Monday, November 23, 2015

New, is every moment to nail in.

It's cathartic feeling writing this small piece on this day. My birthday (19.Nov).

Generally, i don't like celebrating birthday but, i like to celebrate other birthdays as they mean something in my life. Sharing the birthday with friend gives me immense happiness. 

Joining the names, i write an acrostic, wishing him heartily.

In this life, I'm writing down these lines recalling the  21 years of joy.

Whatever our dreams are. Those are yet to happen in very near time. We are going to cherish them in future.

Dreaming about the dreams, let's celebrate and exalt the life we have.

Calmness, serenity is what to be spread in our life. Fortunately A.R music does that for both of us.
New thoughts are coming out of serenity. To work hard, to achieve them.

On this occasion I wish us happy birthday. Let's put our life in the nest of peace, happiness.

Jishan! it's a new day, new number in life. to live, to desire something out of life.

Having said that. New is every day, every moment, to nail in.

Wish you many many happy returns of the day.

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