Sunday, September 27, 2015

Be the Writer.

When i was on call with my friend,she told me, "Renny, I want to be a writer, not to write something overnight just to become like J.k Rowling or Agatha Christie,I want to pen down my feelings effectively and convey my context limpidly, I want  to be rhetoric."

              I never dreamt of myself writing poems. From childhood being expressive,talkative I was extrovert in my childhood. Every new year I was gifted a diary,cake by my dad. From my 1st class, I never bothered to give a thought about using the diary effectively,always used as rough book and failed to complete even after strenuous scribbling.

It was January 1st, I had my  9th diary and wanted to write something. Started writing about events, experiences. 1st day nothing unusual. 7th day no change. 19th day still a normal day. And I continued  writing  about my daily tasks and after writing for 3 months, I had few moments to pen down my feelings about my experiences, travelling. Since then i started writing and still I write.

It's always a surprise to me when people around me understand my context. I never attempt to explain what i mean. I always attempt to express in the enigma of words, If i had known any other form to express my emotions, I'd have done in that way. Fortunately or unfortunately it's by the words i was chosen and it's words i chose to express myself. I may fail to express it limpidly but, i never fail at expressing.

After so many years spent on writing, i could write and publish my first novel, "In between the bridge."

Monday, September 21, 2015

Another big day because of 'In between the bridge'.

As i took a stroll in crowded place searching for the friends whom i know, to have a conversation on a fine early morning. Some person followed me trying to start a conversation. Being a conversation maker i gently said,"Yes, tell me."

'Are you the author of In between the bridge'

'Unfortunately. Yes, I am the author of that book'

'Book is very nice, i liked it very much. Is it a real story?'

 'No, it's a fictional one'

'What was your inspiration for writing that book'


And after spending few minutes for the interrogative session about amrutha and karthick, she took her phone out to take a selfie and feeling bad for being sleepy head on early morning, i gave a wide grin saying thanks for reading the book.

After few selfies, I had chance to meet Rahul Ravindran, Pradeep Machiraju, Sandhya Janak, who happened to be the chief guests for the event, Swetcha: Step for the child.

As token of thanks, i gave them my first novel, "In between the bridge." Not only recieving it heartily, they promised me that they'd definitely read my book.
That words just made my day.

Friday, September 18, 2015

At the finger tip.

Times were gone where we have to take a directory to find the code of the place, times were gone to put the finger into the round dial to swing it to the numbers to make a call.

We are in a time where touch does all the work and thumb blinks, eyes stare. Texting.

The technology around us is so neutral that it provides everything and it is us who are decision makers and always choose to spend in most unproductive way.

After watching performer's in TEDx talks like usman riaz, felt it's 'passion' and 'wish to learn' is what makes everyone excel in whatever field we want.

Just a wish to learn. And strength to withstand hard times.

In between the bridge

The book "In between the bridge" is poetical tale of emotions filled with fervid poetry.
I was told by everyone that the title is absurd, weird, wrong. I never took back or gave second thought because i believed in my intention and i was so clear about what i really wanted to say from the title.

It's the journey which will let you know why it's "In betweent the bridge."

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cherished Memories

Getting placed in TCS  didn't made my day, but interviewer's words; Kalyan, Thamaanika has made me to put a big smile before I leave the room.

Having everyone around to share the result, I felt painful to express what exactly I was undergoing through, fortunately I had company who was looking at it with same perspective, Amulya.

And today, after spending many hours joblessly, I've tried googling my name and i've checked few sites where myself and my book was disclosed, One of the special write up which became the reason for the wide cheese smile on my face is

August 18th 2015.

It was the BIG day.

Everyone who attended my book launch made me all loved. Besides the filled auditorium, people whom I felt the reason for my presence on stage were not there to witness my small achievement; my family, basket ball team, seniors, friends and Kanchana Mam.

Without having charismatic Charishma, stage wouldn't look beautiful.

She was there all the way, supporting me and helping me to prepare the schedule.

She is the first person to whom I gave my first ever autograph in my life.

Chakravarthula Kiran sir helped me to get clarity on what I want, what I really want. Though his words were not spoken to me at times, it was spoken for me.

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