Friday, March 15, 2024

Movie - 12th Fail

This movie has garnered a lot of attention and buzz amongst the movie goers. I was suggested to watch this movie when I was in India. I procrastinated it as long as I could and finally I watched it today. I have a lot running in my mind as I watched the movie. 

Vikrant Massey played the protagonist role and it's impressive. A story of a young boy from a small village, aspires to be honest and become an IPS officer, travels out of home and his success journey is the story. 

As I watched this movie, I could think of all my friends who aspired to crack UPSC.  Whenever I heard from others, UPSC has always been the feather to showcase the caliber and I never bought the story. Achieving something to showcase our worth was something that I always ran away from. Am I running away because I'm not capable to compete was one thought I always had to nudge with. Whenever there was a point to prove my worth to deserve respect, I always walked away from it. UPSC was always one. 

Until 24 years, I thought, I can try to attempt for UPSC exam to appease my parents but, I learnt that I was sure of what I don't want to do and never followed the path. But, at the end, the protagonist mentions how his intention is to reform the country by being a change agent rather than attain a position. In the act of service, one can find their purpose- I contemplated. Enjoyed watching this. 

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