Sunday, June 28, 2020

Movie- Thappad

Thappad. It’s a slap on patriarchy.

It’s all about what kind of narrative, have we brought in society? We have told woman to respect their husbands. Haven’t we told our husbands to respect their wives?

Slap is just a slap. The movie is all about it. It’s never about a simple slap. It’s about the grantedness, ignorance, and the fixed beliefs that women are meant to receive.

And divorce is not a big thing! Earth is not going to shatter when you move on from a dependence. We were talk to build a relation that’s strong but, haven’t we made the women victims in it?

Divorce is not an extreme step.Just because of one slap, is it justifiable?


Can't put it better than Tapsee. As she said,  "Just one slap. Suddenly I became aware of all the unfair things I had learnt to accept."

We have no right to hurt others. We can’t romanticize slap.

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