Friday, March 29, 2024

Memories- This day.Those Years-What time is it?

As I look at the calendar, the date flashes a lot of memories. March.23.2024. As I try to spend each day counting the blessings and abundance, every day reminds me of special memory, meet, event that goes back all the way to till 2016. It's been 8 years. Eight different years, eight different memories. There's innate optimism that life becomes expansive as it always did in the month of march. 

23.March 2016 & the week

I got an invite to attend the TED anchorship program co-hosted by Infosys Mysore. I was in my last semester of college and I got a chance to be a guest at Infosys. This experience has helped me to connect with people from different industries. I got inspired by people who are committed to build communities, share ideas worth spreading. Behind every compelling talk one sees on youtube, there's a team and curators who are passionate about ideas and the urge to bring it out on a larger platform. I remember catching up with Sahil, Sharanya, Sahana, Venkat, Hetvee, Santosh, Shyam, Anthony, Ekta, Vivek, Ranjit bhai, Amanda and many more people. We played a lot of Mafia. I returned to Hyderabad with a lot of energy pushing people to play mafia rather than work for the D-day. Many moments were made. 

23.March 2017 & the week

I joined my first job at Tata Consultancy services. Living in Bangalore for long time, returning to Hyderabad to work was close to me. Also, this was first of a lot of things. First job. First paycheck. First training. Also, during this week, TEDx VNRVJIET 2nd edition was being hosted. It was special to walk through the journey. Vineeth, Samhita, Vijay, Shreya, Sloka, Sruthi, Samanvith, Vedavrath, Meghana pulled it off brilliantly. Way better than how I did it. I also get reminded of my first meet with my first boss-Aravind. I remember borrowing Man's search for Meaning by Victor Frank L book from him. 

23.March 2018 & the week

3rd edition of TEDxVNRVJIET was organised. One year into job, I was contemplating on what I love and what I like. I was learning alot in the job. Thanks to Aravind, I was picking on the lifelessons shared by him.Also, trying to sense the world in my own ways- hitchhiking, asking, traveling, talking. I was trying to do what I love and love what I do rather complain about it. I was learning to be contended with what I have and still seek for the abundance I desire. There seemed to be a slight difference in wanting things with a happy heart rather than a sense of lack-attitude. 

23.March 2019 & the week

A lot of important life events were happening as every year did. I quit the job and was traveling to Rajasthan for fellowship. 3rd book of mine- The Wordless Conversation after a gap of 3 years was getting released. 

Travel tales- The Last minute Preparation

Planning to travel is a very intense task as it takes a lot of energy to move. Wherever I live in a certain place, I call it a home. And leaving the home for certain time drained me a lot in the past as I've to change the routine once in 3 weeks. As I got ready to travel again for long time, I got reminded of the days when I clean my house before I leave. I used to wonder whom am I cleaning the home for. When I leave, I clean the home and return after two to three weeks. As there'd be people who clean the space I used to live for three weeks, I get used and I don't clean the home. The moment I had to leave, I realise that no one would clean the space and I have to clean it by myself and I hurry to clean it. 

The pattern just got repeated. I cleaned it and got late to bed and rushed to the airport. Hope I change the pattern soon. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

TED Talk- Who owns the folk music by Shilpa Mudbi

 After a long time, I got a chance to watch a full length TED talk and thoroughyl enjoyed it. 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Migros Concert

 Ever since I began to attend the concert, I always planned to attend the concert organised by Migros. This is the second orchestra, I'm listening to. I like the conductor who has his pecuiliarities. He had a drum by his side and gave a rhythm at times. Loved it.  After the performance, a orchestra full of cellosist behind the flautist and people with Japanese drums and opera singers walked in. It was a fabulous 2 hour performance. Soon after the performance, the whole hall was silent for a minute. I felt the power of silence then. People were in trance as they were immersed in the performance. Enjoyed it well. Great day. 

Empty Spaces- Flow-Day 3

As I drafted the message and shared it across,  a couple of friends walked into exhibiton and shared their response. Grusha & Anirudha shared as they checked out the exhibition.  Shabon and his friends joined and appreciated my efforts. They helped me in placing the posters in right way. As I headed to the class and got back, found few friends. One of the persons whom I shared my art class with shared that he love the pieces. At the end of day, walked along with Tanya and shared a conversation.

I learnt that my art is out there and doing it's job. I may not be there in person but, my art is evoking someone who pass by and interact with it. Do I need to know what emotions is my art evoking? Do I need to know if my art found it's purpose? Do I need to know how it's affecting? I do not know. Also, I wanted to write an introduction for myself and struggled a bit. 

I realised that to hardest part is to tell about yourself. The more aware of who you are, the better you articulate yourself. 

Here's the introduction I wrote-


Abhinay Renny currently lives in Geneva, pursuing master’s in international development studies at Graduate Institute, Geneva. He authored 4 books- 2 novels, ‘In between the bridge’, ‘Rainy Summer’, 2 books of poetry- “The Wordless Conversation,” “Colourless” & got poems published in a few international anthologies. Along with it, he had Art exhibition at Bangalore & Jaipur in India.

In the past 6 years, he worked in IT Industry as well as social organisation. Curious to perceive the world, not in silos, he began his journey to Geneva to explore the themes he’s passionate about- Education, Technology, Environment & Art- its effect on humanity. 

Staying in the questions- ‘What it takes to trust others?’ & ‘What it takes to say- ‘I don’t know’ Abhinay Renny has taken up hitchhiking in India, trusting strangers and seeking help from them and striking conversations with them. 

Continuing to trust people around him, share a space with others, he has decided to put his art for sale. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Daily Badminton Huddles

Sanket and Poorvi walked into the rooftop, mentioning that others would join. I joined them and I got reminded of my Sirohi days where we used to play basketball everyday. Following the old style of flipping hands and choosing the teams, we changed the teams frequently and played for hour or more. S took the role of DJ and played peppy music. Half of the time, I find myself grooving to the tunes rather than stay focussed to the game. Had fun. 

Song of the Day- Mawh

 S shared the song that I enjoyed listening. This time, it's an acoustic version. Thanks S. Enjoyed listening to it.

Art- Empty Spaces- Flow- Day2

We didn't have empty space to host the empty space art exhibtion. I wanted to keep the space empty on the first day. However, it was not empty at all. I had to wait till things are removed and I walked at 10 am, prepared to set the exhibition up. I got reminded of all the friends who were there during this journey. In Jaipur I had the whole gang who were there through out and supported me. In my first exhibition in Geneva, Ann and her friend joined to help me out. This time, I went alone carrying all the paintings, taking my own time to process the changes in life. 

As I began to set it up, I fumbled with the orientation and height. I walked here and there. I kept moving around watching the empty space. Playing Aadujeevitham songs, I organised the art within 2 hours. I placed it on the ground to see how it looks and it took me a lot of time to set it up. 

Sanjna walked in and loved the canvases more than the postards. She offered orange. So thoughtful of her. I was working continuously without taking a break. It was indeed a needed. Later, Puru walked in and was amazed by the size. Happy to see the reactions. A few others passed by and felt that I'm insane by producing the huge amount of work. I do not paint when I'm free. I make myself free to paint. After few errands, I continued setting it up catching up with Jaya. 

As I began to bring it on the wall, people began to stop by and wondered what this is all about. Anthony walked in and appreciated my effort. Others were curious of it. Adhira joined me in the evening and within few minutes, she showed me the way to stick the post cards in smart way. Smart lawyer pondered on her life decisions but, I'm confident she'd figure out soon and celebrate her life. 

As the golden hour passed, everyone left the space and I got a chance to catch up with myself and the emptyspaces. Shruti joined me and suggested a few changes as I set up the canvases. It indeed came out really well. I'm so happy with how the the exhibition is turning up. A long day. Time to celebrate the hard work. 

Art- Empty Spaces- Flow

 Empty Spaces- Flow. Happy to share this and flow through the journey. 

Monday, March 18, 2024

Art- Empty Spaces-Flow

The abstract of the exhibition is out.

Holidays with Harry- Take it to it's full potential

Contemplating on the exhibition and the pursuit of art, I called up Harry and shared a word. 

"Sir, I have my art exhibition is coming up. For a month. And I'm exhibiting a lot of work. I'm anxious about it." I said. 

"Congratulations. The longer the better, the more the better."

"How did you handle your big days- book launches sir?" I posed another question. 

"What theme are you working on? asked Harry

"Empty Spaces- more about migration."

"That's nice. Look at your art through your theme and see it's full potential. What do you wanna to take the idea forward. Once you intend to see it's full potential, your conversations, your presence, your approach with the art reflects the same. There's no mistake if you shout from the rooftop, there's no mistake if you don't shout from the rooftop. Just try to see it's full potential."

"I'm scared of my intense conviction to paint more and write more."

"The more the better again. It's nice you've the urge to express, you don't need to suppress it."

After the conversation, I stayed with these thoughts and it helped- Seeing the work to it's full potential. Being comfortable in expressing yourself more through art is always okay. 

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Geneva Journals- La Farce Haul

 La Farce has helped me to get a good routine. As I got into LaFarce, every thursday, a few hours are dedicated to grocery shopping and book shopping. As ever, I went to the library and picked few books, picked veggies, had a crepe and joined Jyot. Most of the times, I run into Nadeen at random places. I ran into her at LaFarce as well. 

Did a few Lidl errands with Jyot. After a real long time, caught up with her. Had a great time catching up with her and sharing what's happening in each other lives.

Art- El Adaptor

A very interesting play. An old man and a young woman in tradition french dress walks around, bring props on their own, chaning lights on their own and adding music on their own. Everything is part of play and everything is a play. For a strange reason, I didn't understand the language but got affected by it very intensely. I related the play mostly with oppression, patriarchy. 

Geneva Journals- The Thank You Lunch by Student Services team

Eliane has hosted a lunch for our contribution at Wellbeing week. It was attended by the welfare committee presidents, facilitators & performers. Over lunch, we talked about language, social sciences, engineers and a lot more. As ever, I was the last one to finish the food while others finished their lunch and heard my random tales patiently. It was a lot of fun to catch up with everyone over sumptuous full buffet. Thanks Eliane for the treat. Had a great time catching up over the food. Wishing each other a nice weekend, S and I walked towards GM, sharing stories and some tales. Good day. 

Friday, March 15, 2024

Art- Empty Spaces- Flow

The posters and pictures are here. Work for  the exhibition has begun. I have a bittersweet feeling as the exhibition commences. Anxious about how this is gonna be, excited for this month long exhibition and also worried if I can pull this off. A lot of emotions as I flow through the empty spaces.  It's time I tell myself, "Trust the process and flow through!"

 Thanks Shruti from Fab for the posters. 

Movie - 12th Fail

This movie has garnered a lot of attention and buzz amongst the movie goers. I was suggested to watch this movie when I was in India. I procrastinated it as long as I could and finally I watched it today. I have a lot running in my mind as I watched the movie. 

Vikrant Massey played the protagonist role and it's impressive. A story of a young boy from a small village, aspires to be honest and become an IPS officer, travels out of home and his success journey is the story. 

As I watched this movie, I could think of all my friends who aspired to crack UPSC.  Whenever I heard from others, UPSC has always been the feather to showcase the caliber and I never bought the story. Achieving something to showcase our worth was something that I always ran away from. Am I running away because I'm not capable to compete was one thought I always had to nudge with. Whenever there was a point to prove my worth to deserve respect, I always walked away from it. UPSC was always one. 

Until 24 years, I thought, I can try to attempt for UPSC exam to appease my parents but, I learnt that I was sure of what I don't want to do and never followed the path. But, at the end, the protagonist mentions how his intention is to reform the country by being a change agent rather than attain a position. In the act of service, one can find their purpose- I contemplated. Enjoyed watching this. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Music- Shilpa Mudbi's rendition at Engineer's Pick


What an energy! I got reminded of the time, I attended Shilpa's session. Loved this storytelling piece. 

Monday, March 11, 2024

In dialogue with Brindusa Burrows

Ever since I attended the lecture of Brindusa's I was inspired by her work and her words. I am lucky to attend a few of her classes on Global issues & perspectives & political languages of art. 

I was able to catch up post workshop. After a long workshop, she agreed to listen to me and share a word. I shared my idea of empty spaces and how her lecture inspired me to shape my work in the way it is now. The way I looked at my art and explored my art work through an art manifesto. It helped me to look at myself and my art work in a different perspective. Brindusa shared few thoughts on how history has been passed through several mediums and how art is great gateway to perceive the world. The idea of perceiving the other world and the world we live in and sense the connectedness all through out. 

After looking at my work, she wanted to purchase one of my works. It was a special moment to sign my initials, mark the date and present it to her. I got reminded of my first autograph on my novel.  A moment that I'd cherish all my life. Thanks Brindusa for inspiring me by your words and works. Very grateful for your time and words.

Art- Empty Spaces- Flow

After traveling with the theme of Empty Spaces, I've come up with this abstract for my upcoming show. 

Empty Spaces- Flow

In the dichotomy of emptiness and fullness, we move around the world, filling
ourselves & the space with the places we lived in, places we wish to live in and
places we leave to live in other places. Sensing spaces in our own ways, what do we
carry along with us?

Living in different places and leaving people, memories, emotions behind, I walked
on the colorful rope of grief and gratitude. Grieving for the loss and being grateful for
the abundance.

Living with what we carry, I pondered on what do we bring to a space and how do we
affect it and how do we let it affect us?

In the constant flow of emptying, filling ourselves and spaces with memories,
emotions, rational thoughts, do we seek meaning out of the movement or do we
create a meaning to the movement?

At times, the lines are the borders that divides and derives the fullness of emptiness.
At moments, the lines are also the journeys humans and spaces flow through.
At times, the colors are the spaces that hold emotions. At moments, the colors are
the spaces that convey the emotions.

As there’s flow, how does space affect forced migration & forced migration affects
spaces, humans, who are the cause and the effect of it.

What’s full in an empty space?

What flows in an empty space?

Geneva Journals- The Eventful Sunday

Exploring and visiting different church Organs has become favourite past time. I visted the Holy Trinity Church that's built in 1853. The bus stop infront of the church never inspired to walk in and explore the place. However, I decided to check it out. I found the place calm and got amused by the paintings on the glass. The art work seemed to be inspired of cubism. 

After spending some time, I joined Snigdha, Grusha and Aniruddha for a cold dip at the lake. I always wished to take a dip but, never pushed myself. S is really good at keeping the energy high and inspiring people to push their limits. All of us got into the water and had great time taking the dip. For the first few minutes, I found it cold, later, I had a very different burning sensation, as I spent more time in cold water. My feet turned sensitive, body burning and there's exhiliration of energy. I loved it. Spent some time while S swam a bit. After the cold dip, thanks to the planning by the group, we had a piping hot tea. 

Over a long walk, we headed home and over creative Dal, Rajma made by S, coconut fish curry, Jeera rice by Grusha we shared stories and enjoyed each morsel being in the present moment. Soon after that, Snigdha and I walked to home sharing how we organise our days. S always comes up with  striking thoughts. "Structure enables creativity. It helps me to stay flexible," she shared, how organising her week helps her to have a fulfiled feeling over things she does. I got reminded of the habit I used to follow at my work- Write 7 things to do in a day according to priority. It has helped me to be more efficient at work. I realised I don't need to stick it to work. I can use it during my college days as well. Time to organise a bit. 

Soon after returning home, I rested a bit and realised I have a concert to attend. I rushed to the concert, collected my ticket and began to enjoy the performance. Attending several performances, I began to admire few musicians. I love the veteran who plays flute in Harmonie Nautique, also the conductor Eric Haegi. This time, the group collaborated with choir, Musikairos. Loved the energy. Thoroughly enjoyed the performance and was thrilled to see the group performing 3-4 additional pieces, as the crowd was not ready to leave the hall without listening to them again. Enjoyed it. Eventful sunday. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Memories- The Smiling me

I remember the shirt, I remember the pose, I need to remember this smile and smile often. 

Thoughts- Poetree

Malavika shared this lovely note on trees with me. Grateful to have friends who help me in appreciate and learn more about art and nature. 

Poetry- Blue Love.

Mirrors. Waters
what's blue that doesn't
convey love?

Headbands.Painted Stones. 
what's a wish that doesn't
convey care?

In seeing what we have
In cherishing the silence we share
Blue is the language we wear
Love is the time we share

Mirrors. Waters
Mountains.Myriad smiles.

Boutinful blessings
To senes all that we have

Geneva Journals- Yoga Session with Grusha

I never tried my hand at Yoga. I never got a chance to try it out. Whenever I think of Yoga, I get reminded of Carolyn and the way she began her journey into Yoga. As GM has a yoga session hosted by Grusha, I decided to give it a try. 

Grusha walked in, greeted and began to play Indian flute music. Giving instructions gently, she helped us to be comfortable in our body and brought awareness to our breath and the sensations in our body. 

At times, I found it difficult to follow the instructions but, it was fun. All the poses reminded me of our warm up and warm down exercises post basketball game. At times, I was totally zoned out with breathing and got startled as Grusha walked in to help me get the pose right. 

Yoga seems to be one way to get awareness into the body and release the tension from the body. Enjoyed the session. Looking forward to attend more in future. 


Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Poetry- The Spring is here

 A put out a fabulous video out on Instagram. Inspired by it, I penned down these words

The spring is here
The tree called it's lovers
One little tree
Three little birds
Finding love as they
Flicker their wings

Finding fragrance of light
Sharing their stories of longing
That they endured in their winters

The spring is here
The tree called it's lovers
One little tree
Three little birds

Witnessed the life
as human stopped by
To breathe
To pause
To live
To sense
In their own humane ways

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Colourful Lunch

This time, we changed the venue of our lunches and dinners. I visited S place and I began to play with colour while S managed to prepare sumptuous meal sharing his stories through frames. He shared his (Banaras) travel stories, I continued playing with pastels. Here are some works I created.

Poetry- The White Shoes

The White Shoes
The White bird
move across the lake
finding their rhythm
diving into the waters
dipping in their laughs and 
hiding their marks

The White shoes
The white bird
slipping through the blue waters
smiling at their own stories
moved across their path
finding their rhythm

Thoughts- Polymath Thinking

How does silo thinking helps us to be specialised however, it does not help us to work on the complex probelms. As everything is connected and I perceive the world to have more of polymaths being passionate about what drives them rather than be specialists and ignore the other streams, problems to empathise with. 

Geneva journals- Poetree

Observing trees in Geneva, I could notice that there's a lot of effort and care for the aesthetics as well as functionality of trees in the spaces we live. A lot of trees are pruned for aesthetic purposes that began in 19th century. I find it disappointing when trees are cut, pruned for aesthetic purposes. Despite the effort brings balance and design to the space, it will not let a tree grow in it's space and rhythm. To see trees being shaped in a desired shape is not helping ecologically as well as the canopy cover helps to beat the urban heat and helps us in many ways. I acknowledge the functionality of pruned trees where one need to be mindful of the tramlines, buildings and other spaces where trees could hamper the human flow. In the urge of balancing the functionality, ecological balance and aesthetics, let's not delve into extremes of cutting it out or letting it grow wild. These are few articles I found when I began to study about trees in Geneva. 

Thought- Being healthy is a commitment

Being healthy is a life long commitment we need to give to ourselves. Many a times, many friends hinted me that there's a lot that goes ...