Sunday, June 11, 2017

Band of brothers- Poem

Keep the ball rolling
Keep the ball rolling
Till we run,
Till we crawl on court
Keep the ball rolling
Making plays. Making magic on court.

It's  another day
It's another day
Huddling with brothers
Brimming with joy

Missed the big men at home
Bemused to find a new big man at home

"Aye Aye Captain," were the words for us
As the Captain cared to share a word with us

Together we are
Teamed up for an hour

For a ball
For a game

Keep the ball rolling
Keep the ball rolling

Mandatory is the custom to recall memories
Unforgettable are one of Kanthu's foul theories

We laughed. We cursed.
We shouted. We played.

Missing the Big men at home
Meandered to show man's home

Sat together without a plan of sitting
Laughed together recalling our last sitting

High was Meher with mirth
Happy was the team sharing smiles

We keep the ball rolling
We keep the ball rolling
Huddling with happiness
Brimming with joy

Blessed to be with band of brothers
Who made me  ink the words for hours

#VNRBallers #BandofBrothers

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