Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Mansi & I

Mansi shouted and hid somewhere. I walked out of the home to check and there, she hid to the corner hooting as I walked towards her. Suprised. She entered our home in her jolly mood and asked questions, playing hide and seek in the house itself. 

'Are you cleaning the utensils? Are you a girl?' asked the 8-year-old kid. 'Do only girls clean the utensils?' asked Dyu. 

'Yes,' she said. She was sure about what she told. 'Don't boys clean the utensils? Why can't they clean it?' asked Dyu. 

'Startled by the questions, Mansi went on her spree blabbering, Chori he karthe hai, Chori hi karthe hai.' 

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