Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Geneva Journals- The Old Walking Couple

 I began my run despite the drizzle and the wet roads. Listening to music, podcasts while running has became distraction now. I'm more keen to hear my breathe and feel the rhythm of it. Also, the soundscape of the places I visit are very interesting. I went across the chapel and thought of taking a long turn to sunflower field. To make it a long path, I turned left, instead of right and headed to a place where I found this powerful statue that marks the revolution of Hungary 1956. It's a statue of woman who's unshackling herself and flying above. Very powerful. I stopped for a while to spend time at the statue. The human figure has a lot of dynamics and the woman looks below looking how she's transforming herself. 

A very much needed of work to believe in transformation and change in life. Will revisit sometime. I continued my run and spotted some sheep, right infront of a corporate building. The sheep stood still staring into the void (atleast that's what I assume)

Ran across the dying leaves and wondered where does these leaves be moved, transformed, and bloom into another beings. I could think of the thought, 'every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.' 

Running across the streets, I went a round about and began my run towards the sunflower field. This time, again I ran into dog-Snow and the dog owner, walking along with a friend carrying colourful umbrellas.

What an experience to walk along the fields and share conversations, I thought and ran to the other field. There I found an old couple enjoying the breath taking sight. 

It's nice when people spend time together and enjoy their walks. I tried to begin a conversation with them. At first, with signal we tried communicating but, I couldn't understand it. The elderly person opened the phone and spoke in chinese. And the translated text was, "Sorry I don't understand french because I speak Chinese."

The elderly lady held her pink umbrella and looked at both of us, trying to be part of the communication we're having.

I was amazed by the way we were communicating. I nodded my head and smile profusely while he spoke a few more sentences into phone. "Myself and my wife are 76. We're too old to learn it now." He showed it with a pleasant face. I love the way they're enjoying their day. 

Have a nice day I said out loud despite I know that he'd perceive my English as French. I joined my hands as a sign of respect and took a step behind to run back to home. Glad to meet 76 year old couple who takes a walk into nature and enjoys a cloudy rainy day. 

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Day-4 Empty Space Maya Nadhi

I'm hardly present at my exhibition and I do not know how my work is affecting to all the ones who walked by. That's how life is I guess. 
We walk the path in oblivion of how we are affected by others and how we affect other's lives. 

Post 2 PM, I walked into exhibition and shared space with Ainun. 

I had couple of people walk in and were very impressed with my work. I'm so happy to evoke an emotion through my art. Elena and I had a deep conversation where we discussed empty spaces and human condition. Ainun was there clicking all of the pictures. 

Gayathri and Epsa finished their econometrics and looked forward to check out my exhibition. Epsa being Epsa, forgot about my exhibition. Both walked in and they witnessed my work from the beginning and know some stories behind the art. They were happy to witness the way it turned out. 

People walked in and shared a conversation. Everywhere I go, there are people who run into me and share, 'I checked your exhibition, good work.' I'm grateful, they chose to share a response with me. 

At the end, I invited Ann to walk into the exhibition. Despite having a heavy day, she came and was happy for me and the responses I got in the book. Thanks Ann for joining me at the exhibition. We clicked pictures and walked out of the college. 

At night, along with Epsa, Gayathri, Anjali and Adhira, we celebrated and caught up in conversations. Glad to have people around to share space and some conversations. 

Day2- Empty Spaces-Maya Nadhi Art Exhibition

It's surprising how I'm waking up from sleep with poems calling out to me get written down. I grabbed the book and penned down the words. 

Scribbled this piece and I'm marveled by how this words are very precious to me at the same time, I'm not the author of these words. Through dreams, I've just written them down. 

Flowing through places
I stayed in the question of empty spaces

I walked through fields
I walked through waters
I walked through lakes
I walked through rivers

I met a sunflower
who smiled like a sunshine

All or nothing she said
to live a life

Through hardships, heartbreaks,
crisis and conundrum

The Sun flower stood

sometimes smiling
sometimes straight
sometimes through stories
sometimes through silences

In a rhapsody of tranquility
she flowed

Always floating on a stable ship
shearing waters

Lying down at night
waking up with the hope

Hope that hauls sun
even through cloudy weather

Flowing through spaces
filling emptiness by her presence. 

She's not the flower
but the river that flows mystically

Mayanadhi flowing through empty spaces

A gush of energy to share this poem across to the world. With a few poems, few stories, you are driven to put them out in the world.  Soon after I started my day, I was mailing my profs requesting for a timeslot so that I could recite this poem and share about my exhibition. 

These days, I'm very laid back in pushing my work across. A few art works and people behind it inspire me to put myself out and grow in this world. "Empty it out and stay open."

I dressed in my signature black Kurta and walked into my exhibition. I'm so happy to be out there. 

The teaser got played on the big screen. I was breathing very deeply, exhilirated to see it on the big screen. I enjoyed each and every moment of it. I walked 

After classes, Rachel M Bon, visiting prof, acclaimed film maker of Je suis Noire, shared interest to check out my exhibition. 

Along with her, other friends walked into my exhibtion. Sandra was the one who encouraged them to check out the exhibition. Thanks Sandra for spreading the word. 

Puru walked in and was curious to check out my exhibiton. He asked me if I had a particular reason to put out the crumbled and cut paper poetry. Along with them, Astonia and her friend shared how they checked out my art in absence and had a lot of questions and comments. 

Another visitor walked into the exhibition, asking out what this is about. As I shared the story behind empty spaces and maya nadhi, she observed the art and laughed looking at the last piece.

"You're an artist, who lives in your own mind." she shared having a intermittent laugh. Thanks for the compliment madam. 

She further wrote her response and maya nadhi in her home language and walked out of the space. 

After the a little hustle, Sandra joined me and shared a conversation. Tanya walked in and appreciated the work and encouraged me to spread the word. She clicked some visuals and video and pushed me to be out there and spread it. At the end of the day, we walked out discussing art, stories. 

I decided to celebrate whole week and I went to Salsa class to dance around and celebrate. I met many new people. A lot of them mentioned about the art exhibition and promised me to check it out and respond soon. Glad that people are interested in art and taking some time to share a space with me. Grateful. Another great day. 

Geneva Journals- The Sunflower Field run

Cloudy weather and I seek solace in the empty fields. The fields which give me a sense of hope and comfort. I ran towards the fields and spent some time. While returning, I met a dog named, Snow. Like it's name, it's white and full of curl fur. It's owner has a smiling face and is enjoying his walk. I wondered How does one come up with a name and continued my run. I'm glad I meet new dog every day. 

Geneva Journals- Theatre Huddle

I joined the theatre group headed by Nyan Storey, who does writing, acting, theatre direction, choreography and a lot more. "Everything is linked" he writes on his website. Totally agree to it. 

Today Nyan wasn't there for some reason. Five of us began the session. Sebastian, Elchin, Claudia, Felix and two others were present in sesion. 

We walked across the space trying to balance it out. Walking through the space, we tried locking eye contact with one person and kept on walking around trying to share the space as well as take our own space.  Soon we performed mirror exercise and transitioned slowly. 

It's very interesting how we shared the space as well as tried connecting with others and flow easily amongst others. 

There are many exercises I learnt today. After performing shoulder fish. 

We performed Market game where the customer performs an emotion and seller mirrors it. It was super fun. In the beginning, I acted as deaf person and second time, I acted as a person who thinks, he has to buy something but, not really. The seller also thinks to sell but not really, it was fun. 

Others performed excitement, seriousness, anger, romantic and many other emotions. 

Every once in a while, we gathered in a circle to share how we're feeling after the exercises. There's no right or wrong answer. And it's okay even if we don't have answer. 

We shared stories by introducing ourselves. Felix shared how he drew firefighters when he was small by causing heavy fire in the field. Sebastian shared how he fractured his finger, shared the picture with his father saying, 'lol', as he didn't feel the pain at all. Worried dad called up the school, hospital and alarmed everyone to bring son to attend the injury, while son continued playing football without a worry. 
Elchan shared how she was almost missing the flight but made it despite elders pointing out for her issues. There's one more person who shared how she went out for run and forgot the key inside. Her land lord had to come from south france had to Geneva, just to hand over the key to open the door. Patient Land Lord. 

Claudia shared how she clebrates the day of the dead and tried hard to bake th bread and failed. 

We played Hiya, the imaginative blue ball, stinky shoe and alot more fun stuff. 

Learnt a alot of new things today. I'm happy to share space with others and learn about them, learn about myself and what do I express. 

There was one exercise where we need to walk and intensify the emotion that's portrayed by others.

Great day. 

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Happy birthday Tanya

On a rainy day, I ran into Tanya at the bus stop and shared a conversation. Many a times, we meet a lot of people but do not spend time to know each other well. That conversation was the first one to catch up with her and learn a bit about what she does and what she likes.  

Tanya has her own ways of celebrating her birthday. Sleeping for long time is one her birthday ritual and continued it, even in Geneva. After starting the day at her own time, celebrated in her own ways and bought everything that she wanted and made her happy. 

Argha hosted a surprise party and invited couple of her friends. Glad to be one of her friends to be invited. I joined them at the party and caught up with Kushi, Sibasish, Anuj, Shivam while Sanskriti was doing the tougest part, cooking food for all of us. 

Tanya walked in without knowing about the party. With a sweet surprise, we wished her and began the party. The mood got right with music, cake, food, drinks and stories. Argha selected Harry Potter illustrated edition as a gift to her. Being potter heads, she absolutely loved it and cherished it. 

Sitting across the couches, we shared more about us through i

ncidents, memories. We discussed more on how we enjoy life leaving the burden of expectations and assumpitons at bay. I'm glad to be old. I have a lot of memories to cherish and look forward to create more. 

While Sanskriti and Argha prepared for dinner, we continued our conversations and shared our interests. 

Hans Zimmer is Tanya's one of her favourite musician. We celebrated the moment listening to Interstellar theme. Knowing the answer of question, what's her favourite fiction book, I asked what's her favourite non-fiction book. 

'Predictably irrational' by Dan Ariely is her favourite. 

As the conversations flowed, the vibe kicked in and I enjoyed each and every moment of it. Thanks Tanya for spreading smiles and happiness and celebrating your birthday with us. Great time. Happy birthday once again. 

Geneva Journals - Every one has their own philosophy

Catching up with a few friends, they shared, "Everyone has a philosophy. And that's what drives them in life."

Utilitarianism is one for a friend,  "Why do something more when you can do something less?" is something for another friend.  I recollected my answer which I shared 7 years ago to the same question to another friend, "Learn.Love.Live" I still stand with the same answer. 

Friday, October 27, 2023

Day3- Empty Spaces Maya Nadhi

I wish I placed the GoPro to capture the hustle around my exhibition. 

Miantsa walked in with me to the exhibition and patiently checked out my exhibition. She shared how her mother is artist and also her sister, pursuing art studies. Glad to know many people who are interested in art. 

I stayed there for a while and at the same time, Sruthi walked in and stayed curious with my empty spaces. She observed all the human figures in the paintings and tried guessing who it'd could be. "The girl with a bun. Who's this person?" she asked. A familiar question I don't answer to. 

She responded to the concept of Empty Spaces by writing and sketching for a while. Thanks Sruthi for dropping by and sharing a conversation. 

The best moment of the day was when my art prof walked towards and said, "Hi, I checked the art exhibition of yours. I like your use of colours." I was so touched by her appreciation. It means alot. "I'm not a big art critic but, I enjoyed it. They are really nice." she continued. 

Another friend walked in and said, I attended your exhibition. I enjoyed it. My sister was in town, I brought her to the exhibition. Thanks dear friend for spending time at the exhibition and also sharing the word with me. 

Grateful for all the responses. Looking forward to see how the week spans out. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Music- Kanna Varuvayo by PRI

Sandra suggested me to listen to this song. On a cloudy day, this soothing melody made my day. Thanks Sandra for the suggestion. Looking more about the artist, I found the spotify bio of the artist interesting. Glad she picked up the music her parents put her in.

"Here to show you that the sangeetham class that your parents put you in can change your entire life."

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Day1- Empty Spaces- Maya Nadhi Art Exhibtion

I woke up with a dream where I was rambling words. Again a stream of subconsciousness. To know what I'm thinking, I grabbed my journal to write them down and wrote these lines from sleep.

Measuring distances in making conversation
Walking out in path
You're at distance afraid to not mislead
I'm at distance not to discomfort you
Will we always measure distance and make friendship?
You're there
I'm here

Will we ever be those friends again? 

Losing a friend is a haunting melancholy. I was scared to host this exhibition. If you ask why, I do not have reason. It's irrational fear. I was not ready for the day and I was wondering if I should mail my team that I can't make it up to the exhibition. 

I was nervous. I was overwhelmed with this exhibition. I'm scared by what evokes me with these events after I got surprised by myself at Colourless Bangalore Book launch.  A few messages by dear friends, I gathered strength to move forward irrespective of my fears. 

Tamara and Marina were supportive and dropped me mail briefing all the basics. As I rushed to the institute to set up the exhibition, I could see the exhibition poster, neatly placed at the entrance. I was bit hesitant to do any publicity. The Fab did it all for me. From designing the posters to publishing them at places with a lot of care. I love it. 

Thanks Fab for brilliant work

Marina helped me out with lights and space and as I began to set up the post cards racing against time, Ann walked in along with her friend to check out my exhibition. I dragged them to help me. They were glad to help me out in any possible way. Ann and Celia were cutting the plaster and handing it out while I was selecting the post cards. Without them, I wouldn't have set it up in time.  Asking time every 2 minutes, we were almost there finishing it up and at 10.12 all of us ran to our classes leaving the exhibition open. 

Post class, I strolled to the  exhibition and I missed the paintings. It's funny that these are few works that I hold a lot of emotional value and was putting it out for exhibition. 

Archit, Sandra walked in with a little flower and congratulated me for the exhibition. Along with them, Ann joined and all of us sat near the exhibition, chatting random things while everyone got busy with the work. 

As people walked in, friends also managed to check out the art and spent some time to observe it and pointed out their favourites. 

Again, we rushed to attend class to learn Probability. After 2 hours of probability, I invited professor Remi to walk into the exhibition. He was inquisitive about the medium, paintings and colours. Glad to strike a conversation and share few words. Other friends joined and began to fill the post its to the question, "What is mystic river in your home language?"

Luana, Jyot, Arghadeep, Sanket, Pallavi, Harshita, Kushi and a few others joined the exhibition. Glad to share space with them. 

It's interesting that the empty space is filled by many people. A few are catching up on the stories on their towns, colleges and a lot more. Others are trying to interact with art. Others are silent but their presence speaks more than their words. 

Curious visitors

I was overwhelmed by putting out the art that's very close to me. What it is to be vulnerable? What it is to share a space with others? What it is to be there and let the world respond to your art?

Teary eyed me couldn't stop myself from crying and stayed grateful to be there and see the most loved ones being there and checking out my art. 

Soon after the hustle, after another lecture, Shivam walked into the exhibition and spent good time observing my art. There are two pieces, he could relate very much with his life and shared how he look at those pieces. 

I was touched by the way he responded to my art. Both of us walked into Pickwicks to join friends for Trivia night, also to celebrate the first day of the exhibition. 

I'm grateful for all the time and love people have shared it with me. 

Monday, October 23, 2023

Memories- Events

I'm grateful that there are a lot of days that reminds me of various memories at the drop of hat.  As I prepare for my next exhibition event, I could think of my first launch and exhibtion eve. 

On August 18 2015, I had my first book launch. Anil covered the whole event and gave a lot of memorable pictures. Whole college was cheering for me and supporting me in this endeavour. I could feel everyone's support as everything fell in place even though I was clueless till the last minute about a lot of things. Kittu from ED cell got in, Kittu Jr came up with cover, Charishma assisted in handling the whole event, Shashank was there for every small thing. Grateful for everyone. Lastly but not the least, all my friends, loved ones showed up at the event, making it houseful. Good old memories.  

So nice of the prof to read the excerpts and appreciate them.

Without their support, I wouldn't have pushed myself to check my potential

Dr.Kiran Mai- The one who took me under her wing taught me life lessons

Harry a.k.a Harimohan Paruvu

That's the first and last time I wore suit for any of my launches

The launch picture

This will remain my favorite picture. My first autograph on the day of event, I guess.

The cherry on the top was Harry's blog which still makes me relive the day through his words. Thanks a lot Harry for writing this piece. 



Sunday, October 22, 2023

Birthday Celebration - Post Card Celebration

Every year, I never plan to make my birthday special but, I'm always intuititve that the birthday goes special in the ways I don't even imagine. 

From the last decade, I've been thoughtful in celebrating my birthdays. In the last 2-3 years, I asked people what I want for my birthdays. I always asked books and people have always showered with a lots of love and loads of books. 

I was reflecting on whom I easily ask without a second thought, whom I remind about my birthday and whom I share my birthday with. This year, I've decided to celebrate my birthday through postcards. 

I'd love to share post cards from Switzerland on the occasion of my birthday.

Due to shoe string student budget, I can afford to send 10 post cards world wide and 20-30 postcards within switzerland. 

Dear reader, if you'd like to celebrate writing, stories, poetry, paintings and my birthday, drop a mail with your postal address at abhinayrenny@gmail.com. Would love to celebrate the moments through a postcard. 

Soliloquies- The long journey

 I remember asking my writer friend who works in Development sector to share some suggestions on writing."Renny do you really want to pursue writing?" he asked. 

"Yes" I affirmed. "Let me tell you few things then," he explained, "to pursue writing is to pursue lonliness. Do you want to be lonely in life?" he asked. 

I laughed out loud and said, "by no choice, I'm already lonely. I'd pursue what I love and stay lonely rather than do nothing and stay lonely." Both of us laughed and continued our conversation. 

With 13 years of experience in writing, I'd agree with him that writing is a lonely task and lonliness is not bad thing. We need it to create that work. Tomorrow, I've my exhibition Empty Spaces-Maya Nadhi. Events are usually filled with conversations, meeting different people and listening to them. 

I cherish this moment to reflect on all the lonely times I spent to create this piece of work, empty spaces maya nadhi. People who crossed paths in life. Places that have inspired me through this journey, have not been visited from long time. Even now, on the eve of exhibtion, I'm staring at my pieces all by myself, having a different sense of energy, being grateful about the whole journey. 

Till this moment, these pieces had a very limited audience. After this evening, they are no more mine. It's open to public, it's open to opinions, it's open to praise and it's open to any form of response. 

I celebrate this moment. I know it's gonna be lonely after this whole celebration.
Hoping to walk with some travelers, cross paths and keep walking in life. 

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Soliloquy- The Pressure, Stress and the Physics of it

Thinking of basic difference between pressure and stress from Physics textbooks and the same formula both has, I realise that there's a huge difference between the applied pressure and pressure experienced by the materials. 

we cannot blame any external factor for the unrest that's created within us, as we allow the causes, experience them and become the cause for the effect we have on ourselves. The more we are aware of our experiences, the more we can be at peace with ourselves. 

Friday, October 20, 2023

Geneve Journals- The Daily Grand Dinners

Epsa, Adhira, Anjali gathered to cook their dinner. Their daily dinners consists of impulsive cravings and major missings of Delhi, the Sun, the cold, the flowers, the food, the desserts, the pollution and anything that reminds them of home.

We gathered in a small cozy community kitchen. Listening to their curated playlist, I enjoyed the company, the rain, the lighting. These are the moments, I'd cherish over the years in the future. Loved the time. 

Adhira suddenly wished to eat honey chilly potatoes after being disappointed with her own fried rice. We had to wait until it gets done while Epsa was busy eating dal rice from her own black cooker, reminscing how she spent 15 years of her life, eating Banana and drinking milk every evening. 

Two hours into preparation, we finally had food. This gang reminds me of Azhar who offers chai at 9 PM and starts cooking at 11PM. These lovely people don't intend to get it late but somehow they end up spending more time in thinking about food rather than making it. 

I'm so happy to have their company. Now it's time to hit the tables and enjoy fried rice and honey chilly potateos. 

Birthday- M as we know her

M as we know her. My friend's mother. Today is her birthday. 

We know her as a mother who'd call out her daughter early in the morning, to send her to school. "T get up. It's time to go to school." We know her as a student who cleared medicine entrance exam, ambitious to contribute to the world by her presence and her service. We know her as eldest daughter who put her family before her ambitions. We know her as a person who has immense interest in music. Passionate enought to pick up a new language soley through music lyrics and the cassette labels. 

We know her as a person who's interested in movies and catch up on all the oscar nominated movies. 
She's a passionate individual who's takes interest in life and all that brings us into life. She survived COVID, Cancer and her innate fears. We know her as a mother who raised a daughter who reflects kindness, empathy through her. 

It's her birthday and I take a moment to wish her the best in life and this world deserves her presence and her presence makes a difference to many. God bless her. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Movie- Uncut Gems

It's been a long time since I watched a movie that shook me up to the core. Adam Sandler as a Jeweller gets hold of a precious gem which he wishes to make money from and get out of all the problems he has in life. 

Exchanging it with several hands and handling the money lenders in his own way, he wishes to get rid of all the problems with one gem. He raises his stakes to get out of the whirpool he set himself in. 

Along side, he terribly fails to keep up with the marraige and family but still holds onto the roots, a superficial act of being in the community. 

I could look into the life of a businessman where there's greed and ambition. 

I remember my conversation in college, with Ismail on what drives business people. At first, I thought, it's money but he mentioned, "it's ideas, power, passion to serve in their own way." I did indeed know couple of my friends who got into business just to make their mark in particular industry and bring change. There are several ups and downs and with the grit they've withstood is commendable. 

Now, I think of how values drive humans and how humans float and drown in the values, trying to make a life.

Movie worth watching.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Geneve Journals- The Sunflower field run

After a two week break, I began to run again. It's interesting to listen to your body. Sometimes we gotta listen to it and rest rather than push ourselves and hurt it. Does body know better than me? Am I different from my body? I don't know. 

I began to run in cold weather, covering my ears with radium colorful ear plugs. I ran past my favourite car parking place. The black mercedes replaced the vintage red car. Sad to see the change but, change seems to be inevitable. 

I ran past the sunflower field. Within a few months, a new crop would be sown at the field but, for me, this ground will always be a sunflower field. Touched down another field where I saw couple of sunflower plants in the past. Now, the ground is clear, all set to grow a new crop. 

Enjoyed the sights and returned home running. 

Geneva Journals- Kitchen & Conversations

I love community kitchens for a few reasons. 

1) You get to meet people & have conversations
2) You get to learn how to cook

I walked into the kitchen trying to cook chicken after burning the whole chicken in the previous day. Cooking chicken and taking simple suggestions from the next door neighbour, I succesfully cooked yummy chicken. 

Along with it, we discussed books, the importance of reading fiction books and the need to be open to books. 

Monday, October 16, 2023

Geneva Journals- Winter Wear Distribution at La Farce

 La Farce is distributing winter wear as the temperatures have just begun to drop. I pushed myself hard to get out of my residence and was ready to quickly get in and get out of LaFarce finishing the work. I ran into Vibha and walked along with her. Slowly, I joined Jyot, along with her friend Anand, discussing life in Geneva and the possibilities of Jyot getting a jacket with some cartoons. Anand is pursuing a course in Mathematics and computer science. He was sharing his Geneva journey. 

One hour into waiting, Ann joined the line. As I entered the arcade, I picked up a scarf, a trouser, two shorts, a jacket, a few accessories(mostly for painting purposes) and a pair of boots. I'm so happy to find what I found. Ann got a classy jacket and army green shirt. The next La Farce distribution is around 9 December. At the end, with a heavy bag of the haul, walked out thanking La Farce team. 

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Xippas Gallery Visit- I can't see the Forest by Karishma D Souza

Malavika has suggested me to visit her friend Karishma D Souza's exhibition- I can't see Forest at Xippas Gallery, Geneva. Malavika and Karishma are from same batch. Glad to know about this and I attended the gallery today. Cirque will remain my favourite place in the town. A few metres away from Cirque, Xippas presented the most intricate and colourful water colour paintings of Karishma. 

A little introduction about the exhibition. 

I can't see the Forest is about artist's view on how rapidly her town, Goa is changing. With the change of landscape changes traditions and livelihoods. A narrative on how her place is being affected by the current changes. I found Karishma's work very intricate and each line seemed to be a fragment of a memory. Her work is presented in two galleries of Xippas. I enjoyed the works which are present in Rue du Vieux-Billard 7 

Geneve Journals- Grateful Meals

I'm grateful for all the food I get to eat. Especially, in the past two days, I've been offered food by many people. Syliva walked in and offered me a big piece of brownie and suggested to heat it for 10 seconds and have it. I'm a brownie person and I savoured the whole brownie without a morsel of guilt. Soon after that, Sandra invited me for dinner and offered me Chicken, pulao, Rajma, Raita and Tiramisu. Today, again, S offered me Chicken Biryani. I feel so abundant in having so many amazing people, offering me food. Grateful for all the food I'm having here. 

Thoughts- Do not runway from emotions

Lately, I've been under grey weather and I was pushing myself to function and attend everything I'm supposed to. I could feel the acute need of attending what exactly my emotions are. Running here and there doesn't work, being in the crowd doesn't work. At the end, it develops more fatigue and fatigue. I need to be attentive, acknowledge and experience those emotions. A few are strikingly painful, a few are blows that will not let you get up. The only thought that's keeping me look forward is, "It's a blessing to live in a body."

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Poetry- The Sunflower Field

The nights have passed
The days have arrived

We could see ourselves melting into this space in black and brown
with our drooping heads down

Until the buzzing machines walked, stamped, and razed us.
Cut away. Carried away. Splitted. Trampled and transported.

Sustainability, Eco-friendly stickers glazed at us in our colours- Yellow and brown

The nights have passed
The Days have arrived

We're moved.

The field is empty without us
Is it?

The Nights have passed
The Days have arrived

We're there
Not there
In this world. 

Monday, October 2, 2023

Geneve Journals- Visit to CERN

CERN is world's largest nuclear research centre. It's located both in Swiss and French land. It's so interesting to explore the place and listen to their waste management practicies. As IHIED is member of 2050 Today, we got a chance to be part of the initiative and attend the meeting to discuss waste management practices of various organisations such as ILO, WIPO, United Nations, Eco Life, Canton, and many more.  

It began with English and later, went ahead with a lot of french. After the meeting, got a chance to visit the CERN premises. Thanks Varun, Wangchuk for this visit. 

Poetry- The Three Boxes

 Once lived three boxes....

They got stacked, parked, pushed, pulled, dragged, bragged, kicked, stamped, moved, cursed, criticised, observed, valued, undermined, over estimated, rectified, nullified, ridiculed, cajoled, loved, admired, adored, silenced, shattered, assigned,resigned, objectified,compared,calculated,paid, priced, numbered, centrered, studied, humiliated, identigied, ideated, exoticised, humanised 



Sunday, October 1, 2023

Education- The Leader's Way

 Recently, one of my prof had a two hour class where he listened to everyone who had an idea and opinions. Every five minutes, he'd assign numbers to people to share their thoughts in order. Even before the order is finished, he'd assign the numbers again. With a little bit of laughter and humour, we shared a 15 ideas, out of which we need only 3!

He listened to everyone, made everyone feel heard and at the end of the class, did what he wanted to do. Last 5 minutes of 2 hour class,he finalised the three topics, assigned members to the groups and shared it with the class. 

I'm impressed by the way he was attentive, patient and managed to find a middle path. Actually, not so middle path but, he made everyone feel as apart of solving the situation. Cheers prof, looking forward to learn more from your class. 

Geneve Journals- The Rhythmic Run

Usually, I run with my headphones on, minding my way on footpaths. Today, I managed to run without any music. Focussing mostly on the rhythm produced by my feet and the way I breathe, I could entertain myself. It's interesting how I decide to take paths without relying much on phones. In that manner, I discovered a lot of new places. Today, I walked across the park and found the trees very appeasing. Trees in different shapes and sizes are very alluring. I wish I spend more time watching the trees. 

Friends- Happy Birthday Aniruddha

Aniruddha called up and enquired if I'm free on 20th evening. "Yes" I responded. You are coming for a birthday dinner, he affi...