Thursday, January 30, 2020

Friends- Meet with Sharayu

Another meet with Sharayu included coffee, music, and all the stories we had to share with each other. 

With Sharayu, I don't mind being silent without talking as I can listen to her all the time. Sharayu shared about her concert performance held on November 10th. 

Talking about her classical music training, she shared how she trained herself to give her best performance. Self-doubt, confidence, practice. She tackled it all in her own way wading through everything. 

She used to perform 10 hours a day. It's inspiring to see her efforts.  It's not about the final thing but the effort you put it so that you enjoy each and everything.

We listened to her practice tapes. I found,  "Thillana" complicated! I couldn't even comprehend at first. And to her yeah it's piece of cake.  "Only because of practice," she mentions. 

Sharayu also spoke about how she saw people balancing their life with art. 

How do we balance out things and live along, making the best for ourselves? 

Along with the music, we shared our stories. Our stories of growth and how we go on with our lives.

When I shared about confusion, Sharayu shared, "aduguthunaru kadha ani emo raaku, stay in Rajasthan and enjoy." Thanks for the word, Senior!

This time, we had a lot of talk on songs, 'Laali Laali,' 'Meriseti Puvva,'  'Raag Vasantha.'  Raag Yaman, Varnam, Thaalam. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Sangeet Stories- Abhi Got Nicked

Sruthi returned home from the U.S. We decided to attend Lavu's sangeet. Along with Sruthi, I went and I met many more friends. Met Spurthi, Akhil.
Myself, Spurthi, Sruthi & Akhil

The Selfie Spree

Monday, January 27, 2020

Hitchhiking Diaries- Fear of Rejection

On the roads of Hyderabad, I waited for a story. I waited for help. I waited to see if there's anyone who would offer me a ride.

I stood and saw the uncles leaving. Everyone signaling that they are not going my way. 
A lot of signals and rejection by avoiding eye contact. 

I waited and went on with my requests. A girl in her activa neared by. 
I paused for a moment pondering if should I ask or not for the ride. 

Afraid of rejection by a girl. 

Do you harm anyone, do you hurt anyone, do you cause trouble? then why do you think or contemplate before even asking the girl for help? 
I asked and no one stopped.  So much of thought and nothing happened.

Wait. Something happened. A girl stopped. She took her time to stop the bike.

I ran to her and said, 'thank you.'

'Where do you have to go?'

'Metro station.'

'Where are you going?'


'Where is it?'
'Near Lumbini park.'

'What is it about?'
'Literary festival.' 

'Wow, interesting. I'm also interested. I've been to one in HPS.  Is that the one?'

And the conversations flowed getting to know about each other. 

'So what do you do??,' asked the girl.

'I'm in Rajasthan working there.'

'Working? You look like a student re.' said the girl

'Well, that's a compliment,' I smiled and continued the conversation. Getting to know each other, we realized, she belongs to the place where I'm currently living, Sirohi.

'What a coincidence!' we thought and were happy to meet in such circumstances.

We shared what we love to do and the conversations went on sharing our passion and interests.

We also spoke about the life of women at the place I live in especially. I could relate since I've been there. She could share it since she has seen it all at her place. It was a  meaningful conversation. 

I'm glad I asked her rather than stopping myself thinking a lot about the rejection.

Anekdotes- Neha Khaitan Performance

Anjali and I settled down at the storytelling corner waiting for the session to begin. Neha Khaitan got her introduction. Founder of a flower child, Bharatanatyam Dancer and got so many hats she wore. 
She had two musicians along with her. One on violin, other on Mridangam. 

Along with the music cues, she began her performance with a snippet on the narration. She performed a few pieces from the stories of Jataka Tales. One story was about "Himsuka" and the other story was about, "The mad man story, Naren."

Naren is a very interesting story with an unexpected moral. Neha was fabulous with her emotive skills. I was glued to her expressions, I enjoyed the music as well. The live performances are amazing. I got a chance to immerse in and enjoy it, I was tempted to record the performances but, I preferred to enjoy it in person rather than record it on mobile.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


I read the poem 'Where the mind is without fear' when I was teaching this poem to 8th Class students. I enjoyed the poetry but I couldn't fathom how to share my interpretation. Will show this video, hope they enjoy this video.

365 Grateful Project

I'm grateful for all the food I get to eat in this town. I get to eat delicious Kachori, Samosa, Jalebi and fresh fruit juice every morning.

Monday, January 20, 2020

365 Grateful Project

I am grateful for the winter clothes I have to endure this chilling cold.

School Stories

The angry wish.

After  5 days, I visited the school and the kids were excited to see me after a long time. The wishes and the shout outs seemed so.

As I entered the class to talk with the other teacher, there was a kid who always had a tough relation with me. It was always a cold conversation. She came and said, "How are you?"

I said, "I am fine."

I asked in return, "How are you?"

She said, "I'm fine," and walked away

Her wish seemed a genuine wish but the relationship we had was never beyond the classroom. She wanted to ask about my whereabouts but, she didn't have anything to talk.

That question in her cold attitude seemed so genuine that I was touched by their overwhelming emotions. It's with the teens.

In teenage, Does one tends to create a harmless animosity towards others for no reason? 

Sunday, January 19, 2020

TEDx Talk- Embracing an Actor's Journey | Shriya Pilgaonkar | TEDxSCAC

A talk with few anecdotes, more motivating lines and a Shayari at last. I liked the way she told her childhood's letter story.

TEDx Talks mostly organized India doesn't have the storytelling aspect which talks at other countries have. Including ours at TEDxVNRVJIET at first.

Few were the exceptions. I understand and empathize how this happens. Mostly, the communication between the organizing team and the speaker plays a critical role in how the talk comes out.

Beecham's House

Periodic series and I like the colours and the sounds in this series.Good one.

Nice Article - Human Degrading

I saw a video of Harris explaining the connection between design and addiction. Working on few of his suggestions, I changed my home screen with only apps that are useful and handy to me.  Little change on the home screen had a huge effect on me. I started using the apps that had an infinite scroll for less time. 

Happy and curious to know more about Harris and his ideas, I followed him and his idea, centre for humane tech

Centre for Humane Technology is to create awareness amongst everyone about how society is tending towards attention capitalism and how it affects humans. 

I was sold by his thoughts and reasoning. I could observe myself being addictive to social media, vulnerable to the absence of phone. I hated it but I couldn't do much about it. In the month of June, I quit social media and observed how I enjoyed my time. It wasn't until August, I got back on social media since I was travelling and backpacking. 

During the trip, I used social media to check out the places, people and soon after the trip, interest on social media had faded out. I stopped using social media. It's been 5 months and I am happy with my decision. 

My observations during this period helped me to set my perspectives on technology and it's usage.  
It's not about social media but it's about my purpose. Questioning my why helped me understand why I should quit social media and when I can get back on social media. 

I assumed that quitting social media would give a lot of free time to do other things. Unfortunately, the free time is taken over by youtube, Netflix and other streaming platforms. I'm yet to figure out my constant watching habit. I'm optimistic about fixing that soon as well. 

I thank Harris and their actions for, I learnt a lot and helped myself in concentrating on important things in life. 


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Quote of the day

“When one teaches, two learn.”
                                           -Robert Heinlein

Friday, January 17, 2020

Quote of the day

“We should not spoil what we have by desiring what we have not, by remember that what we have too was the gift of the fortune”

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Movie- Mallesam

A true story of school drop out making a machine to solve his problem. Mallesam. A beautiful movie with brilliant acting and amazing sound. 
 Since I already knew the story, the movie-watching experience was more of expecting the end. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Ethos- Day 3

Early morning, we walked while kids are ready with their flags to kick start the day with finals. Mukesh, Ravinder, and few other kids joined to help out in the marking.

Simultaneously, Satvir and Dyu started the Disc throw, the other team organized the Kabaddi finals. Agni vs Aakash was in the finals. Krishna and Kalpana were the only players who brought the team to the finals and won the game. Against all the odds, there wasn't much support from anyone. Everyone wanted the other team to win but, they were cool about it. Krishna, in her coolness, played the game and won it.

Chiku and the team played well. They put their best efforts and enjoyed the game.

Nikhil was the star player in the boys Kabaddi finals, he was sure of his game and did his job done displaying confidence among his teammates.

The football final bit a long one. Despite a long time,  the score was 0-0. There was a shoot out. Joshna missed one and the Agni lost the game. 

Kho Kho finals, Agni (girls) had a cakewalk. Jaisal from Aakash played well and supported the team at a bad time.

Agni(boys) gave a tough fight but the Jal team won the finals.

In the spree of win and loss, students enjoyed the week playing. There's a lot one learns through playing. Good time Students.

Book- My Day with the clouds by Hoda Hadadi.

My Day with the clouds by Hoda Hadadi.

Children's books are not as simple as I assumed to be. The pictures are quite abstract and there’s a purpose to it may be. This book is of magical realism where clouds are violent and crimson knitted into the jackets of the child. The child observes the clouds and narrates her life talking about clouds and about her mother. In this book, there’s a topic about numbers as well. That’s one of the takeaways for me to introduce this book to our school children.

Memories- Azhar and I

Azhar shared this collage that has taken me to a memory lane. A lot of journeys, conversations, silences, shayari, food and memories. Let me...