Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Never lasting "FINISH",ever lasting "START"

To break the odds, to break  the general customs, to break the routine reviews of the year, penning it down a day before the year turns out, inking the the feelings before the earth completes the orbit and comes to ever "finish" to the one whose dream are at sight and about to achieve them or the ever "start" to give a  fresh feel for whatever to give one more try to bring out the change, to bring out the luck in life for things to happen against odds to be in chords of one's rhythm.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A loud cry of silence with pain!

Deep down illusion

Call it illusion!!!
walked with joy,
 in unconscious confusion
Call it distraction
Lived in a world of

Sailing over sea of people 
not to get drowned
not to get drenched
Circled in a world
where she was only the world
Saw the real world
with pain in words
Plenty of reasons to strive
memories dragging to stay in hive

Shame to stay with excuses
blame not,anyone giving abuses

Started the journey in FALL
stared!!! during times of SPRING

Staying high to hide my low

Blessed is my life to be alive
Walking with people along their flow
Never forget to put life in proper stow

Friday, December 12, 2014

Multi faced

One cannot confront themselves in front of others 

because when you are treated in way which make you feel 

being loved then you may be so kind and nice to him.

when you are ignored and misunderstood by some people 

then you can act different to them n behave in other way. As time passes n sun shines you have to meet new people 

and move with them but when you cannot be yourself no 

matter what about how others treat you then you may try to follow this saying  

""love others as you love yourself""  

An everlasting journey with no destination!

Travelling on highway, climbing up on the mountains, passing through waters.

World is what we have,when we have no one.

World is what we wanna see,when no one looks us but everyone sees us.

World is all of beauty where mountains give support but, never cheat, water flows, never get rotten like hearts of people, white snow falls unlike people dark wickedness.

The happiness when you see the nature with broken heart, the nature curbs you, the nature takes all of you to witness her free transparent soul.


                                     Living on earth
                                        to fill the LOVE
                           To be seen the success
                                 To be gained through pain

                        Leave the life
                        In real faking world
                                 To live the life ....
                                  To live in your OWN world

                       Never think hope is in vain
                       HOPE is what make you RUN

                       Not through the moment
                       but, through out the LIFE

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