Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Roommate Stories

The Roommate stories.

We are told to share our reflections on our classroom experiences. Dyu on his math learning and myself on language learning. Our conversations range from global politics to classroom activities. Today's conversations weren't much different.

We discussed a lot about schools, processes, and work.

Discussing on punishment, we realized it’s the 'process' that we need to work on to avoid the punishment. Know the 'people,' create 'processes' that help them learn better and that gives a learning environment. Often, we punish kids for many reasons. Mistakes, fear, ego, indiscipline. All these are excuses and when we look for solutions, the 'process' is the alternative. Give them the work that’s right for them. Here comes the tricky part. What’s right? Well, you should know your people first(children).

If you know your children, you will design or devise the right work for them. When every kid is given the right work, they do not disturb any for that matter. That gives you a peaceful environment in the class.

So easy than done. It needs work. To know the students well, we need to observe and understand their issues in language learning(language learning in my case).

To address or categorize their problem, we need in-depth content knowledge and also the cause and effects of pedagogies. That gives you a space to do the actual tasks (Giving the right work to the children.) Designing the right or appropriate work for the children is the key.

How do you design work?

A notion, that kids cannot read.
Kids can’t read. Make them read. That may be the right work for many of the teachers. An in-depth study of how reading works actually helps us to solve the problem. That doesn’t solve it completely. Gaining knowledge on how it works, we need to implement and create drafts of work or processes for the children.

For example, create a text that’s contextual to the children. Create text that helps them achieve sub-skills for the reading.

To create different works, one needs to dabble with a lot of sources, refer to books.

There’s a lot to be done than said. Indeed, we realised, we better do than say things.

Discussing a lot on different stories and perspectives, we called it a day cracking jokes on funny situations at school.

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