Sunday, April 14, 2024

Universe of Music- A R Rahman

 He's always evolving and emptying his cup. Grateful to have him and be a life long learner. 

Friday, March 29, 2024

Travel tales- The Last minute Preparation

Planning to travel is a very intense task as it takes a lot of energy to move. Wherever I live in a certain place, I call it a home. And leaving the home for certain time drained me a lot in the past as I've to change the routine once in 3 weeks. As I got ready to travel again for long time, I got reminded of the days when I clean my house before I leave. I used to wonder whom am I cleaning the home for. When I leave, I clean the home and return after two to three weeks. As there'd be people who clean the space I used to live for three weeks, I get used and I don't clean the home. The moment I had to leave, I realise that no one would clean the space and I have to clean it by myself and I hurry to clean it. 

The pattern just got repeated. I cleaned it and got late to bed and rushed to the airport. Hope I change the pattern soon. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

TED Talk- Who owns the folk music by Shilpa Mudbi

 After a long time, I got a chance to watch a full length TED talk and thoroughyl enjoyed it. 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Migros Concert

 Ever since I began to attend the concert, I always planned to attend the concert organised by Migros. This is the second orchestra, I'm listening to. I like the conductor who has his pecuiliarities. He had a drum by his side and gave a rhythm at times. Loved it.  After the performance, a orchestra full of cellosist behind the flautist and people with Japanese drums and opera singers walked in. It was a fabulous 2 hour performance. Soon after the performance, the whole hall was silent for a minute. I felt the power of silence then. People were in trance as they were immersed in the performance. Enjoyed it well. Great day. 

Empty Spaces- Flow-Day 3

As I drafted the message and shared it across,  a couple of friends walked into exhibiton and shared their response. Grusha & Anirudha shared as they checked out the exhibition.  Shabon and his friends joined and appreciated my efforts. They helped me in placing the posters in right way. As I headed to the class and got back, found few friends. One of the persons whom I shared my art class with shared that he love the pieces. At the end of day, walked along with Tanya and shared a conversation.

I learnt that my art is out there and doing it's job. I may not be there in person but, my art is evoking someone who pass by and interact with it. Do I need to know what emotions is my art evoking? Do I need to know if my art found it's purpose? Do I need to know how it's affecting? I do not know. Also, I wanted to write an introduction for myself and struggled a bit. 

I realised that to hardest part is to tell about yourself. The more aware of who you are, the better you articulate yourself. 

Here's the introduction I wrote-


Abhinay Renny currently lives in Geneva, pursuing master’s in international development studies at Graduate Institute, Geneva. He authored 4 books- 2 novels, ‘In between the bridge’, ‘Rainy Summer’, 2 books of poetry- “The Wordless Conversation,” “Colourless” & got poems published in a few international anthologies. Along with it, he had Art exhibition at Bangalore & Jaipur in India.

In the past 6 years, he worked in IT Industry as well as social organisation. Curious to perceive the world, not in silos, he began his journey to Geneva to explore the themes he’s passionate about- Education, Technology, Environment & Art- its effect on humanity. 

Staying in the questions- ‘What it takes to trust others?’ & ‘What it takes to say- ‘I don’t know’ Abhinay Renny has taken up hitchhiking in India, trusting strangers and seeking help from them and striking conversations with them. 

Continuing to trust people around him, share a space with others, he has decided to put his art for sale. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Song of the Day- Mawh

 S shared the song that I enjoyed listening. This time, it's an acoustic version. Thanks S. Enjoyed listening to it.

Art- Empty Spaces- Flow- Day2

We didn't have empty space to host the empty space art exhibtion. I wanted to keep the space empty on the first day. However, it was not empty at all. I had to wait till things are removed and I walked at 10 am, prepared to set the exhibition up. I got reminded of all the friends who were there during this journey. In Jaipur I had the whole gang who were there through out and supported me. In my first exhibition in Geneva, Ann and her friend joined to help me out. This time, I went alone carrying all the paintings, taking my own time to process the changes in life. 

As I began to set it up, I fumbled with the orientation and height. I walked here and there. I kept moving around watching the empty space. Playing Aadujeevitham songs, I organised the art within 2 hours. I placed it on the ground to see how it looks and it took me a lot of time to set it up. 

Sanjna walked in and loved the canvases more than the postards. She offered orange. So thoughtful of her. I was working continuously without taking a break. It was indeed a needed. Later, Puru walked in and was amazed by the size. Happy to see the reactions. A few others passed by and felt that I'm insane by producing the huge amount of work. I do not paint when I'm free. I make myself free to paint. After few errands, I continued setting it up catching up with Jaya. 

As I began to bring it on the wall, people began to stop by and wondered what this is all about. Anthony walked in and appreciated my effort. Others were curious of it. Adhira joined me in the evening and within few minutes, she showed me the way to stick the post cards in smart way. Smart lawyer pondered on her life decisions but, I'm confident she'd figure out soon and celebrate her life. 

As the golden hour passed, everyone left the space and I got a chance to catch up with myself and the emptyspaces. Shruti joined me and suggested a few changes as I set up the canvases. It indeed came out really well. I'm so happy with how the the exhibition is turning up. A long day. Time to celebrate the hard work. 

Art- Empty Spaces- Flow

 Empty Spaces- Flow. Happy to share this and flow through the journey. 

Monday, March 18, 2024

Art- Empty Spaces-Flow

The abstract of the exhibition is out.

Holidays with Harry- Take it to it's full potential

Contemplating on the exhibition and the pursuit of art, I called up Harry and shared a word. 

"Sir, I have my art exhibition is coming up. For a month. And I'm exhibiting a lot of work. I'm anxious about it." I said. 

"Congratulations. The longer the better, the more the better."

"How did you handle your big days- book launches sir?" I posed another question. 

"What theme are you working on? asked Harry

"Empty Spaces- more about migration."

"That's nice. Look at your art through your theme and see it's full potential. What do you wanna to take the idea forward. Once you intend to see it's full potential, your conversations, your presence, your approach with the art reflects the same. There's no mistake if you shout from the rooftop, there's no mistake if you don't shout from the rooftop. Just try to see it's full potential."

"I'm scared of my intense conviction to paint more and write more."

"The more the better again. It's nice you've the urge to express, you don't need to suppress it."

After the conversation, I stayed with these thoughts and it helped- Seeing the work to it's full potential. Being comfortable in expressing yourself more through art is always okay. 

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Geneva Journals- La Farce Haul

 La Farce has helped me to get a good routine. As I got into LaFarce, every thursday, a few hours are dedicated to grocery shopping and book shopping. As ever, I went to the library and picked few books, picked veggies, had a crepe and joined Jyot. Most of the times, I run into Nadeen at random places. I ran into her at LaFarce as well. 

Did a few Lidl errands with Jyot. After a real long time, caught up with her. Had a great time catching up with her and sharing what's happening in each other lives.

Universe of Music- A R Rahman

 He's always evolving and emptying his cup. Grateful to have him and be a life long learner.