Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Designing Process

I'm glad to witness the whole creative designing process of this collection.  Sahil had an assignment to design a wear collection. Suddenly he sprung into action and started sketching, I was wondering if designing a wear was so intuitive that you sketch on a paper and produce it in real. I missed the whole long meticulous process that really brings out the collection. 

For this collection, Sahil got inspired from Ayurveda and chose it as the theme. He picked the natural colors and named his collection, "Abhyanga" which means, the anointment of the body by herbs and oils to rejuvenate the body and the mind.

His attempt to inculcate the nature as much as possible is why he chose Ayurveda. 

His thoughts on choosing Ayurveda  

"To follow our bliss and dive deeply into the mysteries of fragrance, color and taste blend with the magnificent diversity of mother nature, and follow the inner signs to become aware of who we really are."

In the same way, he defined his collection, "ABHYANGA" as 

"The festive collection ABHYANGA is the amalgamation of beauty extracted from the nature in the form Ayurveda and reflecting the women who want to celebrate her freedom and feminity."

The whole designing process is intriguing. He has these inspirations drawn from various elements of nature. He chose few colors and described in a peculiar way. On being asked about the intention of describing those colors, he said, "Every color has positive psychology, negative psychology. It depends on what do you intend to express through these colors. Depending on your intentions, the depiction changes.  

Colour description

Looking at a few
 of the girls in his poster, I expressed, "I love this picture. She's mysterious, beautiful."

Looking at a different picture of the same 
girl, I was disappointed to see her less interesting. 

"Nobody is ugly, nobody is beautiful. It all depends in the eyes," he says and carries on with his other designing work.

Looking at the other aspects of the design, there's a whole meticulous process that he undertakes to come up with a design. Right from scratch, he had to explore, decide and improvise it.  Right from motifs, everything is properly taken care of. 

Minutest details taken care of
A vast amount of research is done even for the minutest details in this collection. I'm astounded seeing the way he got it for the final submission. Everything is aesthetic and seemed perfect. 

Looking at this design process, I wondered if the person who wears this collection really enhances the work he does.

"At the end, it's designed to wear. The person who wears also matters but, It's not for everyone. One who wants to be trendy may not like it.

One who loves wearing the traditional outfit. One who loves a bit of our culture may like it. Those are the clients I'll be targeting." 

His final submission stuff seemed perfect. Everything was well documented and well presented. 

Final Submission

More power to you Sahil. Cheers to all the work you have done. Grateful to witness this whole creative designing process.  

Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Devil Circuit Experience

JBR  suggested this and it was an immediate yes. Registered for this event in the month of September itself and tried to be in a position at least to jog for 5km.

The Bib collection was a hassle-free task. We were wondering why the collection center was a Maruti Suzuki Showroom while I failed to notice that the main sponsor of the event is Maruti Suzuki. 

JBR, Narra, Jayashree, her sister & myself, we gathered in the early morning for a drive to Moinabad. Early morning drives are energizing no matter if you've slept enough or not. None of us had a sound sleep and were feeling hungry even before we could reach the venue. 

A good number of people turned up to the event and with a little warm-up, we headed to the venue learning a new word, 'Booyah'

The first jog.  

It was a jog of approximately 1km where the fields were bumpy, totally risk-prone grounds. I had my fair chance of ankle sprain in that small bit stretch. 

The First Obstacle

Finishing this obstacle gave me a new high. It instilled in me the hope that I can try things out.

Second Obstacle

Right after, the easy-breezy pole climb, this seemed strenuous. I had to take the support of the crew to overcome this obstacle. There's a high chance of breaking your legs if they're put in between bars to gain the support.

Third Obstacle
Wall jumping. It was a 5ft wall. This is where I met Senthil who encouraged me to give a last try before giving up. He gave a little push to clear the climbing. Thanks, Senthil.

Fourth Obstacle

There's a good length of track to run for this obstacle. This seemed full of poles. We had to shift from pole to pole clearing this obstacle. It was quite slippery to get hold of it. Finished in a few attempts.

Five Obstacle.

This seemed doable but couldn't crack it. Adnan shared the trick to clear this obstacle but still couldn't do as said.  Gave up this obstacle after a few series of attempts.

Sixth Obstacle

We had run through a plank while tires are swinging. Easy peasy stuff.

Seventh- Fifteenth Obstacle

Most of these obstacles were full of upper body workouts. Few were there only to make us dirty and again clean us with another obstacle. Had great fun. Met Arshad Qadri in the circuit. Glad to run into him there.

These are pull-ups stuff. Next time Renny. After you build up some muscle.

Same story. Need to pull up my socks before I do these pull-ups.

I enjoyed the last part which included ice cub bath. It's spine chilling cold and I loved it. 

Hope to try this next time for sure. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Bharat Ane Nenu- Movie

The good things about this movie are background score & dialogues.

Plot. Characters. Subplots. Heroine. Climax. What a waste. Everything seems superficial.  Everything seems utter boring.

Craft-wise, everything is good. All the artists did their jobs well. But, their presence is questionable.  The story writing and screenplay is disappointing.

The Sunday Haul

Soon after the heritage walk, I headed to Abids to check out my luck if I get some good books. I found quite good ones. 

I picked up "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell and "Chronicle of Death Foretold" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Got these each for 50rs.

Sunn Bhavra- Shashaa Tirupati - A.R.Rahman

The mellifluous voice sailing through air at ease. It all seem simple and easy. Such a beautiful rendition and amazing voice. God bless A.R.Rahman and Shashaa 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

This Way Is Easier Dad- BookTalk

When I was asked to give another book talk, I was searching for the idea I want to share, searching for the book I want to suggest all to read.
Of all the books, this flashed in my mind.
This Way Is Easier Dad by Hari Mohan Paruvu.

More of all, wanted to introduce Anjali and share her thoughts, ideas for the better world. Spending
time with her, I see my child self sharing similar thoughts and at times unlearning the notions I made
during my adulthood. Thanks Harry for writing this book. If not with this book, wouldn’t get an
opportunity to share her ideas on such a big scale.

*Start of the talk*

Introducing Harry as an author and the cricketer,  I started with a question.

“How many of you love to talk?”
Looking at few hands raising up, I said, “even,I love to talk.”
"And now, how many of you love to listen?"
Looking at the perplexed faces, I said,
“Meet the Dad who listened to her daughter, learning lessons and unlearning his notions on
many things.“
Everyone gets an opportunity to listen but, it’s our decision, either to listen & learn or hear &
This Dad not only listened but, also started writing in a journal about the experiences he had with
his daughter. Began in a journal, he realized he can put all this on a blog and started blogging.
With so many thoughts, and experiences came this book, “This Way is Easier Dad.”

One more reason to pick this book is the content I want to share beyond the book. I’m grateful to
spend good time with Anjali as well as the author Harimohan Paruvu. I enjoy their company.
Many stories are shared and memories are created.
Anjali is the kid, who has the clarity of thought, that’s often missed in us. We often think, it’s big
things, big changes, big blows that affect us, changes us and mold us but, NO.
Our thoughts influences our ideas. Our ideas pushes us into action and further it all leads to the life
we’re leading. It all starts at the thoughts and we failed big time keeping it at bay.
Clarity of thought.
Good or Bad. We are judges.  Good judges or bad judges, I don’t comment on it.
We judge everything that come across us without expressing our opinions, thoughts id on

Looking at the confused expression, I said, "Let me explain."

We keep labeling everything good and bad, without expressing our thoughts on it.
Here’s the excerpt from the book I want to share.

Anjali and her friend were standing with a tetra pack of pineapple juice. Another friend of her visits them and says,”Pineapple juice is bad.”

Listening to him for a moment, Anjali asked, “How can it be bad?”

“You can’t say something like that. How can anything be good or bad?”

“If it’s bad for you, say, you did not like it. It’s not the pineapple juice that is bad.
It is you who does not like it.  So how can you say it is bad?”
Aaah. Reading this, all the trivial fights, debates flashed in my mind.
I have friends who fight on the topic of which celebrity is good at acting, which celebrity is not.
Which place is good to visit, which is not. And this list goes on.

How many of you have encountered these kind off talks or debates?
Many  'yes' nods this time.
We always indulge in conversations claiming our choices are good. And our choices are only good.
We miss the whole point of expressing our likes and dislikes to it.
When someone asks how is the movie, they can either say, I like it or I did not like it.
It opens up for a conversations. Further one can ask why,
and they can answer in a specific way about what pleased them and what didn’t.

Leaving these kind of conversation, we thump our chests judging, this is good this is bad.
This is crap, this is gold.

How many times, did we pass the comments influencing many others saying it’s good and bad.
Without creating a space for a dialogue.
I don’t say to stop judging but I urge to emphasize your thoughts and opinions than your judgements.
I had a personal experience with a friend. I’ve a friend who does chest-thumping claiming everything
he likes as a great and the rest as crap without even letting others speak or question. If there are
people who can easily be intimidated.
I can relate to how they feel.  This thought shared by Anjali was an eye opener to me.
I’m a lover of words and language. And I love to study how me make conversations.
Such meaningful conversations helps us to be a better person for a better world.
This clarity of thought is what all of us adults miss.
After reading this chapter in the book. I kept sharing this whenever and wherever possible.
I’d say, this is my biggest take away for the kind of conversation it leads up to.
Talking about conversations, how many of you love to watch interviews?
Why do you watch those interviews?
To know them well right?
Good writers are good observers.
The author of this book wanted to know her daughter well so he asked his daughter
if she could give an interview to him.

Yes, an interview.
The whole purpose of interview is to know other person.  
Not that you would make them sit face to face and shoot with questions.
It’s just that you chat and make a structured conversation with a purpose
always to know the other person well.
The whole idea interviewing the person whom we want to know more surprised me.
I loved this idea and I also implemented it.Trust me I have tried this and  met amazing people.
I shared my interview experience with Carolyn from whom I learnt a lot.
Interviews are the best pages to see Anjali growing throughout the book. I sometimes read just
the interviews one by one to see how Anjali is perceiving the world year by year.
So Hari Mohan interviews Anjali twice in a year and all these interviews tells us how Anjali is
evolving as a person.
Anjali is  content and like all other kids she is vibrant and full of energy.
The positivity she carries is contagious and she is great at giving, also receiving.
This is not in the book but let me share one memorable experience receiving gifts from Anjali.
On a random day Anjali gifted me a keychain and pens. I was surprised by the gifts.
I was touched by the gesture.  There are many gifts with me which I made them by my own
hands but procrastinating waiting for a good occasion which I never really gave.

Giving out heartily is one of the traits I love of Anjali.
Talking about giving, Anjali also has her own ways of asking.
Guitar protest is one of the anecdotes that made me laugh a lot. Here’s the story.

Back then during my first days, I visited Harry’s home to have a conversation.
Nowadays, I go to play with Anjali, spend time with her, listen to her.

I see my child self in her thoughts. When I’m on other side of her thoughts, I find my adultself.
With lot of learning and unlearning, I enjoy her company and enjoy the time spent with her.

If given chance, I can keep talking about the book and Anjali. Let me end with few thoughts.
I quote a famous writer lines,
“The difference between writers and non writers is just that writers write,non writers talk
about wanting to write."
Harimohan not only thought of writing but he actually wrote. He wanted to listen to his daughter.
He wanted to write those experiences.  
With this book, he not only made many people think but he reinstated the statement that everyone
has a childlike in us. I got reminded of my childself reading this book.
I request all the parents to listen to your children.
And all the adults, not to complicate the adulthood with too many notions.

For once and all, this book is for everyone. Thanks for being here and thanks for listening.
*End of the talk*
Many could relate to these stories and one parent wanted to share her daughter’s story.Mentioning the guitar protest, she shared how her daughter get things in her own ways.
My daughter keeps reminding us that, “Naana, we’re going to this place on this day na? Naana we’re gonna eat there after going there na?. Naana, her cycle is fine but I’m gonna get my own cycle na?”
In this way, she keeps telling us that we’re gonna do all this things for her. She puts us in a place where “NO” is never an answer.
I requested everyone to write their response and they surprised me by their words.

These are all the responses I’ve received. The conversations went further even after
the end of the talk. I’m glad I chose this book for the talk. Thanks Harry for writing one.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Udta Punjab- Movie

Such a positive movie on the theme of drugs. Alia Bhatt deserves all the respect and admiration for her work. She's commendable.

Happy birthday Ridheiy

Loads of love for the little pockets of happiness you bring along with you Ridheiyy.

I still remember the day we first met and discussed how you were good at your theatre play. You are good at all these Nautanki indeed :p

Ridheiyy is gracious in her own way. She talks just in a way she talks to herself. She's full of grace and grit. She's a good leader to trust upon. A good friend to share all the smiles and worries. On this day, your birthday, I'm happy to relive all the memories we created. So much love so much happiness, and so many smiles.

Happy birthday, Ridheiy. Wish you to grace this world with your love and happiness. God bless you girl.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Poetry Sittings

Ajay walked in asking what I’m up to.
Looking at me typing on my blog, he wanted to share some of his writings. He wrote a few poems and they’re beautiful. I recited his poems, enjoying his stories, his play of words. We both shared thoughts on these poems.
These small meet ups, huddles are what poets really need. I don’t know if virtual appreciation and sharing would do the same as it just did. I really loved to share the feedback in person, asking what made him write in such a way. The way the poet reacts to few of his lines, on being asked. That excitement, that flash of memories. It’s beautiful to sit with someone and discuss poetry.
Both of us read each other’s works. I got reminded of other poems that I really wanted to share with him. Of all, I loved his poem, “The Fall.”

Thanks Ajay, for dropping by. I loved the time sharing a lot on poetry.

Ludovico Einaudi - iTunes Festival 17-09-2013

Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Sunday Haul

Woke up early on a Sunday morning to go for a little bit of shopping at Abids Market. Vinod Ekbote's blog is the reason behind this decision. I decided to buy at least a book a month from Abids Sunday Market.
I walked into the lane of Abids and searched for best sellers, classics. Eyeing upon the familiar names, I found “The best of Kahlil Gibran Volume-2” Further I couldn’t get hold of any familiar book. I’m worried about my limited knowledge of authors and books. I purchased this book for 20rs.

Moving further, while I’m crisscrossing the roads checking out various books, a lad called up my name and put a confused expression.

“Are you Abhinay??”

Yes I’m.”

“I’m your junior in school. Gowtam Model School."

I never knew that I have juniors who know me in school. Good to know that people in school other than my class know me.

He was in 9th class when I was in 10th. That's the only class I studied there. It's good to meet people at random places in a random way.
We shared what books we bought and went on our own ways.

After the meet, I found another book, High Waving Heather, A selection of poems by Charlotte, Branwell Emily, and Anne. I glance at a few poems and seemed classic stuff. I picked it up. Also, I found this book with words, "Prakash Book Depot, Bareily" on it's front cover. This reminded me of the movie, Bareily ki Barfi.

Before I left Abids, this book grabbed my attention. “Beyond the call of Duty”  written by V. Raghunathan and Veena Prasad. It’s book of stories of dozen British men who worked beyond their call of duty in India. The purpose seemed debatable. And I picked up this book. I got it for 80rs. Bit costly though.
Beyond the Call of Duty


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