Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Corporate Lessons - Taken- for- grantedness

Looking at the structure of hierarchy, there's a sense of grantedness in every one of us in the organization. People including me was oblivious to this sense of taken- for- grantedness attitude towards others. Agreed or not! there's a sense of superiority or lack of respect for everyone in an organization. 

Working with everyone, at different levels, ranging from Data Centre security to Delivery Head of Sales, helped me to learn this lesson. Everyone is important. Respecting each other is a culture that can't be taught through preaching. 

It can be communicated only through culture and practice because, in the end, it's with Individual.  The sense of respect to each and every individual in an organization needs to be practiced. One cannot ignore or take it granted of one's service. Be it the Delivery Manager or the assistant who carries out different works. To be kind and respectful for the services they give or receive is a must thing. 

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