Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Live Band at Retro Drive In

Be there! Tomorrow Night, to celebrate Love with music.

Oh Dear Harry!

He teaches through his words and works. 
Conversations with him is what I look forward to. 
Chanced upon a conversation with my professor and I happened to meet him. 

First meet! As it was
We both never knew where it'd take us.

Hearty Smile
Honest Words

Oh Dear Harry!

Time and again, 
Thanks a lot!

Heard me blather

Heard my silence

Stayed beside
Steering me to the brighter side

Grateful I'm 

To meet you
To greet you

Oh Dear Harry!

Fears. Frowns.

Confusions. Clarified thoughts

You were there listening all

Thanks for being there!
Anjali and Harimohan Paruvu

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Thought Experiment - Attitude and behaviour.

I didn't had his poster. I didn't try to imitate his hairstyle.  All I possess was his words and works 

Hand-made poster, his book, "The Spirit of Music", a small 3*4 size photo in my diary and a whole discography collection. These are the things I possess of A.R.Rahman.

His works and words meant a lot. I was always on the internet browsing for his interviews. 

He hardly speaks and every interview was searched, watched, replayed, and downloaded

These are the things I treasure as invaluable things. Grateful to a friend and Swathi for gifting me the poster and his book. 

There's a line that pushed me to tinker my perceptions of being an admirer to anyone. 

"Be the person whom you want to meet."

Indeed, looking up to A.R.Rahman I tried being silent. This was the experiment during my schooling. I didn't like being silent and I realized it's not me. I decided I learn what I look up for and what seemed a helpful thing to me. And the rest, I appreciate him for what that made him to be himself. 

Corporate Lessons - Taken- for- grantedness

Looking at the structure of hierarchy, there's a sense of grantedness in every one of us in the organization. People including me was oblivious to this sense of taken- for- grantedness attitude towards others. Agreed or not! there's a sense of superiority or lack of respect for everyone in an organization. 

Working with everyone, at different levels, ranging from Data Centre security to Delivery Head of Sales, helped me to learn this lesson. Everyone is important. Respecting each other is a culture that can't be taught through preaching. 

It can be communicated only through culture and practice because, in the end, it's with Individual.  The sense of respect to each and every individual in an organization needs to be practiced. One cannot ignore or take it granted of one's service. Be it the Delivery Manager or the assistant who carries out different works. To be kind and respectful for the services they give or receive is a must thing. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Memories- Mistake that made me take a memory lane.

Writing down the date, I wrote 3.Feb.10 rather than 3.Feb.18

I looked down the date and was into the nostalgic trip. It's funny how I got into the memory lane of 10th class and was soaking in the memories. 

Wonderful year. The year, Telangana turmoil was on its dawn and we were nearing our 10th exams. More than everything, I was enjoying day by day making memories with all the friends I made over the year then. 

The friends who are still in touch with me. Few through facebook, few through WhatsApp groups but, I also made friends who are in reach to listen to me no matter what. 

Grateful to walk down the memory lane through the train of thoughts. 

Thought- Being healthy is a commitment

Being healthy is a life long commitment we need to give to ourselves. Many a times, many friends hinted me that there's a lot that goes ...