Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Sketches of the day

Social Media Stories-

Consciously, Technological companies do not want to turn you addictive, they won't do it.

"Consciously, they don't even put efforts to create neutral systems," I say. 

"There's no purpose to any technology, it is evolved by the way people use it," said my friend.

True, the technology is evolved. At first, I used to share jokes and beautiful pictures through mail. Then came Youtube and google images. We shared ourselves in video format. We were the Orkut generation. We wanted to connect and share. Then came Facebook connecting on a different template. We started expressing ourselves over FB. It evolved from connecting tool to the lens of our life. Our views are changed depending on the algorithm that pushes the content before us.

While we were using FB to play online games and add friends rather than make friends, twitter arrived as micro blogging site. We turned to twitter to share. Despite having a 130-character-limited tweet box, we fond alternative styles to live 130 character tweet, with a lot of threads. Twitters, Instagram, Linked In, tumblr and a lot more. Everything is created with a different platform to come as a different person.

Any place, it's the same. To share and communicate with each other at different pre-context and different mediums.

How is it that we are forgetting to connect offline as we are striving to do the same more than ever in all those mediums. The medium hasn't paved a way to make a connection that we are striving for. Instagram helps you to share your life visually but, it comes as dead end to bring a connection.

Conversations, comments through a medium does not substitute the in-person conversations.

We, humans end up at connecting and sharing irrespective whatever platform in it. Can we do it in real rather than in a medium that's changed every few years.

Thoughts- Writing

Thinking to write is easy. Writing is difficult. It's all the same  with different works na?
Yes. May be.

What stops us from writing? Writing heals.  That's the problem.

Movie- Bulbbul

wow! Splendid story. The conflicts of the characters and the human emotions are captured well.

The rich visual interpretation of darkness, revenge through the moon and red hue was beautiful. The background score was adding it to the suspense of the story. It's worth watching.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Interesting Website

This interesting website got  attractive illustrations. From India, there's a delhi book. The language used in these travelogues are English and German.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Movie- Kappela

Thriller. Beautiful. Loved watching Anna Ben.

Movie- Thappad

Thappad. It’s a slap on patriarchy.

It’s all about what kind of narrative, have we brought in society? We have told woman to respect their husbands. Haven’t we told our husbands to respect their wives?

Slap is just a slap. The movie is all about it. It’s never about a simple slap. It’s about the grantedness, ignorance, and the fixed beliefs that women are meant to receive.

And divorce is not a big thing! Earth is not going to shatter when you move on from a dependence. We were talk to build a relation that’s strong but, haven’t we made the women victims in it?

Divorce is not an extreme step.Just because of one slap, is it justifiable?


Can't put it better than Tapsee. As she said,  "Just one slap. Suddenly I became aware of all the unfair things I had learnt to accept."

We have no right to hurt others. We can’t romanticize slap.

Movie- Nauki Dubi

After marriage, couples set on to a journey in  a boat. Accidentally, a person brings another man's wife home and the story begins. Adapted from Rabindranath Tagore's story.

It's beautiful, soothing and dramatic. I enjoyed the silence and the words that filled in. Can watch the movie without subtitles just to enjoy the sounds of the movie.

How does one makes a choice in life? Loving is also a choice and leaving is also a choice. We do not know why we love someone or leave someone. Can someone make an informed rationale decision to choose in an act that's seemed irrational like our feelings.

I loved the tale of the four characters who are on their way to discover their love.

I loved Raima Sen's acting. She's angelic. Interested to watch the director's' Rituparno's other films now.

Helpful article- On Writing


Friday, June 26, 2020

Navneet's College stories

Navneet is a person of thought and ideas. Graduated from BHU, he started sharing his college stories.

"I used to get caught by Om Prakash warden." "I missed the scholarship as I scored less than my friend who took a philosophy course. The college stories never end. Navneet shared how his friendis always disturbed by other friends, whenever he prepares to sleep. One day, he was disturbed, not by friends but the warden.

Funny memories.

Interesting article

Few important ideas regarding digital well-being.


Sketches of the day

These days I am dabbling with the crayons.  I enjoy the way I can make gradient shades through these crayons.

Holidays with Harry

Harry is always in reach and supportive in all the endeavors I take up. On a call with Harry, we shared what we are up to. Harry shared his work, the ideas he was working on. 

I love his narratives and the memories he share in his retrospective style. Reading his blog on Anjali's gift, I loved how  Anjali expressed in a clear and simple way.

As Anjali mentioned, "You give advice in a way that I feel like I gave advice myself." That's a wonderful trait worth practicing.  It comes from the personality, I assume. He  has an altruistic personality and respects others for being themselves. No air of ego. Humble and full of warmth.


Book- The Girl The Boy and The Kite

I do not know how I would enjoy this book as a child but, as an adult, I would cherish this story and reread regularly to remind me of all the good things in life. So much to reflect on and so much of hope breezing like the kite in the book.

Random, colorful illustrations.

Book- Little Old Woman

An old man decides to get off mountains to buy sheep. His wife prepares for the trip and packs a lot of stuff. How does he reach, does he reach at the first point is the story.

I loved the tone of the book. Quiet funny and beautiful characters.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Poetry- Corona

Never heard the devil, Corona
That lurched and kicked my life cornering
me to the hunger, humility, 
Is it the devil or my fellow humans who failed me.

A long walk indeed. 
My fellow humans put an hashtag, update the technology, the trend, talk about empathy

A long walk indeed

Can I find one
To share my fear
To share my anxiety

No, I am not angst 
For, I am conditioned to bear child for him, bear the burden of all his faults, take all the shit and still be called selfless, caring.

A long walk indeed. Is there anyone who can listen

Not to my words 
My body, tone, voice and my silence.

It's a long walk and I know, no one will take the white bag off my head and carry for me.

But, I know, you will talk of me, talk for me, put the hashtags.

It's a long walk indeed, for you as well 
To show how you care rather than those talks....

Monday, June 22, 2020

Memories- 3-year-old Reel-On a visit to Phoenix & Deccan Park

Soon after our training at Q City, we were called to the Deccan Park. It was a lovely day with a drizzle and breezy mood. I enjoyed staying outdoors more than going into the office to stay in those conditioned rooms. I preferred the grass to those luxurious chairs.

On such a monsoon day, I walked to the park with these good friends of mine, Elsa, Nikita & Manisha. I had my bolt(Bicycle) and we walked up to the park. Few steps, we escaped the concrete jungle hustle and walked into the green space. There were rocks, grass, trees  and trampoline. Every one became a child and jumped on to the trampoline. Love the walk and those days.

Movie- Elizabeth- The Golden Era

How did Elizabeth rule? Exploring the humanity of the queen, Shekar Kapur depicted the history in a  gripping way. Cate Blanchett, what a performance. Spell bounded by the background score and the visuals. Interested to know more of her story. I was told, she is the instigator of the capitalism through her charter act. Interesting!

Movie- Elizabeth

Story of the Queen Elizabeth-1. How did she become the queen, how did she survive amidst all her enemies. Learnt about Elizabeth. Never knew much of English History. Lovely one. Interested to know more of these stories.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Lessons other taught me- Time management

"You communicate what you value by how you spend your time. "

Many a times, I procrastinate to  reply to  mails and messages. "I will write proper reply,"I think and it never happens. My Boss, Aravind Unnikrishnan always prioritized to clear the mail box by replying all the mails he could with whatever update he got.

If there's any mail that needs work to be done. He shares out those updates.

Talking about how he communicates, it's also important to say that he is not on his mail every time. He has his scheduled time for the mails. Being compulsive to reply every mail without prioritizing the works is also dangerous.

This is one  habit, I loved following and resisted procrastination.

 The 2Minute Rule: If it takes less than two minutes, then do it now.

There's more to this 2-Minute Rule but, I see a lot of change and effectiveness by using this.

Inspiring article- Teach us Empathy


Inspiring story. What it takes to be empathetic even when the world ignores you and pushes you to the worst scenarios. Thanks Anurag for writing this.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Your body language may shape who you are | Amy Cuddy

Powerful Talk. Amy Cuddy talks about power poses. I heard it but, never listened to the idea of power poses. Now I understood the science of power poses. How 2 minutes of making poses can bring the change.

I loved the line,

"Don't fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it."

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

RSA ANIMATE: Changing Education Paradigms

Informative and interesting content.

Interesting article on research


Interesting article on ‘research’ in the area of social sector. I could relate to it well. Many times, we are told about the research but, the need is not shared with us. Action research is one more interesting aspect to discuss in the field of 'researches.'

Monday, June 15, 2020

Notes on Learning.

Innate and non-innate learning.

Innate learning: The traits that are inborn rather than acquired or learned.

These three areas of human knowledge and skill can be called folk physics, folk biology and folk psychology.

Navigate in a three-dimensional world of physical objects, understand trajectories, judge movement, and mentally represent and manipulate objects (crucial to tool use);

Classify flora and fauna into edible/inedible/medicinal, and prey/predator; navigate a social world (especially since they lived in groups)

Recognize faces, read facial expressions, recognize kin, divide the world into in- and out-group members, use language and infer other people's mental states.

Universe of Music- A R Rahman

 He's always evolving and emptying his cup. Grateful to have him and be a life long learner.