Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cherished Memories

Getting placed in TCS  didn't made my day, but interviewer's words; Kalyan, Thamaanika has made me to put a big smile before I leave the room.

Having everyone around to share the result, I felt painful to express what exactly I was undergoing through, fortunately I had company who was looking at it with same perspective, Amulya.

And today, after spending many hours joblessly, I've tried googling my name and i've checked few sites where myself and my book was disclosed, One of the special write up which became the reason for the wide cheese smile on my face is

August 18th 2015.

It was the BIG day.

Everyone who attended my book launch made me all loved. Besides the filled auditorium, people whom I felt the reason for my presence on stage were not there to witness my small achievement; my family, basket ball team, seniors, friends and Kanchana Mam.

Without having charismatic Charishma, stage wouldn't look beautiful.

She was there all the way, supporting me and helping me to prepare the schedule.

She is the first person to whom I gave my first ever autograph in my life.

Chakravarthula Kiran sir helped me to get clarity on what I want, what I really want. Though his words were not spoken to me at times, it was spoken for me.

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