Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dear daddy.

 "I will be born a girl, please do everything you can so that wont stay the greatest danger of all."A strong message mentioned to all of us. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Empower? NO! Educate.

Instead of empowering women, educate men.

Do women should get empowered to live in the society. To be safe in the society?

Instead of that, educate men.

Educate men on valuing the opposite gender. Educate men to respect the opposite gender.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sahaasam Swaasaga Saagipo

This is the only teaser i watched more than 100 times easily. It was the perfect teaser I've replayed it until my friend pleased me raising his hands to stop playing it.

It was the background music that shackled me to the video and also Goutam Menon's direction. The way he directed. I can always relate the movie to the reality. Knowing that it's Malayali beauty, Manjima Mohan is acting in the movie, i was so sure, she is going to be another Jesse in TFI.

The moment I saw thumbnail of Naga chaitanya and Manjima Mohan again a day back, I was up on my bed sticking to screen feeling excited.  It was 2nd teaser of the movie, "Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo."

Loved the concept. Waiting for the audio badly. And also the movie.

New, is every moment to nail in.

It's cathartic feeling writing this small piece on this day. My birthday (19.Nov).

Generally, i don't like celebrating birthday but, i like to celebrate other birthdays as they mean something in my life. Sharing the birthday with friend gives me immense happiness. 

Joining the names, i write an acrostic, wishing him heartily.

In this life, I'm writing down these lines recalling the  21 years of joy.

Whatever our dreams are. Those are yet to happen in very near time. We are going to cherish them in future.

Dreaming about the dreams, let's celebrate and exalt the life we have.

Calmness, serenity is what to be spread in our life. Fortunately A.R music does that for both of us.
New thoughts are coming out of serenity. To work hard, to achieve them.

On this occasion I wish us happy birthday. Let's put our life in the nest of peace, happiness.

Jishan! it's a new day, new number in life. to live, to desire something out of life.

Having said that. New is every day, every moment, to nail in.

Wish you many many happy returns of the day.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The win.

It's not the win, you've to look at.
The effort you're putting in to win, is what you've to think about.

For more of my poetry check out my page

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Agar tum saath ho

Smile shines on my face as I Listen to  Alka yagnik's voice after very long time. Name the Lagaan album or Taal or Zubeida. Her voice had swayed many heart's with many tracks. It is obvious to adulate A.R.Rahman for rendering 'Agar tum saath ho' in such a beautiful way. The moment when i saw the Arjith Singh name on the track list, i wondered how would he use such a mesmeric voice. He had made Arjith singh's part in peculiar way. If we concentrate he sung twice and it has been mixed or mixing engineer does that part.

Leaving behind the screen if we look on to the stars depicting this song, Deepika and Ranbir spread the magic portraying over whelming emotions. Best thing about Imtiaz Ali is he not only bring the stars on to the screen, he brings stars, stellar, sea, stones, nature <3 .="" br="">

Friday, October 16, 2015

Tamasha Music

Still as i'm living my life listening to OK Kanmani songs, here comes another mesmerising album from A.R.R

Tamasha starring Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor directed by Imitiaz Ali.

When some one told me about watching Tamasha atleast for Imitiaz Ali. I never watched any film hoping something. If i'm not getting what i hoped for, whatever it may be i always feel bad. So i never hope anything from the movies.

While watching the trailer I happened to wait for A.R.R voice somewhere behind the scene depicting beautiful Deepika's face.  Mohit chauhan voice surprised me and moved me to the edge of my seat making me more attentive as i'm so greedy to listen to his voice bit more. It's not possible to forget his rendering  towards Rockstar music. Every song sung by him made people dance, cry, live.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Embrace the diversity

Uncle of my neighbourhood asked me," What are your plans?"

I answered straightly, "Working on my next book uncle."

He scoffed and replied, " Better have career oriented job."

After finishing the conversation with so many conversation breakers; ahhh, ummm. I smiled, sighed after he left me.


Everyone feel happy for Saina nehwal, Sachin Tendulkar, Mohini Dey for the achievement they've got. But do anyone dare to encourage the people who want to excel in what they're passionate about?

Fear. Risk. People are afraid to take risk. Once after you achieve it's people again congratulating you for the achievement. Why do you don't dare to accept the change  in path people take?
Why  don't  you accept the risk?

Everyone wish for the change, do everyone accept the change?

It's the change which everyone has to embrace it, live with it.

Change is always new. And it's new because it's change. With rationalized thinking change can be embraced and change the whole world better.  Instead of wishing for the change, accept the change. Accept it with rationalized thinking. Accept it not with programmed thinking. Not with programmed emotions.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Be the Writer.

When i was on call with my friend,she told me, "Renny, I want to be a writer, not to write something overnight just to become like J.k Rowling or Agatha Christie,I want to pen down my feelings effectively and convey my context limpidly, I want  to be rhetoric."

              I never dreamt of myself writing poems. From childhood being expressive,talkative I was extrovert in my childhood. Every new year I was gifted a diary,cake by my dad. From my 1st class, I never bothered to give a thought about using the diary effectively,always used as rough book and failed to complete even after strenuous scribbling.

It was January 1st, I had my  9th diary and wanted to write something. Started writing about events, experiences. 1st day nothing unusual. 7th day no change. 19th day still a normal day. And I continued  writing  about my daily tasks and after writing for 3 months, I had few moments to pen down my feelings about my experiences, travelling. Since then i started writing and still I write.

It's always a surprise to me when people around me understand my context. I never attempt to explain what i mean. I always attempt to express in the enigma of words, If i had known any other form to express my emotions, I'd have done in that way. Fortunately or unfortunately it's by the words i was chosen and it's words i chose to express myself. I may fail to express it limpidly but, i never fail at expressing.

After so many years spent on writing, i could write and publish my first novel, "In between the bridge."

Monday, September 21, 2015

Another big day because of 'In between the bridge'.

As i took a stroll in crowded place searching for the friends whom i know, to have a conversation on a fine early morning. Some person followed me trying to start a conversation. Being a conversation maker i gently said,"Yes, tell me."

'Are you the author of In between the bridge'

'Unfortunately. Yes, I am the author of that book'

'Book is very nice, i liked it very much. Is it a real story?'

 'No, it's a fictional one'

'What was your inspiration for writing that book'


And after spending few minutes for the interrogative session about amrutha and karthick, she took her phone out to take a selfie and feeling bad for being sleepy head on early morning, i gave a wide grin saying thanks for reading the book.

After few selfies, I had chance to meet Rahul Ravindran, Pradeep Machiraju, Sandhya Janak, who happened to be the chief guests for the event, Swetcha: Step for the child.

As token of thanks, i gave them my first novel, "In between the bridge." Not only recieving it heartily, they promised me that they'd definitely read my book.
That words just made my day.

Friday, September 18, 2015

At the finger tip.

Times were gone where we have to take a directory to find the code of the place, times were gone to put the finger into the round dial to swing it to the numbers to make a call.

We are in a time where touch does all the work and thumb blinks, eyes stare. Texting.

The technology around us is so neutral that it provides everything and it is us who are decision makers and always choose to spend in most unproductive way.

After watching performer's in TEDx talks like usman riaz, felt it's 'passion' and 'wish to learn' is what makes everyone excel in whatever field we want.

Just a wish to learn. And strength to withstand hard times.

In between the bridge

The book "In between the bridge" is poetical tale of emotions filled with fervid poetry.
I was told by everyone that the title is absurd, weird, wrong. I never took back or gave second thought because i believed in my intention and i was so clear about what i really wanted to say from the title.

It's the journey which will let you know why it's "In betweent the bridge."

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cherished Memories

Getting placed in TCS  didn't made my day, but interviewer's words; Kalyan, Thamaanika has made me to put a big smile before I leave the room.

Having everyone around to share the result, I felt painful to express what exactly I was undergoing through, fortunately I had company who was looking at it with same perspective, Amulya.

And today, after spending many hours joblessly, I've tried googling my name and i've checked few sites where myself and my book was disclosed, One of the special write up which became the reason for the wide cheese smile on my face is

August 18th 2015.

It was the BIG day.

Everyone who attended my book launch made me all loved. Besides the filled auditorium, people whom I felt the reason for my presence on stage were not there to witness my small achievement; my family, basket ball team, seniors, friends and Kanchana Mam.

Without having charismatic Charishma, stage wouldn't look beautiful.

She was there all the way, supporting me and helping me to prepare the schedule.

She is the first person to whom I gave my first ever autograph in my life.

Chakravarthula Kiran sir helped me to get clarity on what I want, what I really want. Though his words were not spoken to me at times, it was spoken for me.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Conversations - Talk with the veteran.

Being late to dinner, I found little food and empty chairs to sit and eat in the hustling canteen.
Before, I sat to eat, ‘Eat at your own pace,’ informed an old man. The person spoke to me in impeccable English. Attracted to his gentle suggestion and calm voice, I started my conversation with hi. He is from Cochin, Kerala.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked. ‘I’m working as store in charge,  I want to spend my time somehow.Can't sit idle.’ Catching me at my surprise, he said, ‘I have a family of son, daughter and also a grand daughter.’

‘How old are you Sir?’

‘I am 70.’ He said. Interested in uncle’s story, we started our conversations and both of us realized that we have the same interests. He likes to read History. Discussing writing, he showed me his hand writing. We walked into the store room and he showed me his register. At the age of 70, I assumed, he would scribble. He got splendid handwriting. He maintained the book in a perfect manner.

Everyone types, who writes in such a neat manner I thought. Glad to meet him.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Good morning people,Goa is going to sleep.

It was march 10th, I started for Goa.

After the completion of our work in Goa, as all who go to Goa for first time get excited to go to beaches having their own expectations ,we were no less, went with so many expectations and started at night 7 pm to Bogmalo beach. Beach was sparsed with the crowd at entrance. It was lit up with many lights. I noticed a LED screen and I was startled to see the  kind of publicity they were giving for respective political parties, it says"Vote for baby doll" with weird funny background song.

As soon as I saw  the beach I was welcomed with the cool breeze and I started walking on bare foot to feel the soft sand and once I was touched by water,i felt I was home where I felt serene, waves were refreshing my mind as if the waves were wishing me happy time all the way and the tides were toddling to reach me, push me, to make me fall in the water, fall in love with it.

No sooner I spent 7 minutes at the  beach I was 9 year old kid who is becoming fervent about his love on beaches, trying to elude from the world to  be alone with the company of water, after spending invaluable time at beach,decided to stay full night at beach.

Started giving company to friends who started boozing. i let the time to pass, by sharing my happiness with my friend who was in hyderabad, i was so exuberant for two reasons

1. I was at beach
2. I was expressing my happiness to my best friend who sadly bears me blabbering all the time.

After some time my friends got high, then tired and then sleeping on sand with no consciousness with full of sand on their faces. I was all alone sitting among them with all the bottles which they threw and with few lights on. I had no energy to do the swach bharath mission in beach so I made sure there are no broken glass pieces around me and my friends.

3 am 

I am  all alone at beach, I was in trance and started humming meherbaan song from ada sung by A.R.Rahman. Lonely times spent with A.R.Rahman music are my best unforgettable times. And here i am in beach, lonely with  A.R.R's music, bliss is all around me. After some time I was tuned up with nature's music; sounds made by the waves. I started listening to the tunes of the universe; silence.The way waves come forward with a thunderous hit and then slide back away silently.In this loop, universe has created the rhythm which  enthralls me.I felt like the silence of sea has a roar which was energizing me all the way.

Listening to tunes of universe,I reclined onto the sand staring at the stars, i wish i live here,i wish I make a loop of this moment in life and repeat, repeat, repeat.

5.43 am

I just closed my eyes enjoying the moment and I was questioned by my friends asking me whether if I had wallet,phone in my pockets? I left them aside as asked. I was no way thinking that they would take me to the water. They held my hands and legs and threw me into the water, they didn't had big ears to listen to my pleading. I was dipped in the water at morning 5.47 am. It was frigging cold! but I loved the experience. I loved the whole night and I felt  Goa  wakes up at night, welcomes us to enjoy it's  beauty.

I was told to reach my room quickly as there was match,I  missed the sun rise at the  beach on that day.

Night is where people in Goa starts living and also night is when Goa is awake.

Good morning people! Goa is going to sleep.

Sunday, May 24, 2015



Whenever I read these lines, I get reminded of dialogue from dead poets society " we must always look at things from different angle".

Change the perspective to change your perspective.

Be there in the pitching dark to view things from different perspective, from galaxy to milky way. From milky way through a way and then try looking at solar system which has a sun and planets,look at earth, Adam's hive.

Earth is filled with water,volcanoes. Now look at India and it's people.

Did people on earth  really mattered when they were in solar system?

Did earth really mattered when  it was located in milkyway?

Yes and no!

It matters to astronaut where his people on earth matter to him,

It doesn't matter to person  who doesn't have anything to connect with.

ALL i wanna say is ...... It's only your view which changes the perspective of your mind, your thoughts,

Never feel inferior about your thoughts, visions, let many may bother least about you, your thoughts.

Don't let yourself to stop from being yourself in conscious of others comments,opinions.

Believe in yourself!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Poem- Living with endless hope

Living with endless hope

Sliding away with force

Blessed is the water when it heals
Cursed in the water when it kills

Baffling with, no human mind

Singer was gone mute in frost
but her music still reverberates

Where can I find the warmth wishes
Whenver I cross our lord's pitch

Water may take away the breathe
but not unblemished souls

Leaving the flesh, striken
living in the hearts of heaven

Tall is his image on the film
Love, is what he shares in this realm

So heroic are my friends
staying in the hearts of everyone

Though you leave
you live in us

Blessed are the people my friends prayed
Blessing is the Him, we lost from us

Shining amongst the stars
Cheering us to succeed

24/7 from heaven
Wishing us to cherish the life

Sailing the ship of my life
Move forward a mile
Recalling their smile

Not once
but forever!

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