Sunday, May 24, 2015



Whenever I read these lines, I get reminded of dialogue from dead poets society " we must always look at things from different angle".

Change the perspective to change your perspective.

Be there in the pitching dark to view things from different perspective, from galaxy to milky way. From milky way through a way and then try looking at solar system which has a sun and planets,look at earth, Adam's hive.

Earth is filled with water,volcanoes. Now look at India and it's people.

Did people on earth  really mattered when they were in solar system?

Did earth really mattered when  it was located in milkyway?

Yes and no!

It matters to astronaut where his people on earth matter to him,

It doesn't matter to person  who doesn't have anything to connect with.

ALL i wanna say is ...... It's only your view which changes the perspective of your mind, your thoughts,

Never feel inferior about your thoughts, visions, let many may bother least about you, your thoughts.

Don't let yourself to stop from being yourself in conscious of others comments,opinions.

Believe in yourself!

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