Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Finding Altamira - Movie

The movie is about the journey of finding Altamira caves.

A little girl accompanies his father to the caves. Though the father sees nothing in the cave, the little girl looks at the paintings which bring so much to show the world. The paintings seemed to be parietal cave paintings. Her father believes that those paintings could  be aging millions years. He thought those paintings could be way before paleolithic period.

Father tries to show the world what those paintings are. People could only realize what the truth is after his death.

I could relate how times were during Galileo's period. How church was so concerned and was against then science discoveries. 

In movie, People  hover  between faith and science. I could only speculate but, not come to any conclusions.

Soon after the movie, I got to know that Altamira caves are for real. The story of the movie is not a fiction. The real hero who found the cave is  Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola
Golshiffteh Farahani acted so well. Looking forward to watch more of her movies.

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