Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Day1- Empty Spaces- Maya Nadhi Art Exhibtion

I woke up with a dream where I was rambling words. Again a stream of subconsciousness. To know what I'm thinking, I grabbed my journal to write them down and wrote these lines from sleep.

Measuring distances in making conversation
Walking out in path
You're at distance afraid to not mislead
I'm at distance not to discomfort you
Will we always measure distance and make friendship?
You're there
I'm here

Will we ever be those friends again? 

Losing a friend is a haunting melancholy. I was scared to host this exhibition. If you ask why, I do not have reason. It's irrational fear. I was not ready for the day and I was wondering if I should mail my team that I can't make it up to the exhibition. 

I was nervous. I was overwhelmed with this exhibition. I'm scared by what evokes me with these events after I got surprised by myself at Colourless Bangalore Book launch.  A few messages by dear friends, I gathered strength to move forward irrespective of my fears. 

Tamara and Marina were supportive and dropped me mail briefing all the basics. As I rushed to the institute to set up the exhibition, I could see the exhibition poster, neatly placed at the entrance. I was bit hesitant to do any publicity. The Fab did it all for me. From designing the posters to publishing them at places with a lot of care. I love it. 

Thanks Fab for brilliant work

Marina helped me out with lights and space and as I began to set up the post cards racing against time, Ann walked in along with her friend to check out my exhibition. I dragged them to help me. They were glad to help me out in any possible way. Ann and Celia were cutting the plaster and handing it out while I was selecting the post cards. Without them, I wouldn't have set it up in time.  Asking time every 2 minutes, we were almost there finishing it up and at 10.12 all of us ran to our classes leaving the exhibition open. 

Post class, I strolled to the  exhibition and I missed the paintings. It's funny that these are few works that I hold a lot of emotional value and was putting it out for exhibition. 

Archit, Sandra walked in with a little flower and congratulated me for the exhibition. Along with them, Ann joined and all of us sat near the exhibition, chatting random things while everyone got busy with the work. 

As people walked in, friends also managed to check out the art and spent some time to observe it and pointed out their favourites. 

Again, we rushed to attend class to learn Probability. After 2 hours of probability, I invited professor Remi to walk into the exhibition. He was inquisitive about the medium, paintings and colours. Glad to strike a conversation and share few words. Other friends joined and began to fill the post its to the question, "What is mystic river in your home language?"

Luana, Jyot, Arghadeep, Sanket, Pallavi, Harshita, Kushi and a few others joined the exhibition. Glad to share space with them. 

It's interesting that the empty space is filled by many people. A few are catching up on the stories on their towns, colleges and a lot more. Others are trying to interact with art. Others are silent but their presence speaks more than their words. 

Curious visitors

I was overwhelmed by putting out the art that's very close to me. What it is to be vulnerable? What it is to share a space with others? What it is to be there and let the world respond to your art?

Teary eyed me couldn't stop myself from crying and stayed grateful to be there and see the most loved ones being there and checking out my art. 

Soon after the hustle, after another lecture, Shivam walked into the exhibition and spent good time observing my art. There are two pieces, he could relate very much with his life and shared how he look at those pieces. 

I was touched by the way he responded to my art. Both of us walked into Pickwicks to join friends for Trivia night, also to celebrate the first day of the exhibition. 

I'm grateful for all the time and love people have shared it with me. 

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