Tuesday, June 9, 2020

My little friends

“Papa Aagaya,” shouted my Four-year-old friend, Nanu as she heard us walking through the garden.

We are good friends and spent great time in school. She used to spend most of the time with me in the school. Due to lockdown, school was closed and I couldn't meet Nanu from then. I was meeting her after 3 months.Nanu was shy and ran away in happiness. She was quiet surprised by my visit.

For the first few minutes, Nanu didn’t speak a word but communicated a lot by showing all she was doing through out the lockdown. She played the mouth organ, the Gudda’s gift for her birthday. She showed her little mask, her mother made. She got out all the paintings she made. She didn't speak a word. She was blushing and feeling shy. But, she kept running away getting new things and new drawings to tell me that she did all these. 

It took us 10-15 minutes to break the wordless conversation and finally she spoke. “Aap kyu nahi aaye itna din?” and began our conversation. She told what she watches on TV. She was telling what all she was upto these days. She explained all her drawings, offered me Halwa and Bhujia.

She shaded the sun she drew. On being asked, what is that shading? "The Sun is hiding," answered the observant kid.

She loves colours! Green Fish. Smiling Sun, Her own portrait in a  pink top

Then and there, she drew a a cute Lion and reminded me of the Lion and the mouse story.

Thinking of the mouse, she drew the mouse as well. We were thinking the same!. Friends for a reason.

After that, she handed me a flower drawing. After I asked If I  will get a real flower, she handed me one.

We had the desserts together. “Aap peeche ho,” Nanu smiled reminding me of our usual competition whenever we eat together in school.

Nanu is full of love, she shared the best she has. She gave me a flower from her garden. She shared a small foam piece she played with.  “Hum ice cream banaaye tab, aap aao,humaare ghar pe,” said Nanu.

It’s unusual to bid bye to my little friend. I took a leave and went on to go home.

I was on my way to home but, I met my students. Chetan, Kalpana. Jigar joined in. Meeting after long time! I had the happiness to see those faces again talking to them in our old style.
“Mann nahi lagra badi school jaane ka,”said Chetan.Do I have favourite student? Everyone is my favourite!!

We spoke about all our students. Met Jaisal, Purnima, Harshit, Jigar, Baadal, Rinkal, Jyotsna, Pooja (Class 5)

"Don't go," exclaimed Jaisal who was running away at first few minutes. Jaisal is quite affectionate. Both of us share our own signature handshakes and greetings. She always walks in for a handshake.

I met Diva and family as well. The whole family gathered under the trees. Delighted to see Nisha, Soniya, Diva and Vishal.

Glad to see all these kids. Nisha didn’t get out. Soniya just got out. Met the whole family and they were gracious enough to understand my flawed Hindi.

I met Karan and Krishna enroute home. Glad to see these little kids smiling and being in their own world.

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