Thursday, January 31, 2019

The ride that brings our two years of beautiful time.

6 years have passed. Three of us have our bikes. But, still, we end up riding on a single vehicle. Compromises on the snacks and talks everything under the sun.

These meets the reassure  of our relation. Nothing has changed. Its coincidental we're forced to ride on a single vehicle through narrow lanes. During our intermediate, we used to go in such a way. After 6 years, also, we ended up going home in the same fashion. 

Srikanth, Abhilash & I live nearby during Intermediate days and spent a lot of time discussing music, sometimes math and various other things in life. Abhilash and Srikanth share the same passion for Physics. I'm a good listener to their discussions. After all this time, conversations on music are our favourite. From Math, it extended to various social issues, ideological debates and a lot more. We meet once in a blue moon and when we meet, we make sure we have the best time. 

We update each other on what we're up to in life and go on wishing them to be their best. Good times. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Brownie Break

Besides everything, Navya and I are brownie friends. One friend to always count on for  suggestions on good brownies. 

Just as I was bored of the day, Navya called up if I'm free. I'm always free to hang out with the cool seniors. Within a few minutes, we were there for dinner. Good time. And Navya gifted me Brownies from Euphoria as well. The day well spent. 

L to R Navya, Pooja, Myself & Jbr anna

Article on Cycling.

Lines of the hour

Who are you?

The mixture of the choices you made and the memories you carry with you.

Ladies First- Movie


This movie depicts how apathetic we're towards the support of athletes. Deepa Kumari's story is inspiring and cheers to the team who brought this story out. Hope, this will create a dialogue and bring more awareness on the game and also the true state of organized sports in our country. 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

The 15:17 to Paris

Beautiful. Inspiring and worth watching.
Great screenplay though.

Listen to Me by Sashi Deshpande

Thanks, HLF. Got to know of the author, Sashi Deshpande. 

She talked about how people assume a lot of writers' life and see writing as a luxury or hobby but, not work.

"Working from home is difficult as we gotta discipline ourselves in a great manner," said Deshpande sharing difficulties faced when she works from home. 

The discussion included her works on Long Silence, Binding Vine.

She dispelled how she loathed listening that Fiction is for girls. Non-fiction is for boys.  

She suggested the book, "The complete plain words" by Gowers.

"Trying to live the way people expect you to live was a tough situation. I was not a docile girl too," says Sashi Deshpande who is quite effective verbose and effective in sharing her views. 

Looking forward to reading her works. 

Viriah by Krishna Gubili

This book is a story of an Indian moving to the unknown land wishing for the good fortune. VIRIAH, Krishna's great grandfather who worked as indentured labor in South Africa.

Thanks to Krishna's grandmother, who always shared a lot of stories about his grandfather and also his great grandfather. The stories ranged from their lifestyle to moral stories preaching good ethics. A lot was narrated on how they spoke African at home,  how his grandfather gave a speech in English, and people were awe of his skills. She also said that Viriah returned to India from South Africa. She talked about his great grandfather Viriah with vague details.  

While the whole world celebrates Ganesha's festival, Krishna's home mourn for the death of his grandfather. Mysterious death. Mysterious Stories. Stories with no explanations prodded Krishna to find the puzzle piece.

Krishna's stamp collection hobby made him discover a letter in Grandmother's box.

Listening to a lot of stories Grandma shared, they discovered a letter that was sent from SouthAfrica to them. Link with SouthAfrica was always the puzzle he couldn't crack. His questions to Grandmother never quenched his interest to know what his great grandfather did in South Africa. Despite heavy costs to send an international letter,  Krishna kept writing to the south African address and never got a reply but once. 

With one letter received from South Africa, serendipitous that he met his family members after 15 year ordeal. 

Viriah by Krishna Gubili.

His journey to find his great grandfather was not merely to find the roots but also the brutal history of the generation where 13 lakh Indians were shipped as indentured laborers to sugar cane plantations in British colonies to replace slaves.  After reading about Indentured labor, his passion to know his great-grandfather story became intense. 

Further, the meet with his extended family, the way he searches for his cousin, the way Librarian at Peitermaritzbburg brings the right record from the archive at the last moment. It's gripping. And quite serendiptious. His 15-year ordeal to know his roots, at last, was successful. Things fell in place and the way he found the story of his Great grandfather was an interesting one. 

This is the story that needs to be read by everyone. Most of us do not know what indentured labour means. The convenient system created by the British after the abolishment of slavery. If we think it was a past thing. We're mistaken.

Even now, the situation is the same. All the labor present in Dubai are in the same situation as Viriah were.

Krishna mentions the struggles of migrant labour working in middle east countries and also offer few suggestions to help them in kind.  He ends the book with the poem where the poet urges his beloved that they should meet elsewhere and not the Taj because it mocks the love of the poor. (Written by Ali Hussain Mir)

It's not an easy read as it troubles you. The dire situations Viriah faced were a lot of grimaces.
I'm glad Krishna wrote this book. These are the stories that are worth talking about & discussing.

Thanks for sharing this story, Krishna. Hope this story is shared in a wide manner. 

I'm glad Sunny bought this for me. Would love to gift this book to others as well. Everyone must read to know of our history and also the hardships our ancestors went through.

Sunday Haul

Before I realized about the venue Vinod and I decided to meet, I found a poetry book in Telugu. I bought this book written by Sharada Ashokvardhan. 

Didn't have time to find other books. All for this book. The book Vinod gave me. The book I wished to read for a long time.  Stephen King On Writing. Thanks Vinod. 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

More than a selfie

More than a mere selfie

Listening to Chinmayi from my schooling. I learned a lot about various new things. Chinmayi is the reason I named my blog "What to name it"

Wishing to know more about her, I watched a lot of interviews. I watched all her Vijay TV bloopers, interviews just to know more of her and also of AR Rahman which she mentions in every interview.

Along with the talent, her thoughts and personality seemed to be of a learning personality. She keeps learning and inspires me to learn. 

Reading her memories of her schooling, places, and a lot more on the blog, I picked up the interest of reading blogs.

I met her at CCRT on Jan 8. 2016
It was another great conversation. She listens to you. And she gives you her attention. The time I spent with her was precious. I'm grateful for the time. Besides all these, I had great conversations with Padmahasini mam on that day as well.

We took a picture and it came out in this way. More contended about the words rather than a picture.


I met her and every word of her is of agony and braveness. I couldn't say anything rather than thanks for being the voice and teaching a lot of men and also women raising issues against the system.
I shared how her words helped me to realize that it's should always be about the person we admire but not us. How I was egoistic about it. Thanks Akka.

Calling her 'Mam' seems so formal where the way she receives a person is with so much warmth and affection. I shared a lot of my words with her. I spoke on what she told and I saw her being there brave and handling everyone graciously. 

Standing next to her for a picture would be superficial amidst the conversations I had. Grateful  for your time rather than a selfie.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Seethakathi- Movie

Dramatic and also quite cinematic to share that art lives on.  Vijay Sethupathi's acting is terrific.

Thank you Stranger.

I write poems inspired by moments, people and expressions.  One such was an inspiration by a beautiful stranger.  

I was in a library reading one of my favorite books. 

I turned aside to see her reading a book.  The sight of her reading book seemed beautiful.

She seemed elegant. She seemed attractive. 

I took out the book, pen and scribbled the poem. 

I write a lot of poems as such but never shared with any. This time, I wanted to share with her. Tell her that she's the reason for this poem. 

No intentions to hit on her. No intentions to start a conversation with her. I wanted to share my poem and thank her for inspiring. I went on and said, "Hi, I'm a poet. I saw you reading a book here and got inspired and wrote this poem. This is for you."

Surprised face. And she walked away with the poem. 

I didn't want to have a conversation. Didn't want to give her any wrong vibes.  I walked and started to move out. 

Before I moved out, she returned walking towards me with a big smile saying, "You know what! Today is my birthday and this is the best thing I've received. Thank you. Thank you so much!

I'm surprised now. 


Happy for making her birthday memorable. And I walked away saying. "Wow. That's amazing. Hope this made you happy. Happy birthday."

I do not know her name. I do not know her. But I remember her face. I remember the wide smile and the surprise she gave. I'm glad to share happiness with her. Thanks, Stranger. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Friends' Weddings- Back to the classic style

Kalpana always shared how we're ignorant of wasting many resources. Kalpana's daughter was engaged at a temple. As the lady is the way she is, I was contended to attend the engagement.

Was spell bounded by the whole arrangement. Right at the well, Sruthi and Teja got engaged.  At the centre of the well was the musical setup singing all the praises to God.

Great Set up. Everything seemed classy. The cots were set up for anyone who want to sit and rest.  The food section was put in a open hall. The family wanted the attendees to sit and eat at ease without thinking too much what to pick and eat. "We put 3 state food since we're from Tamil Nadu born and brought up in Karnataka and a Telugu speaking family." Kalpana explained.

All men in white dhoti and Kurta served food. Traditional pappu annam.  And happy to see the TEDx Fam again.

"We made all the sweet for 5 days at home." Kalpana was sharing how there's fun in these kinda gatherings at home and work together. They had some return gifts for all the attendees as well, a box of agarbattis from Kanpur which are made up of the flowers offered in the temples.

Kalpana being Kalpana is a working model for inspiration. I always imagined a wedding at the beach.  If possible, will try out for an ecological one. Thanks Kalpana for the inspiration.
I wish people go back in retro celebrating festivals at temples.

Papon's Music

Music melting me into the mellowness

Night spent listening to these gems

His voice whirls a lot of emotions inside me. 

God bless you Papon. 

Thanks Pooja for sharing these gems. 

Holidays with Harry

There are a few things that are certain when I'm at Harry's home on a holiday. 
Good discussions. Delicious food. Playtime with Anjali and a few music sessions.

Shared my new hitchhiking experiences, the talk with Wahid Bhai, and the beautiful moment I had at a library. We spoke a lot. I also shared what it is to convince others with confidence. Often, one assumes a lot and fails to convince other lacking confidence. 

"You need to show confidence in order to gain confidence from others." 

Shared how it worked wonders with me recently. Glad I got reminded of it when needed and practiced it. 

This time, Anjali was working on a Dam that helps to preserve the environment.

"Abhinay, what are dams for?" 

I explained the energy-saving concepts and other irrigation helps. 

"Does it help to preserve the environment?" 

"In a way yes---"

"Then, that's why we did this. We were asked to do something that helps to preserve the environment."

I love the silent times as much as I love discussions with Harry. Harry puts on the music. And we enjoy the music with a few conversations on music.

"I have a friend, Vijay, an expert in Urdu and translates the lyrics explaining the meaning.  Every year, we have a session to listen to all these songs and discuss them. Should host one session this year also," said Harry being nostalgic about the memories. 

His friend, Vijay, reminds me of Kashyap.

These are the two songs that I got to know. Gems'

Ended the day with the sumptuous dinner Shobha Mam made for us. 

A day well spent.  

 Harimohan Paruvu told me about how he has a music friend Vijay who's an expert at Urdu and all other translations.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

PARI- People Archive of Rural India

P Sainath, the founder of the People Archive of Rural India got onto the stage sharing, 'There's a bad news.' 

"Drought hit 5 states and it's continuing to 9 states by this summer. And no one talks about it." 

Sainath is a journalist who spent more than 3 decades in the field witnessing various changes, progress and lot more in the field of journalism. He spoke on various issues rural people are facing.

He talked about how we're ignorant to the mega water crisis we're facing right now. In Maharastra, there are villages that are hit by drought and in the same state, we've real estate ventures building apartments with a separate swimming pool for floors. Separate swimming pool for a floor!  It's irony that a farmer in a village moves to the city due to water scarcity for farming and works as a labourer constructing swimming pools for the floor in the city. Can't imagine his agony. 

"Livelihood to lifestyle. Rich to Poor, we're becoming foreigners in our country totally disconnected from what's happening in villages." 

That's very true. We're not looking at any crisis until it is at it's worse. Totally ignorant of what's happening in villages. 

Talking about journalism, Sainath shared few interesting facts and figures. 0.67 % news is the news of 69% rural population of india at the front page on a national daily. Crime and Entertainment  sections takes the lot of space than combining all the social news, education, health, agriculture.

Talking about sports section,  "It's not merely sports. Its' franchises, player profiles, business and a lot more about revenue again."

Do not tell me, "Newspapers write what people read." "You gave me your saturday evening to listen to the news of a rural indians. There are people. But sadly, journalism has become one more revenue resource but not a strong pillar of society." 

Everyone know Bhagath Singh as a rebel, revolutionary but he was also a journalist. 

Eye opening facts and figures. And the content he put is fabulous. Be it the jayamma story or the folk lore. Great content. Glad I decided to attend the event. I got a chance to catch up with old friend, Kashyap and other friends. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

The Sunday Haul

I check out for books in a pattern. I first go to the bookseller who always has good non-fiction collection. Soon after wishes with the seller, I kept searching for interesting books. I found this book about letters. 

Khaki Parish: Our War, Our Love, 1940-46 by Helen Cook

The Pair exchanged an amazing 6000 letters during their wartime separation, writing their way into The Guinness Book of Records. After their marriage in 1946, the letters were stored in an old ammunition box, to be rediscovered 40 years later.  Letters and love. Interesting one. 

Soon after that, there's an elderly duo who never encourages haggling. Even I find good non-fiction copies at their place. Besides nonfiction, I found W. Somerset Maugham's books.

 The moon and the six pence. Wanted to try out his other books. Picked up Cakes and Ale

After one pathway, ran into Vinod Ekbote exactly at a place where I first met him few years ago. It's interesting how I met him. He inspired me to practice this routine. Sunday haul at Abids for books.

With Vinod Ekbote
 After that got a few fiction books and a poetry.
 Five American Poets

The bag full of books bought at Abids
Looking forward to reading the book of letters and love. 

Day well spent.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Anna Centenary Library

A must visit to this library if you're into reading. Srikanth and I visited this library to check out the collection. They have the best and also a huge collection. It's a referral library. We picked up few books and kept reading there. Someone who wants to study or avail books on many subjects, this library is the best. 

They have the best infrastructure. Centralized AC, spacious halls and well maintained library. Can't ask for more. Will keep visiting this library whenever I visit Chennai. 

A change in a decade

Looking back for  10 years, things have changed for good. I could note down 5 major changes in my life. 


  1. Started Writing Diary
  2. Hitchhiked to meet A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  3. Didn't go to school to watch A.R.Rahman win Oscars
  4. Started respecting other's time
  5. Didn't have any respect for books or reading.


  1. Journaling and also blogging
  2. Hitchhiking to meet Strangers
  3. Writing a book on how I met A.R.Rahman
  4. Trying to share the message of respecting other's time
  5. Puts books and readers at first place

A lot has changed in my life. 

I didn't have access to Internet in 2009. My best past time was to put songs in a home theatre and keep listening to lot of songs. I used to give myself time to listen to music no matter what I'm into. Right on Jan 1st 2009, I gave a  thought of writing a diary. I didn't have anything interesting to write but, the moment I started writing, I could observe there's a lot I took granted for. I met amazing friends. I kept writing about them. I did a few adventures, I wrote about them. I had interesting conversations with friends. I wrote about them. In the year 2009, I met A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, wrote about the experience.

Cut to 2019

I'm constantly distracted by my phone. I listen to music but I experience everything in a shallow manner. I still write diary. I learnt to practice gratitude in each and every small thing. Have so many friends on the list yet, I write to only a few. I'm afraid, I took a huge step challenging myself to be out of my comfort zone. I'm moving to Rajasthan for a year. I give a lot of time to people whom I admire. The utmost I can give to others is time. I'm elated when someone respects my time as well. I learnt few things but also, i have to  unlearn a lot of things. I'm uncertain about a few things.  And I'm trying to be in peace with myself. 

I can observe a lot of change in my thoughts & assumptions yet, I seem to be the same person with the same curiosity. 

Will give it a more thought on observing major changes in my life. 

In dialogue with Kashyap

After a very long time, met Kashyap at a Manthan event hosted by AISFM. As a AISFM student, he happened to attend the event. Great to catch up with him at a random place. 

Both of us discussed what's happening in our lives. We do not stay in touch often but keep sharing all that's been happening with us whenever we met. We discussed movies, books. Should meet him again to discuss a lot on what we love. Music & Stories. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Stories on wheels

Omni Van is highly used in cinemas for the sole purpose, kidnapping. 

I grew up watching movies wherein Kidnappers' one and the only vehicle is Omni van. On the roads, I've seen Omni vans used as school van, ambulances and a lot more but, somewhere in my mind, Kidnapping & Omni Van became the paired images at the early childhood. 

Today, while hitchhiking, I encountered an Omni van at my sight, I was confused if I should ask for a ride or not. No logic or reasoning was working. The doubt was more reactive than of any thought. Within a few seconds, the van reached me, I put my hand up for the ride but I wasn't sure of taking this ride if given. I was skeptical of taking it. 

Just before I put my hand down, the van stopped. There were two middle aged people carrying glass vases and a few paintings. He asked my destination and I said in a doubted tone.

They slid the door and
 there was no seat behind. They asked me if I'm okay to sit inside which included Frames, paintings, vases and a speaker.  I said yes, and I got in.
"Koi fikar math Karo, hum paise Nahi lethe."
Maybe my face expressions gave out the doubt.

Soon after the word, I got onto the van and took the ride. 

We traveled listening to Kishore Kumar melodies and three of us were enjoying the songs. We were humming, singing. And not a word was spoken during the ride except few appreciations,  "wah, Kya Gaana hai. "

I enjoyed the songs and also the ride. 

" Beta, Idhar se hum left chalthe, Tu aisa seedha Jaa Sakthe. " They said and revved up.

The Blue Omni Van

Thanked them for the ride and before I could ask their name, they left. Thanks, brothers for the ride as well as the jukebox.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

My friend's poem on poetry.

Poem written by my friend vinodKumar.  I love this poem

I am not a Poet 
Oh you say you write poetry
A voice from inside mocks
And I say no a vehement no
I don’t write some poetry
I just sharpen my vocabulary
In way that soothes my thirst
In a way that goes unnoticed
From the testing bites of the Learned
For I heard that poetry is class
A class of its own in dictum
Do I have a dictum of words
No I simply have some Oohs
Some Aahs and some yeses and noes
No I am not a poet
For I heard that poetry is lyrical
Lyrical in its germination
Lyrical in its roots and stem
Rhythmical in buds and flowers
Do I posses any of these?
I just pluck some emotions
Some sentiments nearby
Some words of chasms
Some words of passion
Some words of compassion
Just to relieve the pressure
That keeps building in me
Ssssh don’t ever call me a poet
I say to the questioning voice
For a poem is a river
A river of spontaneity
Spontaneity of expressions
Expressions of emotions
Emotions of experiences
Experiences of humanity
Humanity and Wilderness
Wilderness and Nature
What do I know about all these?
No I am not a Poet.

Life in words.

Journals are timemachines. I started this journal during my stay at Bengaluru. I stayed there for good amount of time. And I wrote about the books I read, the lines I loved. The experiences I enjoyed, thoughts I pondered on. This took me to the year of 2016. Beautiful memories. 

I picked up this book to gift Sruthi. I loved the cover so much that I bought two copies. Gifted one to Sruthi and used another one.

 Open by Andre Agassi is one of the best books I've read in Bengaluru. This is from the book Open.

A.P.J.Abdul Kalam book is one more I always take with me wherever I go. Few thoughts on his book. 

The Black and White Photo

The Photographer uses this black and white camera to click pictures. Besides black and white, he goes for reel camera.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

This Year That day

Just as I met her, we continued the conversations at the drop of a hat. Studies. Dance. Clouds. Stories. And a lot more. We never run out of things to talk about. Exactly an year back, I met Sruthi at Phoenix Arena. 

Asking about my writing, she gifted me a notebook. Every time I take out that book, I get reminded of her. Besides notebook, she got me a key chain. And lots of chocolates.

Strolling at the Arena, we climbed on to trampoline and was playing till we were tired. I'm sure we'd never be called out of it as we looked like school kids jumping out of joy. Indeed I was referred as Sruthi's brother in her campus. Not surprised at all. 

We spent a whole day having lunch at my favorite place,Zaiqa. 

Finally, after a long tiring day, ended up at chocolate room waiting for her friend. There she sat waiting for them. 


Time and again, this girl reminds me of her wide smile and the positive vibes she bring a long. It's been a year since I met her. Over the year, we grew up, we changed,  Besides all these, we remained the same.

We remain the same sharing what's happening in our lives. We remain the same sharing the bond we have. I cherish the 9 year friendship I've with Sruthi. Cheers Sruthi, for our friendship. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Shayari On The Secluded Mountain| A.R & Stories

The Poetry Meetup

I still can't recollect how we started discussing poetry but, Tejaswi shared her poems which brought a new perspective on many emotions. One of her pieces described what it is to leave a person and clung to the memories. 

I've read many poems on people sharing how it feels when someone leaves but, not many on how it feels to walk away. Quite an interesting poem and heart touching. 

Another poem was on Love.  Starting with the cheesy line, (When someone talks about love, it has to be about heartbreak,) she wrote well.

Well written and well described. I related to her way of describing the vulnerability. She just wrote what I wanted to read! 

And the last poem she shared was on the Beach. Using the beach as metaphor she describes a matured thought on moving on. Interesting poems. To sit and share poems in person can never match any online meeting. Thanks, Teju for sharing your poems. Keep writing. Hope we meet some other day to discuss a lot of poems.

New Year Celebrations

Looking at how the world is celebrating, I reflected on how I celebrate New years in general.

 Thank God, I celebrate in the most simple way.  I do the same with Christmas.

During childhood, new clothes were a mandate and a bonus were the gifts, greeting cards, and cakes. I had a  whole huge collection of gifts that I received during Christmas.
The only reason I'd be waiting for Christmas was for gifts but, nothing else. And New year? A privilege to stay awake.

I remember staying awake for new years right from 2002( 2nd class). I was small and wasn't allowed to stay awake at late nights. 

My brother and sister never showed interest to avoid sleep. I wanted to!

The new year was the only time, I was allowed to stay awake and go to church. Never bothered about what happens in the church but, I loved singing loud. No one ever looked at me in an odd manner. And at the end, everyone would wish 'Happy new year'

Soon after that,  the next day morning, we'd go to church to get promise cards but I was also interested to share greeting Cards. There was a whole bunch of kids who gift new year cards each other. At the end of the day, counting greeting cards would be a heart-filling task.

As the years passed by, it became a routine and I loved it.  Every year, celebrating Christmas & New year at a new place.

Over the time, I learnt what it is to celebrate Christmas. I learned to spread the joy and love. I received joy during Christmas by gifts and I decided to gift others during christmas time. I surprise my friends gifting them during Christmas. At the end of the year, I spend time for myself enjoying recalling all the memories. Not through social media but, by the journal.

I enjoy and buy another diary and start writing, to enjoy the nostalgia when I read that at the end of the year.

And I stick to this kind of new year celebrations. 

Thoughts- Friends and Conversations

I never had to put a lot of efforts to catch up with friends. I'm glad I've decided to put efforts to reach out and not get disappoi...