Monday, January 29, 2018

Delhi Delays- Management Lessons

I had an early morning flight in Delhi. And it was delayed due to weather conditions. It was postponed to 3-4 hours.  Delays at Delhi airport are common but, in the age of screens & technology, communication to the customer is not an issue. Communication amidst the management crew seems to be the issue. It's visible that few put blank faces when asked about further information. I wonder if they've information and asked not to reveal it or on whole, they do not really know what's happening with people.

We were asked to have our breakfast at KFC. As we trudge on a  blue morning with zero visibility to the windows, we were denied the food by KFC. We do not have any official message from Vistara and denied to give us breakfast.

We had Visara official right there at KFC. He wasn't sure of the breakfast arrangement but, was sure of the delay of the flight. We weren't told by message or mail to show it. The official wasn't rude but was helpless since in reality, he was confused.

There comes another official apologizing and make sure everyone get their breakfast, he also took a couple of the boxes to serve of anyone left at the gate.

If I have to appreciate Vistara for such professionals, I should also blame for the confusion guys.

Organizing get affected by every single work they do when they're in the field of service.

Anything in service, we need to be helpful and kind all the time. To be positive all the times is to develop a life with a lot of goodness. It's a challenge to deal with everything with a  positive attitude. Kudos! to the people who are leading a life by practice of positive attitude.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

She made the journey complete.

I've been traveling all month and at Bengaluru, I randomly ran into an old friend. She's Pooja from Pune. Met her at Hyderabad when she was here for an internship. She flew to Pune and we hardly talked.  As I was in Bengaluru for a weekend, she was there on a work purpose. Never knew about it. And we randomly met!

As we met, we decided to sit and talk.

A meet up after long time! We never ran out of conversations but, time! We fought on who's first to share what's all happening in our lives. We also spent time discussing on what to share when we meet for next time. Yes! I had a lot to share and I take time( My people troll me for that *sigh*)

I was contended  meeting her. That random meet. Those hours of conversation is what I'll cherish for long time.

2nd week. Chennai.

Met RexT a.k.a Suhrid. I walked into an event and was sitting at last. Wanted to have a good sight of stage and moved front.

I looked left and there was this 6 footer next to me who instantly realised what just happened.

RexT and I were shocked to see each other at a random place, very randomly!

We took our own time blathering with lot of questions.

"How Broooo-"
"Seriously! How-

With lot of unending  questions, we decided to walk out of event and then started discussing.

RexT is a TEDxer from Chennai. Years back, we met at  Infosys Mysore and spent great time with many TEDxers who were all over from India.

Later Advaith and Jason joined on that day.

RexT and I ended up sharing alot of what's happening in life. He indeed took me to a campus tour at IIT Chennai. We had great time discussing on what we love to do.

And now comes the 3rd week. 3rd person, Sravani!

I had my lunch at Andhra Bhavan and was about to leave the place. As I saw her, it took me seconds to realise she's Sravani!

Sravani is very good friend of mine and loved seeing her at random place, very randomly. I never imagined, I'd see her at Delhi!

Listening to what she's upto, made me  happy and proud. Meeting her made the journey complete.

I'm in love with these random meets and heart felt conversations. I'm grateful to life for these surprises and random meets.

Now, I see the surprises I have by not sharing where I travel on social media.
People will never know about it. Despite less chances of meeting, there are so many random meets.

I'm excited!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Stories on Wheels.

Walked into the cab with a sleep-deprived face. New journey. New rush. Looking at the orange sun, I'm optimistic about the future. 

Somewhere the Sunrise invokes the hope. 

The pen doesn't move forward as I sink low again with emotions, assumptions, thoughts, probabilities & possibilities. Not for a second, I realised what's gonna come. Interesting. Bring it on! Let the time only reveal what's in there.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Zero waste Life Style- It starts with "Less Waste"

You can't turn your lifestyle into 'Zero Waste lifestyle' in a day!

It takes time!

All our life, we've produced a lot of waste and it's tough to reach another extreme in a trice.
I believe, with one conscious decision at a time, we can surely make it a reality. From following "Less Waste lifestyle" we can surely make "Zero waste Life style" a reality.
I'm glad to have friends who inspire me with their words and also works. Sid , fellow TEDxer and good friend of mine is an inspiration and thought provoker to try this "Less Waste" life style. I do not say, I'm successful in following "Less Waste Life Style," I'm trying! I became more conscious when I buy clothes now. As he suggests,I buy clothes at Decathlon which doesn't have a lot of plastic packing.

Follow him on Instagram to know more about "Less Waste Lifestyle" from him
Credits: TEDxYouthBrookefieldSalon

Recently, Sid, Hetvee and team organised an TEDxyouthBrookefieldSalon as "Zero Waste" event. It's such an inspiration, I'm sharing their work with every possible community to try. Hope, TEDxVNRVJIET makes an attempt sharing this idea of "Zero Waste event"

I also have another friend, Aakruti Dalmia whose thoughts helped me to be more conscious and try this. Successfully, I haven't used plastic straws till now. It's been a month and every time I avoid straw, I believe I can turn this "Zero Waste lifestyle" as reality in soon.
Again, I'd say, It doesn't happen over night. It happens over the time. If you really want to have "Zero Waste Life style" First follow, "Less waste" Life style.

All I suggest, is to be more conscious of everything you use. Eventually, you'll make a decision and explore this lifestyle.

Being a writer, I use a lot of pens. Plastic pens!

I've recently discovered one start up, "Pureliving" which manufactures paper pens. I've ordered those paper pens to use them. I know, I cannot turn my lifestyle into "Zero Waste lifestyle" all of sudden. But, I'm sure i can make a decision and make a difference in my life and also in this world through my actions.

Be it small but, start now!, If you're really concerned about the waste you produce.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The "Last School Friendship" lasting more than 8 years.

With the girl who became good friend of mine over the years. Everything about our friendship is very coincidental and everything fell in place making us stay together for years.

Sruthi Somaruthu is my last school friend. '10th class' friend. Though everyone departed in their own ways, there are few people who were with me always. 

Santosh, Abhishek, Abhilash, Manish, Varun, Saikumar& Jayadeep were always there and we were together at intermediate. Sruthi was studying at Narayana IIT Campus. We always ended up sharing the same centre for Board examinations. We met twice in  a year atleast. Post Intermediate, we stayed in touch meeting twice in a year atleast, letting us know what we're upto all the time. 

I visit her Campus every year. I was assumed to be her young brother. No wonder people assumed it in that way.

I've seen her grow as a better person in every way. She is kind, honest and I'd not say innocent but super intelligent. Back those times, I was the most troublesome fellow in the class. I always used to have my fun irrespective of the disturbance I created then. She was very understandable and kind to me. Such an understandable person.

Though we don't talk every week, we make sure we let each other know what we're upto. 

She is pursuing her masters in Texas and it's been 2 years since I met her. I'm so glad we could make time and spend a whole day sharing all the stories. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

She seems to be the lucky charm!

'Bad days', 'Good days'. 'Normal days'. 'Not so interesting days'
Wading through the` time, I tended to be myself, trying to work on what I have to.

Weeks back, I've decided to work on a memoir. Was searching for the ideas, seeking for the moments.  Contradicting my stories. Was debating with my ownself. I was living with my ideas but not a word was put on a paper.

One moment. One gesture. One song. And I write the important part of the book.

My super sweet senior, Sharayu sent me a Tamil song she sang in recent times. After a long tiring day, got a chance to listen to her and I have all the dots triggered up, getting connected.

She sang Visiri,(Sid Sriram & Shashaa's song❤)

Listening to her singing in Tamil rejuvenated me. It put me in a good mood. Peaceful mood. And I'm all set to write.

Inevitably, being in peace, I tend to write and jotted down the notes and then the draft. First draft of it. And I got it right!

Grateful to the small gesture of sharing her work with me. Grateful to the time she spared for me.

Grateful to the sweet girl Sharayu. God bless her!

Interesting read!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Without a word, we spoke a lot

It's been a month since I commuted in the city. Was travelling all the time out of city. After long time, as I started to my home from my friend's place, I walked asking for a ride. There were many who ignored and there was also a person who signalled me thumbs down rejecting to give me a ride.

After minutes of requests, a person stopped the bike looking at me. I reached him telling my place. He signalled me asking if I had to go straight. I nodded. He signalled again to get on the bike.

From Abids till Begumpet, he was signalling me continuously whenever there was a junction. I was telling him but  he seemed to be unable to hear. I didn't know if he understood. I assumed him to be dumb and partially deaf. He was honking incessantly. Couldn't complain or suggest him a word.

We shook hands. There was a smile and I headed to my destination.

Without a word, we spoke a lot. A good experience.

Hans Zimmer Making of "Interstellar" Soundtrack (2014) (Bluray Extras)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

TEDx Diaries- Behind the X

Meghana's story

 Behind the X was one of the initiatives, we enjoyed sharing within the community. It was fun to know the TEDxers in a better way. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

TED Talk- Want to be more creative? Go for a walk

Reason why I love walks when I'm in search of ideas!! 

This is an interesting and informative talk. I totally agree with the idea as, I'm the one who always go for walks when I'm in search of ideas. This talk seems to have good suggestions. From next time, I'll be conscious about the time and retire if I'm walking too much with too many ideas in mind. 

Marily Oppezzo has five tips that will help make this the best effect possible.

1. Pick a problem/ Topic for brain storm

2. Walk at comfortable pace while you're brainstorming
3. Think of as many ideas as you can
4. Speak and record your ideas

5. Cap your time

God Sex and Truth

Before I talk about it, I would like to request the reader not to assume a lot about me or either the people who made it.

God Sex and Truth.

Discreet about the content, I like the way it's done. I love the background score that's elevating. Colours can be confusing and distracting at times. Black and white visuals are what makes the pictures more enchanting. And I reinstate it looking at the visuals in this video.

And RGV's words about this video are intense and intriguing. His voice modulation was at it's best. Looking forward to the release.

Note: The perspectives on the subject is completely subjective.

Monday, January 15, 2018

In dialogue with Hanmanth Bairatti

I'm not sure why he wanted to ask me the question. It was 5am and I was getting ready to start to Chennai.

"Are you from Vijayawada?"

"No. I'm from Hyderabad."

"Have you come for the interview?"


"What interview?"


"Insurance one?"

"No. It's young India fellowship interview"

After series of questions about my whereabouts, I have asked his reason of visit to Bangalore.

He said, I'm a writer, I've come here to give my books to the library.

That one word, "Writer" irked to prolong the conversation and know more about the person.

He seemed very old. 70 years may be. He sat up on his bed and I was standing across the room, listening to him.

"I write in Kannada and mostly science fiction."

We sat at 5.40 am to talk about books, writing and much more.

He is Hanmant Bhairatti. Retired LIC employee and a writer.

We went on with a conversation and he shared about his guru, "Rajashekar Bhushno Mutt," the one who guided him in the genre of science fiction.

Hanmant also wrote a memoir describing his stay at Germany.

Being a writer, knowing the struggle of getting published, I never ask for a complimentary copy but, buy if possible.

As I asked him for the availability of books to buy, he interrupted me saying, "I don't let people buy my books. I give them for free. LIC has given me enough money, I don't need money through books."

As his books get published, he shares 300 copies with the libraries and if anyone sends him the address, Hanmant couriers them for free.

"I do my service to the society in this way."

My friend's blog on Whale Watching experience

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Day with the squad

To huddle up with my people is assurance of hilarious laughs, good time, trolls and alot of memories.  This time we decided to dine at Ten J. Of all, Sunil, SHyam, Rehman, Rahul, Mani, Gautam, Sachin, Myself,  Jaya, Ding, Bala and Jishan gathered. Many people were missed. Vikas joined us for a call and talked for sometime.

C: Rehman, Myself, Naveen, Elli, Shyam, Raul.

"Nothing brings people together like good food." Not in our case! Food at Ten J was mediocre. The service was okay since Elli expressed his dissatisfaction to the manager about previous experience.

Talks over the food was all of trolls, lemons and also whereabouts. We were generous to celebrate the strangers' birthdays at that place.

At Laser Ops
After the lunch, we headed to Laser Ops. It was quite entertaining.  Playing soon after the lunch, wasn't a good decision but, yeah! had lots of fun. Rahul topped the game but to mention, he's very good at hitting the football off the goal post ;)


With lot of running, hiding shooting spree, we enjoyed it. 

L to R Jaya, Mani, Jishan, Gautam, Naveen, Shyam, Bala,Sachin myself,Raul, Elli, and Rehman

Starved Bala took us to the SVM and we took up the Bowling. God blessed the day, we spent great time, playing all the way. With so much of determination and will, everyone tried their best to put a great performance. As time passed and bowling balls went down without a hit, we took a lot of pictures and fooled around appreciating everyone for their utter failure.
Rehman, Jishan, Sunil, Jaya, Ding(Above: Myself, Rahul while Bala is photobombing)

Few people retired for the day and headed to their places. Joining Bala, we headed to Retro Drive In. Elli, Shyam, Rahul, Rehman, Jaya and I joined him. 

Raul, M.S Dhoni and Elli.

Right after the "debate"

There, at retro, we were at ease, chilling and trailing along with the conversations. 

A day well spent. 

These 200 words wouldn't suffice what we had experienced and how we enjoyed the day.  It's good to chronicle the huddles. First huddle of the year 18.

Foot Pool at Retro Drive In

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Insidious: The Last Key- Movie

Done with the 'one horror movie' for this year. Horror movies are not my cup of tea. Insidious seemed to have 4 parts. I never knew it. It entertained me a bit.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Nice Link

Pitch Perfect 3- Movie

I've watched Pitch Perfect-1 and I was okay to watch it when Aditya proposed for a movie.  Pitch Perfect-3 seems to be all about how they try to move on. Listened to few good songs in the movie. I couldn't watch this movie on big screen. It's not worth it to me. At last ,Srikanth and I were quite irritative about it and somehow watched it till the end. It was a late night show.

I take this woman- Book

I took this book from Vinod. It's a small book and Sahitya Akademi Award novel.  It's originally written by Rajinder Singh Bedi, it was translated by Khuswant Singh. And he did it well. Reading this novel, I could assume how intense and beautiful, the urdu version would be.

In this story, Rano, the village woman loses her husband, Tiloka in a murder. She gets cursed, slapped and yet decides to stay for her children. She gets married to her brother in law, Manglu by force. Manglu is the person, she took care as a son and then she gets married to him. And there's a good ending to the story.

I liked the way, he described the emotions of characters through mere atmosphere. Though it seem small, he has well portrayed the characters, their personalities and their values.

Rooh again at Gallery Cafe

Rooh, the favorite band is all set to perform again at Gallery Cafe. I'm so glad see all of them together again performing at their favourite.
They are going to perform at Gallery Cafe, this wednesday, 8pm. Be there :)

Monday, January 8, 2018

To See Thou

I waded a mile 
To see thou

I traded a smile
To wish thou

Oh Sire!

You set me free 
With your love

You set me on fire
With your works

Serenaded thy
By mere sight of you

Oh Saint of Love!
Blessed be you!

Ella pugazhum iraivanukke

Thought- Being healthy is a commitment

Being healthy is a life long commitment we need to give to ourselves. Many a times, many friends hinted me that there's a lot that goes ...