Monday, June 15, 2020

Interesting Podcast- How Big Tech is distorting our world.

Interesting Podcast. 

Tristian Harris explains the situation we are i. In this pandemic situation, how we are living fragmented realities through social media and other technologies. 

Tristan mentions how our speed of life is distorting our truths. From distortion happens, addiction, later polarisation. 

Examples of cognitive science are startling. How they bend the perception of language for a mass influence. 

Talking about how social media is helping us, Tristan tells, 'Making the visible invisible is good but, social media should not pave paths for making visible to visceral. 

The economy is energy blind. Technology is blind to speed. 

Technology is taking away the process of trust that we form in humans. It's interesting to study on how trust is formed. 

There's no time to be with anything, anymore. Inability to have attention and time where our values are is a crippling situation. 

It's an educational podcast. 

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