Friday, July 21, 2017

TCS Toastmasters

I visited many toastmaster clubs as a guest to listen to different stories.

I love the idea of it. I'm interested to know about the story of Toastmasters and curious to know the story behind their style of organizing a session. 

We were invited by Prudhvi's friend, Sneha to the Toastmasters TCS. We were late and missed the introduction. 

We listened to  two speakers who put their idea well. Both toastmasters started off well and kept us engaged. Soon after the main speaker talks, table topics session was held. Besides fellow toastmasters,we were invited to participate. Prudhvi and I gave a try at the end.   Prudhvi's topic was, "If you want to acquire a special talent, what would that be?" He spoke well talking about how he wished for a  talent to observe and understand the communication of body language. I thought he'd share about  experiences at Mafia game (Hard luck he never spoke of it.)

I was told to speak on, "Which wild animal would you like to tame, if given a chance."

Suddenly, a visual  from 'Roots' book flashed in my mind.  'Father and son Kunta walks staring at the lions which were on their way'  I started the story and gave a reason on why I chose lion. I made sure I put the story interesting and spoke for more than a minute. 

Soon after the  whole session was about to end, people called out for the best table topic speaker,  I was selected as Best Table topic speaker. I never knew that this was coming. Glad to attend Toastmasters and for winning it. Had a great time meeting toastmasters. Looking forward to attend more sessions.

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