Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Happy birthday Kittu

I'm grateful to have his friendship. Time spent with them is always cherishable, Times are exultant when I'm with him. 

We talk about what's it to be an artist? We have common interests. We have common traits. We're curious to go beyond the reasoning and explore the untapped magic of the world through art, music, painting and a lot more. 

Kittu has his own quirks, irks. He's open to ideas and he's open to anything that's  beautiful and intriguing. 

The one conversation both of us cherish all the time, is the talk at the basketball court about our favourite TED Talk. We shared ideas, we share our favourites. As aneesha says, "Place doesn't matter to him once he determines to finish off a painting."

He sings well. He learnt guitar by himself and plays it well. Truly an artist.
Glad to have your time and friendship. Happy birthday Kittu.

Coffee with Kashyap

These times, it's a rarity to meet in person and share things we love. Kashyap and I met at Cafe to discuss what we're up to in life. We can do it over phone but, we both prefer to talk in person.

Poetry, these days has become one of the topics, I'm often discussing with different people. Kashyap and I shared a bit of poetry. Talked about movies. Agreed to disagree over many things and I cherish these talks. Good time.  

Thought- Being healthy is a commitment

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