Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Social Media Stories-

Consciously, Technological companies do not want to turn you addictive, they won't do it.

"Consciously, they don't even put efforts to create neutral systems," I say. 

"There's no purpose to any technology, it is evolved by the way people use it," said my friend.

True, the technology is evolved. At first, I used to share jokes and beautiful pictures through mail. Then came Youtube and google images. We shared ourselves in video format. We were the Orkut generation. We wanted to connect and share. Then came Facebook connecting on a different template. We started expressing ourselves over FB. It evolved from connecting tool to the lens of our life. Our views are changed depending on the algorithm that pushes the content before us.

While we were using FB to play online games and add friends rather than make friends, twitter arrived as micro blogging site. We turned to twitter to share. Despite having a 130-character-limited tweet box, we fond alternative styles to live 130 character tweet, with a lot of threads. Twitters, Instagram, Linked In, tumblr and a lot more. Everything is created with a different platform to come as a different person.

Any place, it's the same. To share and communicate with each other at different pre-context and different mediums.

How is it that we are forgetting to connect offline as we are striving to do the same more than ever in all those mediums. The medium hasn't paved a way to make a connection that we are striving for. Instagram helps you to share your life visually but, it comes as dead end to bring a connection.

Conversations, comments through a medium does not substitute the in-person conversations.

We, humans end up at connecting and sharing irrespective whatever platform in it. Can we do it in real rather than in a medium that's changed every few years.

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