Friday, October 27, 2023

Day3- Empty Spaces Maya Nadhi

I wish I placed the GoPro to capture the hustle around my exhibition. 

Miantsa walked in with me to the exhibition and patiently checked out my exhibition. She shared how her mother is artist and also her sister, pursuing art studies. Glad to know many people who are interested in art. 

I stayed there for a while and at the same time, Sruthi walked in and stayed curious with my empty spaces. She observed all the human figures in the paintings and tried guessing who it'd could be. "The girl with a bun. Who's this person?" she asked. A familiar question I don't answer to. 

She responded to the concept of Empty Spaces by writing and sketching for a while. Thanks Sruthi for dropping by and sharing a conversation. 

The best moment of the day was when my art prof walked towards and said, "Hi, I checked the art exhibition of yours. I like your use of colours." I was so touched by her appreciation. It means alot. "I'm not a big art critic but, I enjoyed it. They are really nice." she continued. 

Another friend walked in and said, I attended your exhibition. I enjoyed it. My sister was in town, I brought her to the exhibition. Thanks dear friend for spending time at the exhibition and also sharing the word with me. 

Grateful for all the responses. Looking forward to see how the week spans out. 

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