Saturday, February 23, 2019

Morning pages

Back to the routine. Inconsistent at following the routine but never going to give up on it.  Started few days back. 3 pages of long hand writing clears out the anxiety and put me in good state of mind.

The Gully Boy Stories

Thanks Ajay for sharing the story. 

Glad to know the stories.

Friday, February 22, 2019


A movie about the one day bride set in Hyderbad back drop. Dramatic background score, it's dark and gripping.  I liked it.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Corporate Lessons- Learn or Enjoy

It seems quite optimistic but in reality, the outlook towards the work is very important.

"Be aware of what you're into. But never fail to dream of what you want to be."

Working in an organization taught me many lessons. It's no way different from working in a team. Just that teams increase and the organization is as vast as an ocean.

Be honest and be yourself.  The best part is, I enjoyed being my self evolving with each and every step.

Instagram Compulsiveness

I've heard many people sharing Instagram as a happy memory box. Glad it serves as a memory box.  But, I discovered a problem with it. If this is used as a memory box, the way you share the memories are turning shallow. 

The medium we share seems to be as important as the content. 

We're trying to share the experience but, in real, we're informing the experiences. We're thinking to create a bond, seek reflections, thoughts, ideas through what we share but, in return, we're getting away from ourselves at our best through medium's choice. 

As we receive an applause or appreciation on our memories. Eventually, we become compulsive about making memories. 

In compulsion of creating great memories, we're struggling and forgetting to appreciate the life in a better way. 

Few tips to overcome compulsiveness

1. Share memories in person. After that, you can inform on social media. Either through one or two posts.

2. Write about it in the journal. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wild Tales- Movie

It's an anthology on the 'revenge' theme. It comprises of 5 stories which seemed wild and also intriguing which revolves around 'revenge' at various situations. Every story seemed a possible reality. I got a new interest in the genre of Anthology. Thanks, Kashyap for suggesting. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Quote of the day- Writing

"The key to good description begins with clear seeing and end with clear writing, the kind of writing that employs fresh images and simple vocabulary."


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Prasanna's Concert

At Tabula Rasa, Prasanna was performing at a concert. I was excited and went off buying the tickets. Joined Sharayu, Srikanth, Srinath at the venue. Enjoyed a few favourites, a few new ones. Discovered a whole new work of Prasanna. Glad I made it to the concert. Abhijeet joined Prasanna and performed in a fabulous manner. Great time.
Abhijeet and Prasanna

Niraval performed the opening act for Prasanna

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Mutton Biryani at Meridian Hotel

Meridian Hotel reminds me of many memories and also sumptuous mutton biryani.

My principal Kiranmayi mam once shared that she loves mutton biryani at meridian hotel. Whenever she gets a chance, the couple goes to meridian to have the biryani. I shared the same with Ved and out of blue, one evening we commuted o Punjagutta just to try out Mutton Biryani. Mam was right. It was worth it. 

Whenever we got a chance, we always had mutton biryani at meridian. We also never forget to remind of the whole incident and God bless my Principal for the suggestion.

Cinema for the change.

Talking to Kashyap, he once said, "Cinema is for the change."
We exploited and ruined it but cinema is to depict the change, to wish for the change and it's to evolve.
Sometimes it's a hard reality, sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it takes years to understand and value the cinema for what it is. Over the time, there'll be a high chance of swaying. Instead of focussing on change, people glorify the medium. Yes, the fine had to be paid wherever is due. More than that, life had to be celebrated.

GoPro got me a friend

Go Pro got me a friend. Raj was walking beside me with the Gopro6.

"That's a good investment. I have one too." I said.

"I lend it to my friend and the battery is easily drained out and need help in linking the app," said Raj.

Met right before leaving for other place, we shared phone numbers to meet sometime and fix it up.

Met at Lamakaan the other week and fixed it over a discussion.

Raj loves traveling, teaching, talking to strangers,  writing short stories and a lot more. On being asked about his journey, he shared how he started working as a sales manager for years and then started his own business and then sold off the business to a friend and started traveling. He lived a good amount of time in the US, UK, Andaman Nicobar Islands. Good amount of time means months. Good that he explored rather than a tourist visit.

Curious about his age, I asked him about his age. He said, "I'm 25"

The numbers confuse you. Don't ever believe in those age numbers. said Raj.

 Had a great time knowing him. I'm glad Gopro got me a new friend. Good day.
Raj & I

Music Memories- Mattilone Chettu- Ilayaraja- Dhoni

The whole album is such a breeze. Once I started listening to it and got hooked by these songs. I usually listen to Tamil version until the Telugu lyrics strike me out. This song and the lyrics takes me back into my own zone. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Basketball Lessons

Praveen was there playing the post, post-surgery despite Chitti being in that position. Without any excuses, he tried to play there and score for the team.  He said, Basketball is about riding a bike, You don't hit straight when you see an obstacle. You just take aside. That's what you gotta do when you take the ball. Be adaptable.

Basketball is about being adaptable to the situation.  Good one Praveen. 

Stories on Wheels- Long Ride

On a high way, It's quite difficult to get a ride but it's not impossible.  Thanks to Wahid Bhai who looked at me from far sight and slowed down the truck. He signaled if I had to go straight. I also signaled him the same.

He stopped and I got on to the truck. As soon as I get on to the truck, Long drive song was playing. Good vibes. I loved it. And I've seen many people not maintaining the interiors well but for sure have a better sound system. Wahid Bhai is no exception.

The song got over. He looked at me. Gave a glance. And asked,

What do you do? What does your father do?

Routine questions and without any probing, we spoke. Further, he said, I have a son who works in L&T. 3 other sons are studying.

Ek ComPuter mei, Ek B.Pharmacy, Aur Ek Kuch Mallareddy mei Padra. Woh eech Computer.

Mera beta, 6 mahine US mei tha. Do Baar qatar gaye. Abhi Bangalore mei kaam karra woh.

His face lit up sharing about his sons. Such a proud parent.

"Achha hai na. Sab ladka bade se padaayi karra. Tu kaiku chalaana Gaadi Abhi? kitha kamaatha?"

"Humko bhi Paisa Chahiye na."

Khaane ko, Peene ko, sone ko Hai. Bas.

Kitha saal ka ye?


60 year old  and when asked why he still wants to work. I need money for my own spendings. Peethe, khaate.Humko Paisa chaahiye na. Uske ke liye.

Local mei eech gaadi chalaathu.
Sab settled hogaye.. Koi tennsion nahi hai.

How did you afford all the education. Sabko Scholarship mile.

Didn't wanted to stop the conversation but we reached the destination and gotta depart.

Thanks Wahid Bhai for the ride.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Social media- Instagram Diary

Not once, not twice I heard multiple times people sharing social media as Happy Memory box. Glad it serves as a Happy memory box. But I'm skeptical about the way it affects our memories. If this is used as a memory box, it comes with a price. 

When you share memory and receives a reward or thumbs up for it. We become compulsive about receiving applause every time we post something. I've experienced myself turning compulsive checking the social media several times. After receiving a lot of attention through social media, I wished to engage through comments and replies but I failed at it. Hardly there was a conversation that enriched me or that left me with a good feeling.   

In compulsion of creating good memories unconsciously, I struggled and forgot to appreciate my life in a better way. 

 I followed Jaron Lanier's few suggestions to keep my social media usage at check reminds of his suggestions. 

Livelihood vs Lifestyle

Living in a comfortable lifestyle made me ignorant of many issues. I had all the needs. I never bothered for any resources. Food is the need. And online ordering food is a want.

I generated more than a kilo of plastic over the year with the usage of my online order packaging. More than 400 plastic boxes were used and discarded into the plastic.

I'm part of the problem caused. At the same time, I also know the solution which demands a change in my lifestyle.  My lifestyle demands me to learn cooking. Make my own food. Or also eat directly at hotels rather than ordering food from home. 

The alternatives are too comfortable to change my lifestyle and I relied on online food delivery every day.

My lifestyle needs to be changed.

Memories- Favorite Junior

Sandeep and Lekith walked into my flat, picking up the conversations and stories we left when we met the last time. Dikshit was about to join NITI. Now, he's already wading through it and we recollected all the friends.

Conversations kept going and I'm glad I caught up for a conversations. Three of us were on the same page talking freely about everything and anything. 

Our conversations never ranged from trivial stuff to terrifying realities.  We talked about empathy and the way we practice and observe in our lives.  I wanted to gift the Dhoni book to Sandeep. Heartened to hear him saying about his writing our 4 pages of how Dhoni influenced him. 
I'm sure the book has found the right reader. Couldn't think of any other person when I saw this book. 

Lekith's a lot more reflective on what he does now. We spoke on how we're turning compulsive. Shared his productivity time when he relied less on technology. 

Even Lekith got a sense for black and white pictures. We bid a farewell promising to huddle sometime soon. 

Sunday Haul

This sunday I got "Maxim Gorky Selected Short Stories" Tried reading Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostovoesky

Dream with your eyes open by Ronnie Screwaala
Arresting God in Kathmandu
Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott


Quote of the hour

"The technology is so much our servant that it would seem churlish to notice that it is also our master. "  
                                                                                                                    -Nicholas Scarr

The letter has it all.

In a letter writing, one can easily sense a personality by hand writing and the way a person writes the alphabets. Can easily trace out few traits through handwriting. Now with the advent of mail, everything has turned into a standard.  Everyone's text turned out to be formal, simple.  Further came the fonts to set out the context of the text. But still, can't make out the other's personality through the text, especially in the mail. The medium has got a lot of influence on the way we think.

This reminds me of the lines from the book. The Shallows: How the Internet Is Changing the Way We Think, We remember. 

"As our window onto the world, and onto ourselves, a popular medium molds what we see and how we see it and eventually if we  use it enough, it changes who we are, as individuals and as a society."
The Letter has it all


Hospitla and hullabaloo

Hospitals and hi-tech knowledge.

Is it with me or is it with everyone?

I'm not old school but I'm scared of googling symptoms and finding of diseases. If I'm sick or unsure of my health condition, I head to the doctor. 

Caught up with severe cold and cough and got bad pleghm for several weeks. Clueless about what's in store for me. I headed to the hospital for the checkup. 

I walked into the hospital and the receptionist calls out to fill the form. More than our details, their survey form was more of it. 

Who suggested to us, sir? Is it through FB, Twitter, newspaper, leaflet, word of mouth or many other options that have no end? 

If I don't fill this properly, they didn't seem to give me a consultation. 

Which doctor do you like to see?/

I sneezed continuously. I don't know where to go. 

Is it ala-carte? Needs basic knowledge on which doctor is to whom. 

Goddamn sneezing.

"Nephrology? Pulmonary?"

Do I need to do micro degree in medicine before I get infected with the disease.

Even these people expect us to Google our disease.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Memories- Favorite Junior, Bhavana

It's been 2 years since I met her. 

Bhavana aka KBC a.k.a Bubby. The one junior with whom I had a love-hate relationship right from the beginning. My first memory of meeting Bubby was in my 2nd-year classroom. Ragged her with Meghana. 

There was so much animosity built between us. Never tolerated her tantrums till the fresher's party. And it was on the fresher's party eve she changed her view after seeing me. 

"I was angry at you so much that I never wanted to talk to you. But, you're not really bad as you seemed before." were her lines after the fresher's party. 

Neither intended to hurt her nor intended to go beyond limits. Was just introducing her to the world of adaptability. From the eve of fresher's party, we got along being there supporting each other everytime in a need. 

Bhavana is full of energy and spreads positive vibes all the way she goes. Conversations with her always honest. She's ambitious if she takes things in her way. At the same time, she's all chilled out if she decides to be that way. 

When I had to organize Ezenith event, I approached her first. I believed in her and she made my decision right by giving her best efforts. She roped in her people whom I admired them for their work. That event reinstated my trust further on her. Be it any task, or friendly talk, she was always there. 

I cherish the bond we have. Clueless of the miscommunication we had, we became busy in our lives. 

After all the time, I ran into her at the State Art Gallery being surprised. I'm happy I decided to walk into the Gallery on this day, at this time. 

We caught up our conversation at the drop of a hat. Nothing has changed. We had a lot of stories, memories to share. Bhavana is still the same person who gives a lot of warmth and positive vibes. 

I find it hard to put in words to express my happiness in meeting her in such a random place. 

Bhavana and I

Never together
Never apart

We stayed the same
Taking different ways

Your smile. Your words
Our conversations. Our Bond.

Nothing has changed. 
Not really, the way we talk
The way we trust each other and 
The way we share

I'm glad I walked into the room 
To meet you. And to revisit all the 

I'm happy Bubby. Delighted to see you after a long time. 

Thanks, Bhavana for the click

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Sarvam Thaala mayam- movie

It's all about rhythm. A.R.Rahman's Rajeev Menon's duo is back after a long time. Watched it on big screen. Had great watching experience.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Happy Birthday Pooja

Pooja met me on my birthday and the next time I met her was on her birthday. We're connected on social media yet it's a rarity that we talk. I'm glad I could make it to her birthday and spend a good time on her birthday. Reading is one common interest we have. She has a varied interest in reading different genres of books. I'm glad I met her. And it's special that we met each other only on our birthdays. Hope to see her again on my birthday.

L to R:  Oviya, Kavinaya & the birthday girl Pooja


Universe of Music- A R Rahman

 He's always evolving and emptying his cup. Grateful to have him and be a life long learner.