Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Art- Empty Spaces- Flow- Day2

We didn't have empty space to host the empty space art exhibtion. I wanted to keep the space empty on the first day. However, it was not empty at all. I had to wait till things are removed and I walked at 10 am, prepared to set the exhibition up. I got reminded of all the friends who were there during this journey. In Jaipur I had the whole gang who were there through out and supported me. In my first exhibition in Geneva, Ann and her friend joined to help me out. This time, I went alone carrying all the paintings, taking my own time to process the changes in life. 

As I began to set it up, I fumbled with the orientation and height. I walked here and there. I kept moving around watching the empty space. Playing Aadujeevitham songs, I organised the art within 2 hours. I placed it on the ground to see how it looks and it took me a lot of time to set it up. 

Sanjna walked in and loved the canvases more than the postards. She offered orange. So thoughtful of her. I was working continuously without taking a break. It was indeed a needed. Later, Puru walked in and was amazed by the size. Happy to see the reactions. A few others passed by and felt that I'm insane by producing the huge amount of work. I do not paint when I'm free. I make myself free to paint. After few errands, I continued setting it up catching up with Jaya. 

As I began to bring it on the wall, people began to stop by and wondered what this is all about. Anthony walked in and appreciated my effort. Others were curious of it. Adhira joined me in the evening and within few minutes, she showed me the way to stick the post cards in smart way. Smart lawyer pondered on her life decisions but, I'm confident she'd figure out soon and celebrate her life. 

As the golden hour passed, everyone left the space and I got a chance to catch up with myself and the emptyspaces. Shruti joined me and suggested a few changes as I set up the canvases. It indeed came out really well. I'm so happy with how the the exhibition is turning up. A long day. Time to celebrate the hard work. 

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