Friday, September 9, 2022

Jaipur Journals- The Zostel

When Mrinalini a.k.a Cheeni planned to visit Jaipur, I realised that I live in a place where people from all over India, want to visit and stay for couple of days. Cheeni wished to go on a Solo trip. Her sister heard and pushed her so much that, she booked tickets without asking Cheeni. Cheeni had to get on flight without a choice. I wish I have people around me who push me to chase my wishes. 

For the first time, I located the zostel in Jaipur, as she was staying there. We walked near the lanes of HawaMahal. We looked for a restaurant that serves decent Dal Bhati Churma. Somesh helped us to find a decent one. We began to have our lunch and shared what's happening in our lives. It was nice to catch up with her after nearly 8 years. 

As we were done with our lunch, we were joined by Balaji, Cheeni's friend. It's her first Solo travel trip which was no more a solo travel as her friend Balaji joined the trip after she arrived in the city for couple of hours. Good for her. 

Three of us had our lunch. Returned to zostel to check in and got onto the city strolling around. We checked out the 160 year old camera. Cheeni & Balaji posed for the camera.  We walked into Hawa Mahal and went on to climb 5 storeys and got a good view of the city through Hawa Mahal. I had to call it a day as I had to travel next day to Delhi. I bid adieu to them and walked across the streets of Pink City. 

I tried out a lot of street food and got onto the public bus to head home. Good day.

Painting at Zostel

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