Sunday, January 19, 2020

Nice Article - Human Degrading

I saw a video of Harris explaining the connection between design and addiction. Working on few of his suggestions, I changed my home screen with only apps that are useful and handy to me.  Little change on the home screen had a huge effect on me. I started using the apps that had an infinite scroll for less time. 

Happy and curious to know more about Harris and his ideas, I followed him and his idea, centre for humane tech

Centre for Humane Technology is to create awareness amongst everyone about how society is tending towards attention capitalism and how it affects humans. 

I was sold by his thoughts and reasoning. I could observe myself being addictive to social media, vulnerable to the absence of phone. I hated it but I couldn't do much about it. In the month of June, I quit social media and observed how I enjoyed my time. It wasn't until August, I got back on social media since I was travelling and backpacking. 

During the trip, I used social media to check out the places, people and soon after the trip, interest on social media had faded out. I stopped using social media. It's been 5 months and I am happy with my decision. 

My observations during this period helped me to set my perspectives on technology and it's usage.  
It's not about social media but it's about my purpose. Questioning my why helped me understand why I should quit social media and when I can get back on social media. 

I assumed that quitting social media would give a lot of free time to do other things. Unfortunately, the free time is taken over by youtube, Netflix and other streaming platforms. I'm yet to figure out my constant watching habit. I'm optimistic about fixing that soon as well. 

I thank Harris and their actions for, I learnt a lot and helped myself in concentrating on important things in life. 


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