Sunday, June 4, 2023

Theatre Play- Tumhare Baarein Mei

I got a chance to watch a play after a long time. The play is titled Tumhare bare mein. written by Manav Kaul 

Luckily I got it ticket through Gaurav as it was a housefull show and was very difficult to get the tickets.Manav Kaul is into experimental theatre. He walked onto the stage, appreciated the audience for being good audience, for being audience who know how to watch, who knows to leave phone as they watch. 

So cleverly he made everyone to stop clicking pictures and videos during the play. Smart move.

As the show began, 3 couples walk on to the stage, discussing their relations discussing over coffee, cold coffee, choices and decisions. 
 I couldn't understand where it was going. The story seemed to reveal something that i couldn't understand. I liked the stances where women discover the choice, freedom within the relations. The men were stereotypical. One a poet, other a social media freak and the last one dating stud.

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