Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Good morning people,Goa is going to sleep.

It was march 10th, I started for Goa.

After the completion of our work in Goa, as all who go to Goa for first time get excited to go to beaches having their own expectations ,we were no less, went with so many expectations and started at night 7 pm to Bogmalo beach. Beach was sparsed with the crowd at entrance. It was lit up with many lights. I noticed a LED screen and I was startled to see the  kind of publicity they were giving for respective political parties, it says"Vote for baby doll" with weird funny background song.

As soon as I saw  the beach I was welcomed with the cool breeze and I started walking on bare foot to feel the soft sand and once I was touched by water,i felt I was home where I felt serene, waves were refreshing my mind as if the waves were wishing me happy time all the way and the tides were toddling to reach me, push me, to make me fall in the water, fall in love with it.

No sooner I spent 7 minutes at the  beach I was 9 year old kid who is becoming fervent about his love on beaches, trying to elude from the world to  be alone with the company of water, after spending invaluable time at beach,decided to stay full night at beach.

Started giving company to friends who started boozing. i let the time to pass, by sharing my happiness with my friend who was in hyderabad, i was so exuberant for two reasons

1. I was at beach
2. I was expressing my happiness to my best friend who sadly bears me blabbering all the time.

After some time my friends got high, then tired and then sleeping on sand with no consciousness with full of sand on their faces. I was all alone sitting among them with all the bottles which they threw and with few lights on. I had no energy to do the swach bharath mission in beach so I made sure there are no broken glass pieces around me and my friends.

3 am 

I am  all alone at beach, I was in trance and started humming meherbaan song from ada sung by A.R.Rahman. Lonely times spent with A.R.Rahman music are my best unforgettable times. And here i am in beach, lonely with  A.R.R's music, bliss is all around me. After some time I was tuned up with nature's music; sounds made by the waves. I started listening to the tunes of the universe; silence.The way waves come forward with a thunderous hit and then slide back away silently.In this loop, universe has created the rhythm which  enthralls me.I felt like the silence of sea has a roar which was energizing me all the way.

Listening to tunes of universe,I reclined onto the sand staring at the stars, i wish i live here,i wish I make a loop of this moment in life and repeat, repeat, repeat.

5.43 am

I just closed my eyes enjoying the moment and I was questioned by my friends asking me whether if I had wallet,phone in my pockets? I left them aside as asked. I was no way thinking that they would take me to the water. They held my hands and legs and threw me into the water, they didn't had big ears to listen to my pleading. I was dipped in the water at morning 5.47 am. It was frigging cold! but I loved the experience. I loved the whole night and I felt  Goa  wakes up at night, welcomes us to enjoy it's  beauty.

I was told to reach my room quickly as there was match,I  missed the sun rise at the  beach on that day.

Night is where people in Goa starts living and also night is when Goa is awake.

Good morning people! Goa is going to sleep.

Sunday, May 24, 2015



Whenever I read these lines, I get reminded of dialogue from dead poets society " we must always look at things from different angle".

Change the perspective to change your perspective.

Be there in the pitching dark to view things from different perspective, from galaxy to milky way. From milky way through a way and then try looking at solar system which has a sun and planets,look at earth, Adam's hive.

Earth is filled with water,volcanoes. Now look at India and it's people.

Did people on earth  really mattered when they were in solar system?

Did earth really mattered when  it was located in milkyway?

Yes and no!

It matters to astronaut where his people on earth matter to him,

It doesn't matter to person  who doesn't have anything to connect with.

ALL i wanna say is ...... It's only your view which changes the perspective of your mind, your thoughts,

Never feel inferior about your thoughts, visions, let many may bother least about you, your thoughts.

Don't let yourself to stop from being yourself in conscious of others comments,opinions.

Believe in yourself!

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