Monday, March 11, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Eventful Sunday

Exploring and visiting different church Organs has become favourite past time. I visted the Holy Trinity Church that's built in 1853. The bus stop infront of the church never inspired to walk in and explore the place. However, I decided to check it out. I found the place calm and got amused by the paintings on the glass. The art work seemed to be inspired of cubism. 

After spending some time, I joined Snigdha, Grusha and Aniruddha for a cold dip at the lake. I always wished to take a dip but, never pushed myself. S is really good at keeping the energy high and inspiring people to push their limits. All of us got into the water and had great time taking the dip. For the first few minutes, I found it cold, later, I had a very different burning sensation, as I spent more time in cold water. My feet turned sensitive, body burning and there's exhiliration of energy. I loved it. Spent some time while S swam a bit. After the cold dip, thanks to the planning by the group, we had a piping hot tea. 

Over a long walk, we headed home and over creative Dal, Rajma made by S, coconut fish curry, Jeera rice by Grusha we shared stories and enjoyed each morsel being in the present moment. Soon after that, Snigdha and I walked to home sharing how we organise our days. S always comes up with  striking thoughts. "Structure enables creativity. It helps me to stay flexible," she shared, how organising her week helps her to have a fulfiled feeling over things she does. I got reminded of the habit I used to follow at my work- Write 7 things to do in a day according to priority. It has helped me to be more efficient at work. I realised I don't need to stick it to work. I can use it during my college days as well. Time to organise a bit. 

Soon after returning home, I rested a bit and realised I have a concert to attend. I rushed to the concert, collected my ticket and began to enjoy the performance. Attending several performances, I began to admire few musicians. I love the veteran who plays flute in Harmonie Nautique, also the conductor Eric Haegi. This time, the group collaborated with choir, Musikairos. Loved the energy. Thoroughly enjoyed the performance and was thrilled to see the group performing 3-4 additional pieces, as the crowd was not ready to leave the hall without listening to them again. Enjoyed it. Eventful sunday. 

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