Saturday, September 17, 2022

Jaipur journals- Own your Story

 It’s my 12th day in the campus where I live with these people with whom I dine every night. And we gather talking about everything under the sun.

I began to share the insider stories of IT and there was  doubt on how I ended up at IT. For every question on my journey, there’s always a 10 mark answer. As my friend tease me that I say 10 mark answer for every 1 mark question. That’s the art of practicing storytelling, I believe.

I began the story of how I got graduated and got through the interview process and got into a new job. The whole journey of getting into the first job and interacting with the mentor and the mafia games I played with my colleagues. From one episode to another episode, I shared a full long journey of how I met Aravind Unnikrishnan, Parveen, Sandeep HR. How I got offer to work in various projects and how I declined. The journey of Adibatla and the way I began hitchhiking and my tiff with Pavan and the leadership lessons I learnt from Aravind. The stories flowed and I stopped till the point where I reached Sirohi, a small town in Rajasthan. Ruchi, Prashasti, Sai Kripa were patiently listening. Juhi was more into what I wrote instead of what my journey was. Ruchi was the one who asked a 2mark question and I think, this time I answered her with 10 stories, a lot of journeys and also a little bit of insights from Hitchhiking.

At the end, they had a few questions on writing. We discussed on how writers make life through writing and also other jobs.  I realized that I don’t have fancy things in my story according to my friends. But, to these lovely audience, Ruchi, Prateesh, Sai Kripa, it was fascinating. I realized that it’s time I own my story because, no one can tell my story the way I tell my stories. And if I don’t tell my stories, who’s going to tell?

This has rekindled me to work on my memoir, Travelers’ University. Grateful for their time. Time to get on to the draft. 

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Books- The Original Wisdom by Robert Wolff

 I got to know about this book through Harry's review.

I'm surprised to read about the tribe who has a way of knowing things around. Especially, I vividly remember this text and was sharing it one of my conversations with colleagues. 

"Once Wolff takes the bomoh of a village to the main town with him and he sees the ocean for the first time. Wolff notices the bomoh watching the ocean intently the next day and after they return to the village, he holds a meeting and tells the rest of the village people about the ocean - details about how the ocean covers the land but not enough to pose danger, of how there's life inside the ocean, geography of the ocean and so much more that Wolff knows could not be known by merely watching the ocean from a distance. But the bomoh has seen an ocean for the first time and Wolff realises that there is a knowing in the universe if we are tuned into it. He asks the bomoh to teach him and he asks Wolff to join him on a walk - and they walk and walk in nature for days without any instruction and after many such, Wolff realises how to tune into the universe and its wisdom."

Original Wisdom by Robert Wolff is definitely a book on to-be-read list.  

Friday, September 9, 2022

Jaipur Journals- The Zostel

When Mrinalini a.k.a Cheeni planned to visit Jaipur, I realised that I live in a place where people from all over India, want to visit and stay for couple of days. Cheeni wished to go on a Solo trip. Her sister heard and pushed her so much that, she booked tickets without asking Cheeni. Cheeni had to get on flight without a choice. I wish I have people around me who push me to chase my wishes. 

For the first time, I located the zostel in Jaipur, as she was staying there. We walked near the lanes of HawaMahal. We looked for a restaurant that serves decent Dal Bhati Churma. Somesh helped us to find a decent one. We began to have our lunch and shared what's happening in our lives. It was nice to catch up with her after nearly 8 years. 

As we were done with our lunch, we were joined by Balaji, Cheeni's friend. It's her first Solo travel trip which was no more a solo travel as her friend Balaji joined the trip after she arrived in the city for couple of hours. Good for her. 

Three of us had our lunch. Returned to zostel to check in and got onto the city strolling around. We checked out the 160 year old camera. Cheeni & Balaji posed for the camera.  We walked into Hawa Mahal and went on to climb 5 storeys and got a good view of the city through Hawa Mahal. I had to call it a day as I had to travel next day to Delhi. I bid adieu to them and walked across the streets of Pink City. 

I tried out a lot of street food and got onto the public bus to head home. Good day.

Painting at Zostel

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Empty Spaces

I forgot to put my cycle inside the house when I was traveling to Sirohi. A week, cycle was in the company of plants and look how Cycle and plants got bonded over a week. 

Udham Singh Nagar Diairies- Empty Spaces

This time, I'm staying in the room 105. Everytime, I come, I'm put up in some odd room. I began to notice the room numbers I'm staying in. The last room, I stayed doesn't have a number. I was curious why it doesn't had a number. 

I caught up with the owner and asked about the room and the place. "We always had a plan of building a hotel beside this river but, we don't have sufficient land. Instead, we got an approval for a homestay. In homestay, there can be only 13 rooms. The room without number is showed as my personal room with the hall and kitchen to live in."

That's when I realised why the room in Uttarkashi doesn't have a number in a room. 

Monday, September 5, 2022

Pages from Hills- Thank You S

Pick a stone, I'll paint for you texted S. 

I was excited for the gift and walked to Bhagirathi river to pick a stone. Should i pick a bigger one or a smaller one, I got into a dilemma. Without thinking much, I picked a small stone. After looking at it, I validated that, smaller stone would be smaller painting for me and also less of work for S. 

I handed over the small stone and said the same, "I do not want you to work more on this, hence a small one." However, S surprised by the intricate work, she did on the stone. There was also a message for me in Spanish. Thank you S. Grateful for the gift. 

Memories- Colourless

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