Sunday, June 18, 2017

Storytelling Session at TCS

Throughout my training, I was always into storytelling. With the help of the right mentors, I enjoyed my training. Thanks to Saideep, Sohail, Srujan, Kaushik, and all the new friends I made in TCS who made it easy never reminding me of the biased perceptions of the corporate scenario. "Everything is possible if taken the right decisions at right time' was the funda  I was going on with.

I shared my interests with my Trainer, HR, Training Head, and other people. It was tidbits of conversation throughout my training knocking at their door seeking their help on my confusion.

End of the day, they cleared all my doubts and accepted my request to host a storytelling session for all the trainees.

Seeing the mix crowd, I didn't know the kind of stories to select. I wanted to share a few stories that involve our assumptions, perceptions.

"How many of you love traveling?" I asked.

"Many raised their hands. I started referring to the friend I created a few minutes ago then." I shared the spare tire story.

I learnt that, Leaving the conclusion and not sharing the end is the best way to leave it to the listeners. Hinting subtly on the motive of the story by the end is a sure thing to do but, subtly!! That's a fine line to walk on.

Later on, I shared the story of the village and the mother's dream. Concluding, stories you share to make a today. Stories you listen make a tomorrow.

Thanks to Parveen, Romoana, Panchami, Aravind, Srikanth & Sai for making my training memorable.

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