Tuesday, June 20, 2017

'A little book of serenity' by Ruskin Bond

It's a small book comprising observations by Ruskin Bond and thought provoking quotes by personalities whom author admire.

The introduction by Ruskin Bond is as real as it's being deprived of in this world right now. Serenity. He described the incident of saint sitting on bed of nails being serene. He discussed how we are deprived of serenity by anger and other futile emotions.

There are few observations by RB which none can differ to disagree. Being a poet, I loved every observation and wished to get into woods taking this book.

For a moment, I felt I was reading proverbs from Bible. The quotes which author picked to put into this book are heart touching, thought provoking!

I loved the hard cover. The colour, texture tempted me to own the book and reread it whenever possible.

Further more, the book has few blank pages to fill in as notes after every chapted. I liked it.

Finally,  as the author says, "A Little Book of Serenity is perfect to dip into in moments of disquiet and of peace—and to share."

Indeed it's a perfect to dip into moments of peace.

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