and I recited with a quiver voice and shivering heart. Recollecting the memories, I continued reciting the poem.

Archana was on the console controlling the audio and video. She minimised the volume whenever needed. Thanks a lot Archana for being there and supporting all through out. 

Amrita was poised despite being anxious for not rehearsing enough. She carried herself really well. It's a pleasure to share the stage with her. Watching the videos, I realised, I was the one who was in hurry. 

The best memory of getting on stage in the background voice of Primavera, Sonia's & Ekta's sharp voice reciting the words, Grays to be colored." Will treasure this memory for life. Thanks Sonia, Amrita, Ekta, Archana for being part in my Clourless Journey. 

Colourless Journey- The Reader's Thoughts

It's been more than 3 weeks since the Colourless is out and the responses are very pleasant. I like it when readers take their own pace and space to stay with the poems. 

Bharat is the first reader, who could instantly get connected with few peoms. Dear Meaning is his favourite. Rajashri picked the book and kept reading whenever she finds time. She never failed to share an appreciation, whenever we met. 'A long Walk Indeed' she mentioned the title and shared how she enjoyed reading it. Other time, she walks in mentioning, another title, "Poetry of Waiting." Another time, "Dear Meaning." Thanks Rajashri for reading it out and also sharing your comments. 

Srilakshmi is another reader who was honest in her review. 

"Nice poetry. A few are crisp. A few are cringe. A few are brilliant." When I poked to share more about cringe poems, she said,"why do you want to know. why do you want to make it perfect. Poetry is what it is. That's what makes it beautiful." Thanks Srilakshmi for the words. 

Malavika got reminded of song- Let's get lost by Chet Baker, as she read my poem- Let's get lost.

A few thoughts on Colourless by the dear ones- 

"....You had me there reading page by page. Trying to understand some, overwhelmed by the beauty of some, feeling some and almost shedding a tear reading one which took me to the memory lane.  I have always tried to understand your painting but now I guess, i understand them a little better."

I'm grateful for all the words. 


Azim Premji Foundation Diairies- The Farewell

This came as a surprise. Thanks Avina, Parul, Pooja and all who made a closure very sweet for me. 

I wasn't sure when to travel to Jaipur from Bengaluru, due to sudden plans and meetings. Extening the plan by a day, I finally travelled to Jaipur on 1st june and walked into office on 2nd June, the last working day at Azim Premji Foundation. I had to do the last minute tasks assigned by my boss. 

I sat at my favorite place, Library watching the dry tree that got chopped off. Sad to see the tree getting chopped, I realised that the endings of everything is coming close by. Till afternoon, I worked and sat with Parul to have lunch with her. She offered me her lunch and got rotis ordered for me. So sweet of her. 

After lunch, back to work and got onto the calls that extended till 5.30PM. Watching me in calls on my last day, Pooja reminded me of a meeting at conference hall at 5:30 PM. 

I had no clue why I'm being called to a meeting on my last day. I didn't listen to her. Instead, I wanted to catch up with Abhishek and went on to chat with him. He mentioned about the planned farewell. Avina sent a mail to gather at 5:30 PM, for your farewell, he mentioned. 

I still couldn't believe that people made efforts to give me a farewell. Samosas & sweets were bought, I was asked to take the centre chair for the meeting. I sat alongside with Abhishek, unable to believe that these people planned my farewell despite not being in touch regularly with them. Technically, I was not part of the Jaipur team and intereacted very few times with them. I was touched by the gesture. 

Abhishek began to share few things about my journey. Joined in 2019, worked with schools, field institutes, always worked on excel and cultivated interest in theatre, arts and always came with a smiling face. 

Mahmood mentioned about my paintings and my interest in Haleem and other food. Deepak mentioned the times we spent over chai and discussed ghazal, writings and his life journey. Gautam was surprised by my interest in Ghazals. 

Gautam shared about my writing, books and appreciated my efforts at being consistent. Julfikar, Jyothi, Virender, Mukesh mentioned how joyful I always entered office and greeted people. Thanks all for the words. 

The most time I spent in Jaipur office is with Parul and Pooja. Both recollected the collective lunch times and shared how they'd miss those good times. 

As everyone were shared few thoughts and appreciation, I shared my thanks to everyone. I recollected my first memories and Gautam's help and the journey I took in the foundation and the plans I have for my next phase of life. 

I was touched by the farewell as it seemed a full closure to me. At Bangalore, there was no farewell kinda mood. People were busy in their own journeys. I felt lost. The final good byes with dear ones were also hasty. I was wishing for one sweet good bye to the foundation and here it is, at Jaipur. Thanks everyone for the farewell.  

Finally Pooja shared how I despise using Ji, adding to every name. She shared how I'd refere to Gautam as Gautam rather than Gautam ji. Gautam was sportive and handed me a rucksack bought by the team. He's man of few words. He wished my luck just by tapping on my shoulder. Thanks Gautam, Parul, Pooja, Avina, Paresh, Keshav, Ankur, Mukesh, Mahmood, Virender, Jeet, Shravan and all whom I spent little time in Jaipur. 

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Theatre Play- Tumhare Baarein Mei

I got a chance to watch a play after a long time. The play is titled Tumhare bare mein. written by Manav Kaul 

Luckily I got it ticket through Gaurav as it was a housefull show and was very difficult to get the tickets.Manav Kaul is into experimental theatre. He walked onto the stage, appreciated the audience for being good audience, for being audience who know how to watch, who knows to leave phone as they watch. 

So cleverly he made everyone to stop clicking pictures and videos during the play. Smart move.

As the show began, 3 couples walk on to the stage, discussing their relations discussing over coffee, cold coffee, choices and decisions. 
 I couldn't understand where it was going. The story seemed to reveal something that i couldn't understand. I liked the stances where women discover the choice, freedom within the relations. The men were stereotypical. One a poet, other a social media freak and the last one dating stud.

The Evening Walks

Azhar is always up for long walks and talks. Both of us headed out of home, ate some street food and walked along the airport discussing our first sights of flights and airports. 

So comfortably, we walked in silence, enjoying the long deserted roads. After a while, we sat aside and chatted a bit. Azhar treated me with pulpy orange and some junk. Thanks Azhar for the company and the walk. 

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Colourless Journey - The reader stories

One of the reader has shared thought on each and every poem. That's all a poet can ask. To talk about the poems they've created and rejoice in more words and sounds. Thanks dear reader. 

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