Saturday, October 28, 2023

Happy birthday Tanya

On a rainy day, I ran into Tanya at the bus stop and shared a conversation. Many a times, we meet a lot of people but do not spend time to know each other well. That conversation was the first one to catch up with her and learn a bit about what she does and what she likes.  

Tanya has her own ways of celebrating her birthday. Sleeping for long time is one her birthday ritual and continued it, even in Geneva. After starting the day at her own time, celebrated in her own ways and bought everything that she wanted and made her happy. 

Argha hosted a surprise party and invited couple of her friends. Glad to be one of her friends to be invited. I joined them at the party and caught up with Kushi, Sibasish, Anuj, Shivam while Sanskriti was doing the tougest part, cooking food for all of us. 

Tanya walked in without knowing about the party. With a sweet surprise, we wished her and began the party. The mood got right with music, cake, food, drinks and stories. Argha selected Harry Potter illustrated edition as a gift to her. Being potter heads, she absolutely loved it and cherished it. 

Sitting across the couches, we shared more about us through i

ncidents, memories. We discussed more on how we enjoy life leaving the burden of expectations and assumpitons at bay. I'm glad to be old. I have a lot of memories to cherish and look forward to create more. 

While Sanskriti and Argha prepared for dinner, we continued our conversations and shared our interests. 

Hans Zimmer is Tanya's one of her favourite musician. We celebrated the moment listening to Interstellar theme. Knowing the answer of question, what's her favourite fiction book, I asked what's her favourite non-fiction book. 

'Predictably irrational' by Dan Ariely is her favourite. 

As the conversations flowed, the vibe kicked in and I enjoyed each and every moment of it. Thanks Tanya for spreading smiles and happiness and celebrating your birthday with us. Great time. Happy birthday once again. 

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