Friday, June 30, 2017

New home. Old place.

When I was talking to a friend of mine about living in Bangalore. He said, "If you're living in Jayanagar. You're living in Jayanagar but not Bangalore. Your perceptions towards the places changes as your living place changes."

I didn't get him at that time. Now, as we shifted to a new home, the way I perceive Raichur became totally different.

It's the same old place but, with a shift in my living place, my perceptions to the place has changed.

Now I could see the greener side of Raichur. I'm enjoying the peace.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Be part of the vision - Holidays with Harimohan Paruvu

Looking at how my intentions are not communicated well, I shared an experience with Harry.

One of my friend is passionate to do MBA and she wanted to be outstanding. As she started working with me, she once posed a question to me,

"Now as everyone are organising TEDx events, everyone will put that in their resume. I want to be outstanding. How should I be outstanding. "

I never thought of TEDxVNRVJIET as mere event, I believed it as a intense work to change the thought process. Event is byproduct of our ideology. I assumed that she took the work as a great chance for a change.

Listening to the whole story Harimohan shared a story with me.

Story of stone cutters.

A man once went near stone cutters and asked what they were doing. 

He approached first stone cutter and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm cutting stones," said the stone cutter.

The 1st stone cutter was in a hurry to go home. He comes in time. Does the work and leave. There was no intense involvement.

He asked the same question to  2nd stone cutter.

"Me and my friends are doing the work together. To work together is fun."

2nd person was having fun and laid back about work.

He asked the same question to 3rd stone cutter.

The 3rd stone cutter seemed to be very passionate about the work.

When he was asked,"What are you doing?"

He said, "I'm building this absolutely fabulous building!"

He identified himself with a big vision. He didn't see himself as a stone cutter. He saw himself as absolutely important person for this building.  He believed that he's part of the big vision which his boss shared.

Share your vision with  everyone so that people will work enthusiastically believing and sharing the vision.

Time to meet people and share the vision!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Right words- Holidays with Harimohan Paruvu

Today, one of my friends was gloomy and was sleeping all the time. I went near him and asked, "Are you okay? Do you want to share anything?"

He quietly rejected my offer. After some time, I went again and asked, "Are you sure that you don't want to share anything?"

He rejected again and went on to  sleep.

Recalling about the incident, I was sure that I offered help in a terrible way.

I shared this experience with Harimohan and he said, "I'm glad you  gave a thought. It's very important to use the words in a right manner."

As we had a conversation, I realized how bad I was at usage of  words.  I asked him if he was sure about sharing  things with me but I forgot about making him feel secure. Forgot about letting him feel free at my presence.

Without doing all that, I expected him to share.

Thinking about this, I recall Garcia lines,

"....possibly I would not say everything that I think, but I would definitely think everything that I say."
I'll better think everything that I say and use right words rather than blabbering.


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Thought of the hour- Keep every relation special and beautiful.

Why search for one perfect relation which sums up everything??

There are relations where one is good to have coffee with. One is good to share your worries. One is good to share happiness with. Everyone are different and everyone are special. It's better to have mentors, friends, peers, and many rather than searching for one who wears many hats for you.

Holidays with Harry

As I reached Srinagar colony by chance, I phoned Harry for a meet up. He was out of home, still we decided to meet as, to spend time with him is best of the times I spend in my days. 

To kill time while he was on his way to home, I went to ESI park which was very clean. I never expected it to be so clean that people loved to spend a lot of time there.

As I reached Harry's home, he was busy on phone and Anjali was happy to see me after long time. We went for groceries and had a quick conversation on what she was doing all the day.

Anjali friends are my friends and her cousins are also my friends. Met Shika who visited home from Bengaluru.

Soon after a sumptuous dinner, Anjali wanted all of us to play snap snap.

Snap snap.
Time passed by as we sat together playing snap snap for hours. We were so exhausted that if we had sat for one more minute, we'd be ending up in sleep.

As clock stuck 12 at night, we went for walk. Shika, Anjali, Pooja and me went for a walk. 
Slow walks under the sodium vapour lights paved for good conversations regarding life. Anjali was happy to play with our shadows as we were strolling on streets.

I came out of home for a run and ended up at Harry's home till late night, playing and having good conversations. A day well spent. Positive people. Positive vibes.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ride with Narayan Reddy

On a blue saturday, I decided to go for a run at KBR park. As the climate was cool, I headed to the park early  at evening.
As I jogged after a long time, I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and was determined to have strict routines regarding exercises.
Soon after the run, I strolled to reach my bike. An elderly person was sitting on footpath and asked me, "Suvitha hospital address maalum tereko."
I didn't know the address nevertheless, I had Google. I asked him to wait and searched in google, I couldn't find any. I asked him further details and he told LV Prasad hospital, petrol pump, Karnataka bank.
Listening to the vague address, I suggested him to call if he had any person at the location.  On listening to the other person on phone, he gave landmarks(TV9 office) and I decided to drop him there.
From KBR park, we started  on our bike to Nagarjuna circle and reached Karnataka bank and met Venkat reddy who was waiting there for us.
The hospital he had to go was, Suvitas hospital, Srinagar colony.
The elderly person whom I gave ride  is Narayan Reddy. He was around 65 years. His smile after reaching the place made me smile for a time.

I was happy to help him. Run at KBR park lead to a ride with Narayan Reddy.

You never know where you'll go when you step out of your home.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The game which made me believe in, "Do or Die."

Central Zonals Finals 2014.

April 4th


The match which stayed with me whenever I was at the verge of doubt or low in confidence.

It's my Captain words which stayed with me whenever I was doubtful with lot of problems.
L to R: Raghu, Rathod, Sai, Chinmay, Vikas, Prudhvi, Bhargav, Vineel, Meher, Wilson, Hemanth, Madhu, Uday and me.

April 4th 2:00 pm

The sun was so high and we were scorched to the heat. Looking at the temperature, we warmed up little at the fear of dehydration. As we started the match, we were confident to take the cup home, beating CVSR with great lead.

As the match progressed, 5 minutes later with decent lead,  front defence Vineel was sliding towards left shooting forward and was trailing him till  the corner.

At Centre, Captain Raghu was waiting to give a block as he raises for a shot. Before everything happens in normal way, ball handler raced towards the basket and Vineel with great force trailed him. As Vineel trailed him, he lost the balance and only when Raghu jumped to block the shot, Vineel was pushed towards Raghu and Raghu bhai had a wrong landing.

In fraction of seconds, he fell on ground, holding his leg wailing in pain. We were rooted to the spot looking at it. As we neared him, we saw him struggling with pain.

I never saw him in pain. We were panicked. We were worried.  He was taken to bench and the game was resumed.

Though every player was strong, the whole team chemistry got messed up. Captain's injury impacted everyone mentally. Everyone were in fear and started losing the lead slowly.

Two Quarters and, we were down by 10 points. Rest of the team ensured to defend strongly but, still the lead was same till 3rd quarter.

When everyone thought that things are going out of hand, Raghu bhai started tieing the shoe lace, getting ready to get onto  the court. The sight of him getting ready for the game  made my jaws drop.

As I was next to him witnessing what was happening, I couldn't believe that he was getting ready to play. His ankle was swollen badly, that was a very bad injury for sure.  He was in great pain. Despite injury, he decided to play.

Lesson1: Zero excuses!

He wanted the team to win at any cost! He never bothered about his leg, he never bothered about any other thing when he decided to win this game.

We were 10 down and Raghu Bhai entered the game. As he took position, he went no where from the defence postion. He reached front from centre, hopping to stop the ball and  raised his hands full, not letting the opponents shoot.

I  couldn't believe what I was watching. He was there defending wherever possible. It was man to man defence play but, still Raghu Bhai  was at the centre defending someone or  the other.

As he started defending, rest of the team started scoring well and we were 4 down.

Soon after, things were getting heated up, Raghu Bhai handled the ball at offence, wading through centre against heighters.

He just had an injury but, he was being himself, being aggressive and started attacking the basket. He converted some, he also earned few free throws.

Lesson2: Focus

The whole crowd was against VNRVJIET despite the show stopping plays and performance. Everyone were booing and everyone were sledging when he was at the free throw line.

Not only he converted those free throws, he also was silent thinking to finish the game.

Lesson3: Don't lose focus till you finish the work which you need to do.His focus at pressure bewildered me. Whole crowd was against him and he kept focusing on what he needs to do at the worst conditions. Though he was tortured physically and mentally he kept playing to win. Only after we got a decent lead, he indicated  the score board to the crowd who was booing us.

While everything is happening, Raghu Bhai asked Sai Anna, "Do you want to play?"

Knowing that it's their last game to play for VNR, Raghu Bhai cared to ask Sai Anna if he was interested to play.  Sai Anna, knowing everything denied to play letting the tempo continue.

At that point, Raghu Bhai cared to ask! He was always concerned about everyone in the team. Sai Anna wouldn't bother if he had not played at the last match, as game was going well.  Raghu bhai gave a thought at that point of the game.

Those mere words were enough to make sure that he always thinks about team.

Lesson4: Be concerned about team
After a tight game,

He was there till the end of the game winning and make us win as a team. 

Me with Raghu Bhai
He made me believe in "Do or Die!"

Post Game Picture <3 td="">

Harry's article on Father's day.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Wonder Woman- Movie

I'm not a big fan of super hero movies but, I picked this movie since it included  the backdrop of war.

Image Credits: Google Images
Gal Gadot is fabulous as she is in real. Loved watching her on big screen. The movie is in the backdrop of  1st world war.

Diana, princess of Amazons lives happily on the land of Methscyrus. She runs into a man and realises their world is in danger. She finds the situation to be at it's worst and seemed to have a solution for it. She joins the man whom she rescued and enters London where war is at full swing.  She believes that wrath of Aerus brings down all the wars. She realises her true power and destiny and puts an end to war and also to movie. Had good time watching the movie.

Gal Gadot action scenes are amazing. Interested to read more Gal Gadot's take on Wonder Woman.

'A little book of serenity' by Ruskin Bond

It's a small book comprising observations by Ruskin Bond and thought provoking quotes by personalities whom author admire.

The introduction by Ruskin Bond is as real as it's being deprived of in this world right now. Serenity. He described the incident of saint sitting on bed of nails being serene. He discussed how we are deprived of serenity by anger and other futile emotions.

There are few observations by RB which none can differ to disagree. Being a poet, I loved every observation and wished to get into woods taking this book.

For a moment, I felt I was reading proverbs from Bible. The quotes which author picked to put into this book are heart touching, thought provoking!

I loved the hard cover. The colour, texture tempted me to own the book and reread it whenever possible.

Further more, the book has few blank pages to fill in as notes after every chapted. I liked it.

Finally,  as the author says, "A Little Book of Serenity is perfect to dip into in moments of disquiet and of peace—and to share."

Indeed it's a perfect to dip into moments of peace.

Monday, June 19, 2017

"I wish I was a boy!"

When I listen to this statement from girls, I wonder, I pity.

The whole world is on a way spreading the message that, To be man is to be in power!! If men say that I can take it as alpha ego but even girls are falling for it.

They want to be boys to enjoy the delusion freedom they imagine.

To be a girl is to be special. Every little thing matters and I see many women wearing shirt and pant to say that we're equal! No you're not equal! You're far more better than men. Why do you demean by equaling with men! I see many women trying to imitate boys in a lot of matters. Nothing is a boy things or a girl thing but doing a thing just to imitate a boy or to imitate the power is pitiful.

If you want to do the work, do it in your own style!

Madhukar Bhai- A memory

It's been days since I'm moving with the harsh fact that Madhu is no more. It's so unrealistic to recall that he left us.

Madhu as we call him with love, Madhkar Bhai, was always person who was loved very much by everyone. He cared for everyone. His laugh, his words are still  flashing in my mind unsettling my mind everytime I'm reminded of him. His sheer passion to play ball amused me.

Conscioulsy, though I know that he left us, I still feel it's an illusion. Words would be less to describe his love for the basketball family. Words would be less to describe his altruistic nature. We just lost a member in a family.

This Way is Easier Dad Book Launch

Soon after I finished my Talk at TCS, I headed for the launch. Wading through traffic, I reached the place bit late.

The amphitheater was jam packed. Could see few familiar faces but couldn't figure out who's who. 

Venkatapathy Raju, Poornima Nagaraju, Jayesh Ranjan, Harry and Anjali were on stage.

Anjali was smiling whenever she had an eye contact with anyone.

As I entered the place, Harry was answering questions posed by the crowd. Soon after I found a place for myself, Chief guest Jayesh Ranjan started speaking about the book. He told about the types of parents. How parents act to be cool but deep down concerned about each and every act of their children. He also talked about his daughter who happened to teach him few lessons.

At the end, Poornima Nagaraju also shared how her daughter learnt a new word, 'incredible' and kept using it to describe everyone as incredible.

The launch came to an end by Meghana's  message to buy the book. 

Soon after the launch, the crowd started to get autographs from the author and also little Anjali. Anjali wrote short sweet messages to people who asked her autograph. I spent time meeting and talking to new people. Met Ram Mohan Harry's brother, Nandita writer at Microsoft, Aditya Vasu uncle's son, Vinod sir.  And also met Harry's MBA friends, Vijay, Baradwaj, Shrini, Sunny, Pankaj, Ramana, post launch.

I missed the show but caught up with many people talking for a while. Had great time meeting many strangers.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Storytelling Session at TCS

Throughout my training, I was always into storytelling. With the help of the right mentors, I enjoyed my training. Thanks to Saideep, Sohail, Srujan, Kaushik, and all the new friends I made in TCS who made it easy never reminding me of the biased perceptions of the corporate scenario. "Everything is possible if taken the right decisions at right time' was the funda  I was going on with.

I shared my interests with my Trainer, HR, Training Head, and other people. It was tidbits of conversation throughout my training knocking at their door seeking their help on my confusion.

End of the day, they cleared all my doubts and accepted my request to host a storytelling session for all the trainees.

Seeing the mix crowd, I didn't know the kind of stories to select. I wanted to share a few stories that involve our assumptions, perceptions.

"How many of you love traveling?" I asked.

"Many raised their hands. I started referring to the friend I created a few minutes ago then." I shared the spare tire story.

I learnt that, Leaving the conclusion and not sharing the end is the best way to leave it to the listeners. Hinting subtly on the motive of the story by the end is a sure thing to do but, subtly!! That's a fine line to walk on.

Later on, I shared the story of the village and the mother's dream. Concluding, stories you share to make a today. Stories you listen make a tomorrow.

Thanks to Parveen, Romoana, Panchami, Aravind, Srikanth & Sai for making my training memorable.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Giving gives you the happiness.

Giving gives you happiness.
As Saideep was leaving abroad for masters, I gifted him the book,  'Federer.'
I knew Saideep as Federer admirer. And I often listen to his wish of meeting Federer. I thought this would be the best gift I could give to him. And giving him that gift brought so much happiness to him and also me.
Never in the day he expected a gift and besides that, a biography of Federer.
The sight of him being happy, surprised to receive that book as a gift made my day.
It's so true that, "Giving gives you happiness."

Be sad when you're sad

It's okay to be sad. It's okay to be be blue.

As time pass by, when pain triggers in the heart, I'm trying to deviate rather than feeling sad for it.

To try to be happy in a trice is futile. To be sad is the part of life and it's shattering when I can't answer myself to be sad. When I'm consciously trying to get away from sadness.

It's okay to be sad.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Band of brothers- Poem

Keep the ball rolling
Keep the ball rolling
Till we run,
Till we crawl on court
Keep the ball rolling
Making plays. Making magic on court.

It's  another day
It's another day
Huddling with brothers
Brimming with joy

Missed the big men at home
Bemused to find a new big man at home

"Aye Aye Captain," were the words for us
As the Captain cared to share a word with us

Together we are
Teamed up for an hour

For a ball
For a game

Keep the ball rolling
Keep the ball rolling

Mandatory is the custom to recall memories
Unforgettable are one of Kanthu's foul theories

We laughed. We cursed.
We shouted. We played.

Missing the Big men at home
Meandered to show man's home

Sat together without a plan of sitting
Laughed together recalling our last sitting

High was Meher with mirth
Happy was the team sharing smiles

We keep the ball rolling
We keep the ball rolling
Huddling with happiness
Brimming with joy

Blessed to be with band of brothers
Who made me  ink the words for hours

#VNRBallers #BandofBrothers

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Carolyn's inspiring words.

So happy to see Carolyn's message on achieving her dreams.

"Spend 10 minutes a day on things we love."

How often we waste time wondering about what's stopping us from our dreams. Definitely this is the message that had to be spread to make people dreams real.

Carolyn in her own words said, "I always tell people, follow your passion and success will follow right behind. No passion is too big or too small, spend a few minutes doing what you love, but ensure you do it every single day. For me I found my passion in food and yoga, from here there is no looking back. I'm not sure if I'll be working in the food industry or as a yoga instructor, but one promise I've made to myself, is whatever I'm doing, I'll spend at least 10 minutes doing what I love the most. 

So I urge all of you, to take at least 10 minutes off your schedule to do something that you love ❤️Stay blessed 🙏"

Inspiring to invest time for myself on what I love.  You always amaze me with your words and works Carolyn. Stay blessed.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Back to 'Out of Comfort zone'

It was on October 20th 2016, I took a decision to get out of my comfort zone.

Back then, I was in Bengaluru on holidays, enjoying the cozy weather without watching sun for days. Weather was  so cozy to sleep all day and sometimes to have hot water bath all day. Most of the time, I used to spend my time outdoors. Besides this, I used to have hot water baths for hours and hours. I spent months wasting time and water, enjoying myself in cozy weather.

After much realization, I decided to call for an action.

I wanted to stop this. I wanted to stop wasting my time and also lots of water. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone!

To get out of comfort zone, I thought I'd bath with only cold water so that, I'd not enjoy bath much and finish it quickly. As I was so determined, without second thoughts, I started bathing with cold water on October 20th 2016.

Days passed, and I was tempted to have hot water bath.  I seeked relaxation and found many excuses for myself to have hot water bath. But my consciousness didn't let me excuse myself to take back my decision.

With my determination, till now, I bathed  with only cold water.

In span of 9 months, It was only 2-3 times that I had hot water bath for getting caught with cold severly.

I enjoyed it fully. Even during the most chilling days, I had  cold water bath. I'd share my experience in other blog posts.

Soon after the winter season was over, It was never a matter of 'out of comfort zone.'

But, as Hyderabad is hit with monsoons and as I bathed today with cold water again, I realized I'm pushing myself out of comfort zone again.

This sounded silly when I shared with friends but, the thought process which made me to keep pushing myself out of comfort zone helped me to adapt to many difficult situations.

As some one said, Life lies out of comfort zone. Glad to be out of comfort zone again. :)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Finding Altamira - Movie

The movie is about the journey of finding Altamira caves.

A little girl accompanies his father to the caves. Though the father sees nothing in the cave, the little girl looks at the paintings which bring so much to show the world. The paintings seemed to be parietal cave paintings. Her father believes that those paintings could  be aging millions years. He thought those paintings could be way before paleolithic period.

Father tries to show the world what those paintings are. People could only realize what the truth is after his death.

I could relate how times were during Galileo's period. How church was so concerned and was against then science discoveries. 

In movie, People  hover  between faith and science. I could only speculate but, not come to any conclusions.

Soon after the movie, I got to know that Altamira caves are for real. The story of the movie is not a fiction. The real hero who found the cave is  Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola
Golshiffteh Farahani acted so well. Looking forward to watch more of her movies.

Holidays with Harry- Two types of listening.

After reading the book, "This way is Easier Dad," I imagined Harry listening patiently to Anjali.  He listened to Anjali everytime and he was patient enough to observe what she was telling, how she was telling. That act itself amused me. As I told him about it, he shared important things about listening.

1)To listen what others are saying.
2) To listen what others are not saying.

We often forget about what others are not saying. To listen what they are saying is as important as what they're not saying. That could be listened through body language, gestures, and few observations.

Monday, June 5, 2017

'This Way is Easier Dad' by Harimohan Paruvu

"This Way is Easier Dad" - Harimohan Paruvu

This book is a must-read.

Attractive cover and catchy title.  Like all Harry's books, he surprises the readers with little, subtle new things in book.

In this book, 'Return gift to you,' sums up all thoughts and it is really good.

This book has invaluable conversations, thoughts, reflections which we often miss to observe in our own life.

This book is best because of many reasons.

How often do we spent time with children, answering all their questions. How often do we listen to them? How often do we observe their learning process?

The author did everything. He observed the minutest of minute emotions evoked in Anjali, answered her questions patiently and listened to her every time.  The book is the evidence and it shows up everything. I wish all parents spent enough time with their kids rather than solacing them with gadgets.

I feel happy for the little kid who is making her life easy and also  helping others through her thoughts to make  their life easy.

The author wrote down the most subtle, important life lessons taught by his daughter.

This book reminded me of how often I fail to enjoy the life like Anjali.

This book made me rethink about how I approach few things in my life. 

I could relate to the daughter and also Dad at times. The grown up in me resonated with Harry. The child in me resonated with Anjali. 

Few lessons seemed so simple but, I wondered how I couldn't think in a way a child thought which made life easy.

Noticing the writing style, the book is outstanding. Author did great job, writing in a simple manner. The writing was so simple that I thought it'd be a easy read but, conversations in the book chained me with few thoughts to reflect and re think. At last to say, it wasn't an easy read.

I'd suggest everyone to read this book to  rearrange their thought process which makes life easier.

There are many lessons to be taken from this book. Will discuss later in other blog posts.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Thought of the hour- The purpose.

When you think about the purpose, you have to be true to yourself.
When you think about the purpose you need to be brutally honest to yourself.

It's your purpose and intention which will open the floor to work on all your dreams.

There's no black or white, right or wrong to let you step back but, there's always a consciousness​, gut feeling which will push you to reach higher if your purpose is helpful to you which doesn't harm others in any way.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Walk from work.

These days I'm walking from work.

I don't dare to be sweaty when I go to office on morning. During mornings, I reach office on rides and while leaving, I walk from work enjoying it completely.

Walking gives me time to think for a long time. When I'm in confusion I walk. When I want to talk to myself, I walk. When I want to contemplate, I walk.

To go for a walk amid nature is what I love the most. Since I can't be amid nature every time, I tend to walk when ever and where ever possible.  I get a 2 hours of time to reach home from workplace. Avoiding hectic traffic on roads, I walk on side of the road, distancing myself from racing vehicles.

I don't distract myself with music or other distractions. I walk talking to myself. I walk with wavering thoughts which are bothering me. And I walk enjoying it.

Thoughts- Friends and Conversations

I never had to put a lot of efforts to catch up with friends. I'm glad I've decided to put efforts to reach out and not get disappoi...