Saturday, July 1, 2017

Amrutha- Envious of her caring nature.

There are few things in life which you love to do but, dont't allow yourself to do.

Amrutha is the person whom I love to talk but don't allow myself to talk. Reasons? Even I wonder why I don't allow myself. 

She's supportive. She's a good listener. She make me feel secure, comfortable  by merely listening. It's been a year since she moved to US. I hate the fact that she's out of reach to meet in person. I don't allow myself to call her, text her though I love to talk to her.

She's sweet and super awesome. She not only wishes to know my worries, she loves to be part of the happiness I share.

I'm asocial at times.  And knowing everything about me, she takes an effort to reach me out everytime to know what I'm upto.

She shatters the gap that filled with awkwardness. Time is the most precious thing that one could give to others. Believing in it, she makes sure to give me time whenever possible to know what I'm upto.  Out of the blue, she calls me asking what I'm upto. I'm blessed to have such friends. She also makes me fell guilty for my inability to be as concerned as she is.

Though I don't get away with crowd for days and weeks, call from Amu made me feel overwhelmed. Glad to have such caring and concerned friend.

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