Thursday, February 7, 2019

Stories on Wheels- Long Ride

On a high way, It's quite difficult to get a ride but it's not impossible.  Thanks to Wahid Bhai who looked at me from far sight and slowed down the truck. He signaled if I had to go straight. I also signaled him the same.

He stopped and I got on to the truck. As soon as I get on to the truck, Long drive song was playing. Good vibes. I loved it. And I've seen many people not maintaining the interiors well but for sure have a better sound system. Wahid Bhai is no exception.

The song got over. He looked at me. Gave a glance. And asked,

What do you do? What does your father do?

Routine questions and without any probing, we spoke. Further, he said, I have a son who works in L&T. 3 other sons are studying.

Ek ComPuter mei, Ek B.Pharmacy, Aur Ek Kuch Mallareddy mei Padra. Woh eech Computer.

Mera beta, 6 mahine US mei tha. Do Baar qatar gaye. Abhi Bangalore mei kaam karra woh.

His face lit up sharing about his sons. Such a proud parent.

"Achha hai na. Sab ladka bade se padaayi karra. Tu kaiku chalaana Gaadi Abhi? kitha kamaatha?"

"Humko bhi Paisa Chahiye na."

Khaane ko, Peene ko, sone ko Hai. Bas.

Kitha saal ka ye?


60 year old  and when asked why he still wants to work. I need money for my own spendings. Peethe, khaate.Humko Paisa chaahiye na. Uske ke liye.

Local mei eech gaadi chalaathu.
Sab settled hogaye.. Koi tennsion nahi hai.

How did you afford all the education. Sabko Scholarship mile.

Didn't wanted to stop the conversation but we reached the destination and gotta depart.

Thanks Wahid Bhai for the ride.  

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