Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Geneva Journals- The Evening Run

 I walked out hoping to run for long time. As soon as I got out, I had to go down hill and had difficulty in running downhill. Since I have the tpg pass, I immediately took the bus and got down at the flat down and got back running uphill. During the course, I took the new route which I haven't explored. I could see a lot of new sculptures. There's one of Gandhi as well. 

Book- The Golden Years by Ruskin Bond

 Ruskin Bond is comforting and safe book to read whenever you feel you're low and hopeless about life. He shows yout the comfort in little things and ways to appreciate life. This book is about many joys of living a good long life. As of now, Ruskin Bond is 89 years! He has lived through Queen Elizabeths' coronation, World War-2,  Gandhi's assasination and many more. He talks of the life events as well as simple things like the bed where we spend half of our life, the dreams, the roads, the horse chestnut tree, perks of walking. 

A few episodes like how Ruskin gave the records to theatre manager and received a year pass of cinema. Mr. Bromley lent money to buy type writer. Also, I love the verse Ruskin mentions in the middle of the pages.

There were some life advices as well- Laugh it Off when you're let down. Follow your mind, but listen to your heart. 

If I am not for myself,
who will be for me?
And if I am not for others, what am I?
And if not now, when?

Look thy last on all things lovely,
Every hour. Let no night
Seal they sense in deathly slumber
Till to delight
Thou have paid thy utmost blessing;
Since that all things thou would praise
Beauty took from those who loved them
In other days

When the seas are full of plastic
And the rivers clogged with silt,
Thge garbage makes a mountain
Of all our human filth.

When you are down and out
Lift up your head and shout
'It's going to be a great day!'

Some enchanted evening
You may see a stranger
Across a crowded room

Just a song at twilight
When the light is low,
And the flickering shadows
Come and go....

Monday, August 28, 2023

Geneve Journals- The Geneva Gurudwara

Sanket shared about the Gurudwara visit today. On a deserted sunday, I reached cornavin and walked towards Gurdwara. I could spot a few children and others in Indian dresses. I just followed the lanes and got into a small neat place that's filled with carpets and got a lot of bandanas adn stoles to cover our heads. 

Ate sumptuous hot Kadi Chawal. Others were relishing it, mentioning it as Shaadi ka Chaawal. Every sunday, Gurudwara hosts Langar and got limited stock. It's nice to see that the sikh community is serving wherever they're. Grateful for the lunch. 

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Morning Walks- The Zone 30

 I walked out thinking I'll spend time outside. As I put step outside, my feet followed it's path. I went out and walked down the tree path and passed the 1700 old building. On the path, I watched the snail walking at it's own pace. The skin is more translucent. I waited for a while wondering if I should continue my walk or not. The bells got tolled, there's rain that's pattering on the leaves. In the silence, there seemed to be symphony of sounds. 

I couldn't decide. I stood still listening to the bells and the sounds of rain. As the bells got faded, I took the step ahead. I was wondering if the calling of church bells made me to stand still and walk towards it. It's also sunday. 

As the sounds of the bell got faded, I took a step forward and walked across this lovely path filled with the white stones and flowers of blue, yellow and green. It's a sight to see. Throughout the path, there are leaves falling. For the first time, I could experience the fall season. With the moisture, the leaves were stuck to the road. I walked along and took a right from the Hong Kong permanent mission. The office is filled with bright colourful flowers with different shades of pink and violet. 

And I got onto the main road. Energized by the weather, I walked towards zone 30. I never explored zone 30 and walked across the footpath. I walked through the permanent missions of various countries like Nigeria and other countries. A round about through the office, I walked further. 

I could spot a lot of old men with dogs. Looks like only dogs could be collared, I've never seen the cats chained and got along for  a walk. 

The elders have a good social life here. I see a 62 year old Jeff playing basketball with everyone. Other elderly group is playing Indian marbles version game. 

Back to walk. I continued to walk around and ended up on the main road. One hour of walk across zone 30. I was all ready to head home. I realised that I need to set my routines and plan my week accordingly. 

Genev`e Journals- The long walk

I got out and was so lost on my destination. Tridisha helped me to explore-Bel Air. I managed to get down the old town and roamed a bit. I walked into a chapel where the mass was happening. I spent some time and got marveled at the the architecture. The church seemed to be old but has modern equipment of light and sound. 

After the church visit, I walked out and went to a cafe.It had a trampoline and kids were enjoying it. After writing for a while, I thought of this 'art of doing nothing' 

I see a lot of people sat around and did nothing. They just viewed the sky, the scenery and sat there. Can I do it. Can I do nothing and just be there. I got on the eicher chair and watched the jet Dooh and the sky. 

It was pleasant. I enjoyed watching the water swell up and disperse in the air. Everytime I saw the sky teemed up with water, I felt light and good. 

I'm slowly getting into the mood of living here. I wish to live in the place and imbibed in it rather than be a tourist and fill the check list/bucket list stuff. 

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Photography Exhibition by Karine Bauzin- What Time is it?

 Watching a lot of advertitsements, I walked out of bus and strolled. Luckily, I found this exhibtion with free entrance. It's a photography exhibition by Karine Bauzin. Karine is a swiss photographer and worked on social themes. 

I wondered how does one work on these themes and how do they approach the muses. Walking through the exhibition and reading through the book, I found my answers. 

The story started in 2007, when she moved to visit friend's father. During sunset, Karine asked him, what time is it? As he looked at the watch and shared the time, Karine got interested in the act, time, and the way we perceive it. 

Interesting stuff. 

Geneve Journals- The Right Temperature

Our Campus Grand De Morillon is fit with the GeniLac system, that  gets water from the bottom of the lake, cools the rooms and during winters, the water is heated up and does the same task. 

This seems to have a very less wastage of energy and water. 

Every city has a lot of lakes, if they can use the water as resource to regulate the city's building's temperatures. Nothing like it. Interesting solutions for the climate problems. 

Sirohi to Switzerland- The easy public transport

Geneva is approximately 300 sq km in area. I got onto the TPG 's website(Transports publics genevois), registered for swiss pass. a little KYC and I got my swiss pass to buy the tickets and annual/monthly passes. 

I got my monthly pass. Voila, I'm all set to use bus, tram, boat and transport under the area of Zone10. The idea of travelling to any corner of Geneva in public transport is very exciting. 

Carried umbrella, bottle of water, a journal, few pastels and comfortable crocs to walk on. I got onto the first bus I could spot. Watching the Geneva through the window seat, I could see how green and spacious the place is. There's no place where I felt I'm living in a concrete jungle. 

I walked around Thonex, got onto the bus and returned to Geneva. After reaching Geneva, I walked around, attended a photography exhibition, comedy night, got on a boat and walked back to the lake. 

I find it fun to wander, walk to random places and imagining how it'd have been in 1700s, 1800s.

A long day. Had great fun. 

Monday, August 21, 2023

Sirohi to Switzerland- The BIG Journey

The journey is apparently big as I'm moving out of the country. I began to think about how does it make a difference, in what aspects does it make difference? I couldn't think on all these aspects as I was overwhelmed by the fact that I'm leaving the family. I moved out of home for education 10 years ago, still, this seemed to be a big move. 

Flying from Mumbai seemed a better option, as I avoided the overwhelming feeling of departing. Firstly, I gave a send off to Dad, he was emotional and I did not think much about it. Later, I took a train from Kadapa to Mumbai. Making it little easy, a lot of extended family members came to send me off. Along with Akhila and mom, Bharathi, Vijay, Chintu, Isha, Preetham & Danny came. 

No sooner I got onto the train, I placed my luggage and took a breath. A very old lady took her own sweet 60 seconds to ask me, are you going to abroad?

Yes, I replied, sharing the details, as the conversation began. 

Sharing our own stories, in our way, I didn't realise that I left my home. The conversations flowed and I continued talking to them and listening to what the experienced traveler had to say. The day passed and I reached mumbai by afternoon. 

Welcomed by Dyu, I tried recollecting my first days in Sirohi and the time I lived with him. Dyu is the first room mate I had since the time I moved out of my home. Now, I'm living alone again. Let's see how it goes. 

Along with Sneha & Dyu, spend the evening, discussing all that I'd be able to do. 

On the next day, I was bit anxious of the whole journey. Will I forget anything, will I misplace anything? Will I be okay? There's so much anxiety about everything. I took a deep breath and Dyu mentioned that a new place should bring you a new energy. You'll do great. And the next moment, leaving Dyu and Sneha, I got into the cab and headed to the airport. 

The moment I reached the airport, I just went in and got in. The travel, journey seemed all usual. Except the long flight hauls, everything was great.

Friday, August 18, 2023

In dialogue with Subramanian & Lakshmi

Are you going to Amritsar asked the elderly woman in Tamil accent. One can expect a good diction of British English from Tamil literate elders. That's what they grew up in. Yas, where and when that's how the story started. 

Subramanian in his 80s is visiting his sister in Mumbai.  what good life is and food wife is. As we talked about Switzerland, Lakshmi mentioned how she could see bhindi and another vegetables present in switzerland market.

"The nature is good place for thinkers." affirmed the elderly person who is wearing a red maroon t-shirt that says, "I got Lehd" Interesting. 

"Hope much it costs you?" he enquired. 
After discussing, investments, returns and a bit of risks Listening to tit bits of my interests, he said, "you're swimming. Going places. That's not at all bad. It's completely okay."

A fellow mechanical engineer, worked in Tata motors. Married in 1972. pusured Engineering at Thrissur from 1959 to 1964. Even my father wasn't born before he pursued engineering.  

It's a delight to talk with them, as I get to listen to them recollect their life through selected memories. Lakshmi, in her takes a nap here and there and shares her stories with a full laughter. Even she pursued Ecnomics in Chennai during 60s. "Back in those days, we had to travel alot. Get on train, walk per long, attend college and return home. Thankfully back then, it was safe. Never for once, we had to be afraid of getting out."

In their early marriage days, they took an avro propeller plane where they sat on a bench. "Adhi enna, she asks Subramanian, turning her pointed finger." "Propeller Lakshmi, he gave a word to finish her statement." Propeller- Girrrr an sound varum. 

Talking in impeccable english, she quickly swtiched into Tamil and at times Hindi as well. 

As it's dinner time, we talked where the train has reached.  "This train used to start at 10.30. I'm talking about 1970s again. Back then, it's steam. Everynow and the train stops, reloads, gets water and begins. Within that span, everyone used to attend their activities. Go out and eat food, collect food, get the children for a bath near the running tap. At the same time, they've traveled in this train when it's steam. The train used to start at 10.30, on steam and stops at nice places where we have ample of time to go to canteen, get food, eat good food and return. Now, it's all one two minutes stops. Back then, I used to enjoy Sathukodi. They cut fruits, put salt and give."

The lady asks for tablet, husband's hand overs a chocolate. She eats one and says, naan tablet sonna, nee chocolate kudikkara. And their banter goes on. While the wife loves to talk of WhatsApp and the three groups she's active in. Maternal family, paternal family and friends. 
Subramanian, amazed of the development, mentions how newspaper was redundant in 80s in Germany. They had computers all over. 

Talking of the office trips, he mentioned that the supply chain list, he got in a day which would take weeks. His brother's three week trip work got completed in 3 days thanks to computerisation and organized data. 

So much they've seen in life. From waiting for hours to make a call in STD to doing WhatsApp call.
He's very happy about how WhatsApp has revolutionised the video calling. Earlier the markets used to loot money, now it's gone.

10 years ago, he has attended 50 years alumni, now they want to attend 60 years alumni. "I'm not sure if I'm up for it." He says, ruminating in his own memories. 

"Glad to catch up with you, by meeting you, we get to understand our children better as their decisions seem same to you." uncle said. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Paintings- The HOPE has found it's place

 I can say, this is my first comissioned painting. Garima wanted a painting on theme- "HOPE"

I let the word sink in and flow with what I could pour it on paper. A lot of lines, curves flowed creating symbols of their own. Coincidentally, I used only blue and yellow at the end. Garima imagined a painting with the same colours, when she asked for it. I'm glad, she likes this piece. She framed it and placed it at her home. I'm glad my art found an empty space to occupy. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Soliloquies- The Writing Desk

After ages, I returned to my draft equipping myself with a lot of positivity and cool head to cruise through the jungle of words. After looking and reading the first chapter of my script, I wish to watch a video on Youtube, look at the product I wanted to buy, read a message that validates I'm a writer, respond to friend's message that's been lying unresponded for more than a week. It seemed anything is better than taking up the draft. As I slowly edit word by word, sentence by sentence and then glance through paragraphs, I feel okay to go through it again and again. 

Approaching the draft objectively is one trait I need to train myself. It's been long time. Sabine has helped me a lot, instilling a lot of confidence in me. Thank Sabine. I wrote this blog, just as distraction from writing the sentences in the script. Now back to work. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Music- Heart Warming Performance

I'm glad I discovered this randomly. This piece is a mix of Gujarat folk in western Cathedral setting with western Harmonies. 
There's an interesting story behind the selected songs. The first Gujarati folk song is loose translated version of 'Navavarsha' by Rabindranath's Tagore and the other song is a movie song composed by Sachin-Jigar

Performance in a complete acoustic setting seems to be an exciting place for performers as well as audience. Both need to be attentive, focused and immerse themselves in experience. 

The performer writes this piece on his Youtube. I totally second this. Music brings people together irrespective of region, religion, geography and another aspects that divides us. 

"This arrangement is experimental and combines Indian (Gujarati) folk and Western cathedral setting. It shows the diversity and acceptance of different cultural and identity.

The whole setting without any sound system and pure vocal makes it more beautiful. It demands full concentration and dedicated team work. It breaks the barrier with language and music which gives an easy way for another culture to understand different music from different region."

The whole setting without any sound system and pure vocal makes it more beautiful. It demands full concentration and dedicated team work. It breaks the barrier with language and music which gives an easy way for another culture to understand different music from different region.his arrangement is experimental and combines Indian (Gujarati) folk and Western cathedral setting. It shows the diversity and acceptance of different cultural and identity.

The whole setting without any sound system and pure vocal makes it more beautiful. It demands full concentration and dedicated team work. It breaks the barrier with language and music which gives an easy way for another culture to understand different music from different region.

Thoughts- Trust

Delving in the question of what it takes to trust others, I discovered that through trust, we evolve in our lives. Sometimes it's easy t...