Sunday, July 30, 2017

Behind the X- TEDx Stories.

 The minute Samhita and Meghana walked up to me and told their decision on choosing Shreya as host. I knew were doing the best on things which we could've improved last year. 

Without comparisons, I believed in Shreya being perfect host, as I see energy in her, engagement techniques and spontaneity. More than anything, she brings positive vibes. 

There's a line said, 'Stop talking before people stop listening.' She knows when to talk and when to stop. Shreya does that right. 


9:00 am

As the day started, she started jumping around with the speaker list in hand and singing heartfelt. As time passed by, I could hear sitting in a corner and practicing the names and introductions of speakers. 

She called out for suggestions a couple of times, I couldn't respond properly. After a few minutes, she cornered me to a seat and shared all her doubts for the clarity. In return, I posed questions and she got her answers. As we talked, she decided to be confident and realistic rather than boastful and pretentious. 

9.58 am

I go near her saying, 'I know you'll do great! It's your day. Go for it!'

As we took one picture before we opened the floor for the talks, we got on to the show. 

Shreya was comfortable in her own words and she did her work so gracefully. As the talks went by, she came up with snippets, quotes and created a flow in the show. 

She balanced the energies. She knew when to be active when to give away the stage. 

After the lunch, as ideas were shared and the audience was drained by intense ideas and thoughts; to lighten up Shreya came up with the task of creating rain in the room. 

It was fabulous and everyone loved it. She was honest rather than pretentious as she decided. 

I believe, she has a lot of hats to wear. Shreya has the grace of taking up tasks soo effortlessly. that one trait of her amazes me. She loves what she does. God bless you Shreya. 

Friday, July 21, 2017


Everyday, soon after the classes are done, we'd rush to TED room at ED cell for many reasons. For a whole year, It became a hangout spot for all the TEDxers. Before we recruited the crew to work there, we used to brain storm ideas, discuss about further actions, call people to convince them about the idea. 
Clockwise: Myself, Vijay, Vineeth, Ravi Teja and Shiva

It all started as 5 member team and we kept growing as a community. Looking at the pictures, I feel nostalgic. This  picture was shot by Meghana.

Vijay's is infamous for his angriness but, he was always reasonable and cool with me. Vineeth is super awesome being a true leader. He is gentle and calm as his role model Rahul Dravid. Ravi Teja is intense and cool in his thoughts. Shiva is the silent man who doesn't contribute much talks in groups but was very comfortable with us sharing stuff. Miss being around these awesome people.

Review of "This Way is Easier Dad," by 7 &half year old

Surprised and impressed looking at the review written by 7 and half year old.  It's amazing how she finished the book before her father tried finishing it and also wrote review on it.  This made my day.

TCS Toastmasters

I visited many toastmaster clubs as a guest to listen to different stories.

I love the idea of it. I'm interested to know about the story of Toastmasters and curious to know the story behind their style of organizing a session. 

We were invited by Prudhvi's friend, Sneha to the Toastmasters TCS. We were late and missed the introduction. 

We listened to  two speakers who put their idea well. Both toastmasters started off well and kept us engaged. Soon after the main speaker talks, table topics session was held. Besides fellow toastmasters,we were invited to participate. Prudhvi and I gave a try at the end.   Prudhvi's topic was, "If you want to acquire a special talent, what would that be?" He spoke well talking about how he wished for a  talent to observe and understand the communication of body language. I thought he'd share about  experiences at Mafia game (Hard luck he never spoke of it.)

I was told to speak on, "Which wild animal would you like to tame, if given a chance."

Suddenly, a visual  from 'Roots' book flashed in my mind.  'Father and son Kunta walks staring at the lions which were on their way'  I started the story and gave a reason on why I chose lion. I made sure I put the story interesting and spoke for more than a minute. 

Soon after the  whole session was about to end, people called out for the best table topic speaker,  I was selected as Best Table topic speaker. I never knew that this was coming. Glad to attend Toastmasters and for winning it. Had a great time meeting toastmasters. Looking forward to attend more sessions.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

TEDxHyderabad Meet up

Being part of TEDx community is fun and being part of  TEDxHyderabad is super fun.  Today's meetup made me recall all beautiful memories of TEDxVNRVJIET. The anxiety, excitement and the intense thoughts to make everything TEDxy. The enthusiastic TEDxHyderabad team paved a way spreading many ideas and impacting through thinkers, enablers and doers. 

Viiveck was first to join the meet while Pankaj was hosting the meet at his office.  As clock was ticking, people kept entering and the moment the house was full, it filled with laughter and also a lot of brain stormed plans. 

There were jaw dropping elements regarding the event which would be revealed in no time by the community at public spaces.

Joining TEDxHyderabad team made me recall all the beautiful moments I had at TEDxVNRVJIET. 

TEDxHyderabad team
After series of discussions, Kalpana, one woman army briefed us on the initiative which she is working on. "Live the lakes" The kind of work she put in is progressive, inspiring and thought provoking.

After 2 hours of meet, we called it a night departing to our own destinations. It's good to be back working with the community full of thinkers, enablers and doers.

The main event is on september 24. exciTED for the D-day.

People who are interested check out the website.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Escape into the nature.

There's one peacock right on the rock.

L to R Srujan, Myself, Azith, Koushik, Ganesh

If you're lucky, you may spot a peacock

Faraway from Concrete Jungle

Words vanished into this universe.

There's a pang of regret when the words you penned are vanished into this universe, not returning to you forever.

I wish, I used water proof gel pen.
I wish, I typed.
I wish, I put them at safe place.

Many people would relate to my feeling for, everyone would lose something at sometime or other. This incident taught me to digitalise my writings as soon as I scribble anything on paper. Thanks to my over care to the writings I've written, I didn't lose much. There's one poem I lost  I wrote on my friend titled "Pleasant Chaos in Peach." I couldn't find the draft of it. I still try hard to recall the words I penned describing the moment.

This is one draft which I almost lost it. After few weeks,  vanished words reached me as they reach me when I don't wait for them.  To see the finished picture or painting or poem always brings contentment. I'm glad I found the words which I almost lost.

#Drafts #Windowseat

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Time Traveler's wife- Movie

Rachel Mcadams is at her best in romantic drama movies.

The title says it all, "Time Traveler's wife." It's amazing how writer picked up the most complex concept "Time travelling," and added a drama from human perspective.

Rachel Mcadams as Claire finds her partner who keeps visiting her since childhood. Not any one knows why it happens but the way protagonist travels  to past and future makes the story interesting.

Short and sweet movie.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ninnu Kori - Movie

From the time of glorifying the tradition with values and principles, we reached to the time where we glorify our tradition with our rational mindset. With a  new perspective director Shiva tried narrating a beautiful love story.

The movie is colourful  and loved watching Nivetha on screen.

Coming to the story, the way Nivetha falls in love with Nani is superficial. With the backing of Gopi Sundar composition, the movie went well elevating so many scenes.  Gopi Sundar is magician who elevated movie with his brilliant back ground score.

It's bit mess to know who loves whom but at the end of the day, the choice of loving a person solely depends on circumstances we choose to pick. I enjoyed watching the movie but, when I sit to write, I don't feel much about the movie. I'd say I was more enchanted by the music rather than other elements. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Million Dollar Arm- Movie

Million Dollar Arm

Inspired from a true story and  this movie is directed by Craig Gillespie.
John Hamm plays JB who is in search of a last chance to keep up his office and dreams. As all the doors gets closed, he walks to his investor talking about the untapped India’s talent.

It’s interesting how India is stereotyped in many ways. West people think that everyone are crazy about cricket. He thinks people who can bowl also can pitch in baseball.
Talent is expected at unexpected places and they find Rinku and Dinesh. It’s interesting how characters are developed. Every character whom I suspected about their role played important role in the movie, i.e Scout Ran. They move to Los Angeles to see what’s their for them in LA. Atlast after few ups and downs they see their dream.

I wonder about stories which are still untapped. It’s a delight to know about people who never had dreams but made them real after few series of incidents.  There’s nothing I didn’t like about the movie.

Music to the movie enhanced in every possible way. Few scores are taken from other movies, never the less, it’s always soothing to listen to such soothing music.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Basketball evenings.

L to R Wilson, Chinmay, Teja Bhai, Kanthu, Meher and myself
It's  always amazing to spend time with  the  team. Played after long time. It's nice to catch up with the team reminscing conversations and cherishing experiences

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Swimmer by Roma Tearne

43 year old Ria lives by a river  enjoying her days  alone. Her life changes when she tries meeting an intruder who visits her river at times. Ben. Ben is a refugee from Srilanka who ran for a better life. It's a story of love narrated by 3 different characters who are related to the 'swimmer,' Ben.

The book has three parts narrated by 'Ria,' 'Anula,' and 'Lydia.' The story seemed bit sentimental  but the way it was narrated impacted in a great way. The writing was very imaginative.

The book seemed intense but it's worth reading it again. I'd love to re read to be in the whirl of emotions again. The way Roma described nature along the person's nature is interesting. I lived in Suffolk summer along with the characters. I had good time reading this book. Author narrated around the theme of love, ageing, xenophobia. Looking forward to read more works of the author.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Amrutha- Envious of her caring nature.

There are few things in life which you love to do but, dont't allow yourself to do.

Amrutha is the person whom I love to talk but don't allow myself to talk. Reasons? Even I wonder why I don't allow myself. 

She's supportive. She's a good listener. She make me feel secure, comfortable  by merely listening. It's been a year since she moved to US. I hate the fact that she's out of reach to meet in person. I don't allow myself to call her, text her though I love to talk to her.

She's sweet and super awesome. She not only wishes to know my worries, she loves to be part of the happiness I share.

I'm asocial at times.  And knowing everything about me, she takes an effort to reach me out everytime to know what I'm upto.

She shatters the gap that filled with awkwardness. Time is the most precious thing that one could give to others. Believing in it, she makes sure to give me time whenever possible to know what I'm upto.  Out of the blue, she calls me asking what I'm upto. I'm blessed to have such friends. She also makes me fell guilty for my inability to be as concerned as she is.

Though I don't get away with crowd for days and weeks, call from Amu made me feel overwhelmed. Glad to have such caring and concerned friend.

7 years. And I never knew I'd write for so long.

Though I had habit of writing diary, I never had a habit of writing a journal. Searching all the old stuff, I found my 1st journal which I treasure it for being my companion where I could write anything and everything.

And also, looking at my present journal, I smile looking how far I've travelled. I can't thank enough for all the people who made a difference in my life.

Thoughts- Friends and Conversations

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