Monday, March 11, 2024

In dialogue with Brindusa Burrows

Ever since I attended the lecture of Brindusa's I was inspired by her work and her words. I am lucky to attend a few of her classes on Global issues & perspectives & political languages of art. 

I was able to catch up post workshop. After a long workshop, she agreed to listen to me and share a word. I shared my idea of empty spaces and how her lecture inspired me to shape my work in the way it is now. The way I looked at my art and explored my art work through an art manifesto. It helped me to look at myself and my art work in a different perspective. Brindusa shared few thoughts on how history has been passed through several mediums and how art is great gateway to perceive the world. The idea of perceiving the other world and the world we live in and sense the connectedness all through out. 

After looking at my work, she wanted to purchase one of my works. It was a special moment to sign my initials, mark the date and present it to her. I got reminded of my first autograph on my novel.  A moment that I'd cherish all my life. Thanks Brindusa for inspiring me by your words and works. Very grateful for your time and words.

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